Power PPH Offers a Premium Casino for Your Players

22 June 2022
Premium Casino

The quickest and best way to own a premium casino is to partner with a pay per head provider. At Power Pay Per Head, provide bookies with a sports betting platform, a racebook, and a casino. We also ensure each product is a par industry standard, giving bookies the same competitive edge William Hill and DraftKings have.

While we have so much to share about our other products, we will focus on our premium casino today. This is a reliable and affordable online casino solution for bookies looking to start a casino or expand their sports betting services. Continue reading this article to discover more details about Power Pay Per Head online casino software.

The Advantages of Opening a Casino With Power PPH

Opening an online casino with Power Pay Per Head is easy, fast, and cost-effective. When you decide to take another route, you would need to partner with individual game developers, get licenses, and find ideal payment methods, among other things. This might deplete your account and take you months before you can launch your online casino.

However, when you work with a pay per head shop, you skip most steps, including forming partnerships with different game developers. You can talk to your price per head solution provider at 8 am and launch your online casino an hour later. Notably, the casino is ready for launching because Power Pay Per Head ensures all requirements are met before you even contact them.

The site ensures that all games have high-quality graphics and are playable on mobile and desktop devices. The site also ensures that a casino is user-friendly for novice players and bookie agents. Ideally, Power Pay Per Head prepares a product that is sure your clients will be pleased with.

Apart from offering casino software, Power Pay Per Head offers a website and numerous features to help run your casino successfully. The company also takes care of your casino infrastructure and technical aspects.

Features Of The Power PPH Premium Casino

1. Numerous Slot Machines

From classic three-reel slots to advanced five-reel games, Power Pay Per Head offers a diverse range of top-notch slot machines. These thrilling slot options cater to both new and seasoned players, making your casino an enticing destination for all.

Novice players can kickstart their journey with straightforward three-reel machines and gradually progress to the more intricate five-reel games, offering a multitude of pay lines. As players chase opportunities to maximize their winnings, you can confidently anticipate substantial profits.

Power PPH also presents an array of captivating games, including video slots with distinct themes and unique features that entice players to indulge in extended gameplay. For instance, many of these games trigger bonus rounds, and incorporate enticing bonus symbols, and scatter features, elevating the excitement factor of the slot machines.

2. Loads Of Table And Card Games

The premium casino experience provided by Power PPH ensures your players’ diverse needs are met, particularly when it comes to table games. Power PPH collaborates with esteemed game developers renowned for offering a wide array of table game variations. This means your players can delve into distinct versions of blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and numerous other captivating games.

This extensive selection allows them to explore games with varying rules, winning strategies, enticing offers, and unique gameplay approaches. The availability of these one-of-a-kind table games ensures that players keep returning to discover and enjoy new and entertaining variations.

For instance, a player can indulge in a session of American Roulette in the morning and later explore the intricacies of European roulette variants. Additionally, you’ll discover a plethora of other innovative games to provide your clients, including a range of enticing poker variations.

With this diverse and dynamic range of table games, you can consistently offer an engaging and ever-evolving gaming experience to your players, encouraging their continued participation and enjoyment.

3. Top-Tier Live Dealer Casino

There is no limit to your client’s satisfaction after playing live dealer casino games. Your clients might become addicted to playing the best live dealer titles provided by the best game developers. These games allow players to play against dealers and other players from the comfort of their homes.

They only need a computer/phone and an internet connection to experience the best online games. Power Pay Per Head ensures that games come in high definition and that players can interact with dealers and other players. This creates the social aspect that players seek when they visit land-based casinos.

The synchronicities and high-quality games make players feel like they are playing in a high-end land-based casino. Ideally, you could be sitting in your robe at home and have as much fun as players in Rio Las Vegas.

4. Cross-Platform Website

Another thing you should expect from your premium casino is cross-platform compatibility. Reports show that over 70 percent of American punters place their bets on phones. Power Pay Per Head understands that some of your clients will play casino games on the desktop while others are on the phone.

Fortunately, the company’s online casino software is optimized for desktop and mobile devices. This means your players will love playing slots and table games on the go. Meanwhile, bookies can also manage their casinos on their phones or desktops.

5. Player Management Tools

Part of becoming a bookie is managing your players. There are several ways of handling your players. For example, you can increase or decrease their credit.

Suppose a player is wagering and paying his debt. You can increase their credit limit because you trust they will pay.
A bookie should also be able to create or delete a player account. Your premium casino software should allow you to create new accounts whenever you want more players.

Suppose a player is not making you any profit. You can decide to close that player’s account.

Another thing you should be able to do is to check the betting action in real time. Using a specified player management tool, a bookie can find information about clients making him the most profits, clients that win more, and generally how players perform. This information can help bookies decide whether to keep a client or not or take any other necessary action like limiting players’ wager amounts.

6. A Trial Period

It is crucial to understand what casino software can do for you. Unfortunately, you cannot afford to purchase software; find whether it is ideal or not to dispose of it for another. Fortunately, Power Pay Per Head offers a trial period allowing bookies to analyze the premium casino software before they can commit.

Any bookie is eligible for a trial period. Here, you will submit the information that will be used to create logins for your casino platform.

You can log in and invite players to play virtual casino games. Remember to test the features provided on the platform.

7. Customer Service

Another crucial feature included in the casino package is customer support. As a bookie, you should be ready to receive numerous calls from players needing to seek clarification and solutions to different issues. Unfortunately, you cannot be on the clock 24/7.

With the best customer-oriented service by Power Pay Per Head, you can trust that your casino will run smoothly. Your clients will get the solutions they seek, and you will get operational support from experts.

Power Pay Per Head has the best premium casino for your players. The site has been voted the leading company in providing the best sportsbook software for bookies. The software is designed to please your clients and make bookmaking easier and more enjoyable.

Apart from that, you will love how this software grows your profits. The software is the only thing you need to grow your wealth as it is packed with a plethora of high-quality games, different themed slots, live dealer titles, and table games. Contact Power Pay Per Head to get your premium casino software.

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