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8 May 2022
PPH Sports Software

With the invention of the PPH service, bookies can now take their businesses online more easily and cost-effectively. Moreover, they can make good profits and meet clients’ needs. But, the pay per head service may be as good as useless if it is not designed with the end-user in mind.

In other words, if your bettors are American, your pay per head service provider should offer a package ideal for Americans. This includes the betting markets, customer service, and others.

At Power Pay Per Head, you can get PPH services that your American clients will love and enjoy. Here are some of the features included in the pay per head solution.

American Customer Service Agents

When you are dealing with American bettors, it is crucial to provide them with American customer service agents. Although a bookie can outsource customer service to any English-speaking agents, they might not be the right fit for your clients.

For example, imagine you have hired an agent from Costa Rica to offer customer support to your American clients. The agent can have good American English speaking skills. But they lack crucial answers to different questions.

If an American player asks about using credit cards or gift cards from one of the popular stores in the country, the Costa Rican customer agent might not have these answers.

Meanwhile, an American could understand these questions because they reside in the country and have first-hand experience and knowledge about payment methods.

Having American customer agents enables Power Pay Per Head to offer customer service comprehensively in real time. With timely responses, your clients will feel confident that they can contact smart and friendly agents and get solutions at any time.

Notably, bookie agents are also eligible for customer service. You might need different communication channels, allowing you to talk to your account manager for quicker responses.

The best thing about this offer is that it comes with the basic PPH service package. In other words, you do not have to spend extra money to get customer support. When you sign up with Power Pay Per Head, you and your clients gain access to customer service instantly.

National And International Sports Betting Markets

Most gamblers wager on more than one sport. They can wager on soccer, American football, hockey, tennis, or any other event. Therefore, a bookie must offer more than just one sport to attract and retain clients.

Suppose you only offer bets for soccer, and another bookie offers bets for soccer, American football, hockey, tennis, baseball, and others. While you can have a few clients, they might transfer to the second bookie, for it has many betting options.

For example, assuming you want to buy fries and a hamburger from one of the biggest fast-food stores. If the store lacks one of the items, you are likely to source both items in another that offers both. Although the first store may have the best fries, you are likely to visit a one-stop shop and fall in love with the offering there even if you liked the first store’s fries better.

Power Pay Per Head understands American players’ needs. It provides betting markets that appeal to your clients, including American football, hockey, baseball, tennis, and basketball events in the country.

Apart from that, the site mixes up its offerings with international betting markets. That way, your clients can have something to wager on when there are no national games.

Digital And Live Casino

Sports betting is not the only thing Power Pay Per Head has to offer. The company goes beyond the basics by providing a digital and live dealer casino.

While there are many land-based casinos across the country, their game libraries are still limited. This gives online casinos a competitive edge because they can host more unique games. Power Pay Per Head understands this, hence its great selection of casino games.

With a digital casino, Americans can enjoy playing slot machines, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and other casino games. Also, players can experience the social aspect of casino games, by playing live dealer titles. Instead of leaving your friends and family to drive to the nearest land-based casinos, your clients can enjoy live dealer titles on their phones from the comfort of their homes.

In-Game Betting

Since the inception of betting, pre-match wagering has held significant popularity. However, the dominance is swiftly shifting towards in-game betting, gaining momentum, especially among Americans who exhibit a growing preference for placing bets on live matches.

The allure of real-time action and up-to-the-minute information catalyzes players’ engagement with live event wagering. The ideal scenario involves a player watching a game while simultaneously accessing the most recent insights, enabling informed predictions about the unfolding events. The thrill of forecasting outcomes, placing bets, and eagerly awaiting mere moments to witness results fuels an increasing trend of participants gravitating towards betting on ongoing matches.

It’s worth noting that Power Pay Per Head distinguishes itself by not imposing an additional PPH service fee for access to the in-game betting feature. Instead, you can proceed with the agreed payment structure to unlock a comprehensive range of advantages, which includes a wealth of over 1000 in-game betting opportunities each month, ready to be offered to your clients.

Horse Racing Bets

With over 80 horse tracks in the country and hundreds more internationally, bookies can make significant profits from offering horse racing bets. The good thing about Power Pay Per Head racebook is that you can deactivate it if you do not want to offer horse racing bets.

Moreover, you can switch the platform to feature bets for specific horse tracks. For example, you can offer bets during the Kentucky Derby, Belmont, Breeder’s Cup, or Preakness and close the platform during other seasons. Ideally, you have control over how and when you can offer horse racing bets.

Mobile-Friendly Sportsbook Features

More than 80 percent of American bettors opt to place their bets via their mobile devices, with smartphones being their favored internet companions due to their compact size, as compared to laptops.

This convenience empowers players to seamlessly access their sportsbook accounts and engage in betting activities from practically anywhere. Whether they’re on the move, stuck in traffic, at their workplace, taking a lunch break, socializing with friends, or in any other scenario, they can effortlessly log in to their accounts and place their wagers.

To sustain clients’ engagement with sportsbook activities on their mobile devices, the platform’s functionalities must harmonize with these devices. To address this, Power Pay Per Head diligently ensures the optimization of every feature across its software and website for mobile compatibility. This strategic approach guarantees the continued utility of every feature, ensuring a seamless experience for both players and bookie agents, regardless of whether they’re accessing the platform via mobile phones or desktop devices.

Widely Recognized And Available Payment Options

Players will need to fund their accounts to wager and withdraw their winnings. Meanwhile, bookie agents have to pay for the PPH service.

With Power Pay Per Head’s choice of payment methods, players and bookie agents can find safe, convenient, and fast ways to complete their transactions. The site accepts e-checks, gift cards, and cryptocurrency payment methods.

These are safe and anonymous payment methods that allow bettors and bookie agents to complete transactions without providing personal details. Notably, most of these methods have little or no transaction cost.

State-Of-The-Art Bookie Software And Numerous Website Skins

Another thing Power Pay Per Head offers bookies is state-of-the-art bookie software and numerous website skins. The software has all the features a bookie needs to run a successful bookmaking service. The website design is sleek and focuses on American clients. That way, bookies can attract American clients with products designed with them in mind.

Get American PPH service At Power Pay Per Head

While you can use any PPH service, using a service specifically designed for American clients will give you better results. You will attract more clients, make more profit, and enjoy running your bookie. Contact Power Pay Per Head to subscribe to pay per head service.

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