Sportsbook Management Software – Explained

5 April 2022
Sportsbook Management Software - Explained

Traditional bookmaking was a mess until the introduction of sportsbook management software. The software eliminated tedious work that left bookies exhausted and uninterested in their job.

Yet, you know that venturing into the betting industry should not feel like working from 9-5 in the corporate world. Instead, it should be enjoyable, exciting, and rewarding. Fortunately, sportsbook management software came to revolutionize the industry.

If you are still running a conventional sportsbook, it is time to grow. Here, we explain everything about the sportsbook software. Discover what it is, its must-have features, and how to choose and use one.

What Is Sportsbook Software?

Sportsbook software is a tool that helps bookies manage their betting operations. If you want to build a successful sportsbook, you need this software.

The gambling market is already competitive. So, you cannot run your bookie like any other business and get away with it. You will fall, and no one will live to remember you because another bookie will have already replaced you with incredible products and services.

Yet, sportsbook software is not built equally. Some are average, while others are good and better. So, if you want to improve efficiency, you need the best software.

The Functions Of Sportsbook Software

The primary function of sportsbook management software is to help bookie agents, owners, and employees improve efficiency. For example, a bookie agent does not need to be on the phone all day and night taking bets from players.

Why would you want to talk until your mouth dries? With sportsbook software, clients can place their bets on their own.

The software books bets accurately, so you do not have to repeat the work. On the same note, it saves you time. Therefore, if you have had problems managing your time, this software can come in handy.

Another function of this software is to help you track players’ gambling habits. If you want to know how much a player wagers, wins, loses, and how often they bet, the sportsbook software can track that.

You can also manage your money with the software. You can follow the money as it comes in and goes out. You can see the risks your business faces and remedy them before they become a problem.

The sportsbook also helps bookies increase their profits. The software can host many sports betting markets that your clients can wager on. Secondly, it will alert you before risks and provide you with data you can use to ensure profits.

Features Of High-Quality Sportsbook Software

Discovering sportsbook software is easy and can yield hundreds of results in a day. However, not all of these options are suitable for your business needs. To help you make the right choice, we’ve compiled a list of ten essential features that the best sportsbook software should possess. Ensure you select the perfect fit for your business by considering these crucial elements.

1. Access To All Products

Sportsbook software should allow players access to all products. For example, if you want to offer sports betting, casino games, bets on horse races, live casinos, bingo, craps, and other forms of gambling, the software should make it possible to launch all products.

In other words, players can log in to the sports betting platform and place bets. Then, if they want to proceed to play casino games, they should not need to log out and log in to the casino.
24/7 Availability

Players want to wager day and night or whenever they find convenient. If your software is restricting their convenience, they will find alternatives.

Good software should run 24/7 throughout the year. It should be built to last.

2. Optimized For All Devices

Quality sportsbook management software should work correctly no matter which device you use. If you want to use your iPhone now and move to a desktop later, the sportsbook software should not be a reason why you cannot enjoy your freedom.

Moreover, your clients will love optimized software. It will allow them to wager on their Android, iPhone, Windows, or desktop when they want.

3. Bet Tracker

A bet tracker is an essential tool for any bookmaker. As the name suggests, you can track players’ bets using the tool. It tells you when a player places a bet in real time.

The bet tracker not only tells you when a player places a bet. It should tell you what type of bet a player made, how much they wagered, on which sports and event, and include a timestamp.

4. Reliable And Secure

Technology has made good and bad possible. On the one hand, you can benefit greatly from technology and lose it all on the other.

This thought can make you rethink taking your business online. With the right security measures, you do not have to worry about downtime or losing your business activities.

The proper security measures allow you to run your operations confidently because you have backed up your data. Moreover, it makes your clients realize that you are a reliable bookie, always providing them with their needs online.

The software must have a built-in multi-level protection system to prevent hackers and ensure data protection. If you can keep your players financial and personal data safe, you are assured of success.

5. Updated Reports

In the world of bookmaking, data-driven decisions are paramount. That’s why your software must offer intuitive and up-to-date data to help you make informed business choices.

For instance, you can generate comprehensive reports to understand your players’ preferences and betting behaviors, enabling you to identify their favorite markets and the reasons behind their choices. Armed with this valuable insight, you can optimize your product offerings, tailoring them to match or even exceed your clients’ preferences, thereby encouraging them to explore other betting opportunities.

Ideally, your sportsbook software should provide access to over 60 invaluable reports, covering both client-specific information and broader business analytics. By harnessing this data, you can strategize effectively and stay ahead in the competitive market. Invest in data-rich software that empowers you to make data-backed decisions and unlock the full potential of your bookmaking business.

6. AI Automating Function

Bookmaking can be a tedious process, especially with all the repetitive work. Considering that sportsbook software should make your work easier, it should have automating functions. This will save you a lot of time.

Meanwhile, you can use the time to engage in more important tasks like making your products better. You can learn where you are failing and make it better.

7. Simple Product Integration

Another feature of a good quality sportsbook management software is easy integration. For the software to work, you need to integrate it into your sportsbook website.

The process of integration and configuration should be easy. Also, you should be able to understand the program fast and use all functions appropriately.

8. Lightning Fast

The software should launch fast. Players want to place their bets as quickly as possible, especially on ongoing events. If the software is slow to load on the browser, players miss many betting opportunities.

The front-end interface should only have the necessary functions. That way, it takes seconds for the sportsbook to launch. Moreover, having only the required functions and products encourages bettors to concentrate on what is essential, betting.

9. Effectively Localized

The best software should be fine-tuned for your target market. It should feel and look like a native product to your clients. For example, you might host your sportsbook offshore to offer your services to Americans.

The software should correctly align with your clients regarding user interface language, currency support, and the sports betting market. Without this, bettors will feel like they do not belong.

But, effectively localized software will appeal to your clients.

Choosing A Sportsbook Software

Finding the right sportsbook management software is easy when you know what features to look for. But, you can slash all providers and remain with more than one software provider. This section should help you eliminate providers until you remain with the best one.

1. Payment Plans

There are three ways you can pay for your sportsbook software. These include paying a flat fee, subscriptions, and pay per head.

The first involves paying a large sum of money once to get the software. While this sounds good, you will soon have outdated software unless you are willing to hire software developers to update it continually. Moreover, you do not get customer support or additional assistance.

The second option allows you to pay a certain amount each month. So, whether you have two clients or 50, you will still pay the same fixed fee every month for fully managed bookmaking services.
The other option is an improvement of the second payment plan. Instead of paying a fixed fee each month, you pay an agreed rate when clients place their bets.

2. Read Reviews

Another way you can tell whether a sportsbook software is good for you is by reading reviews from other users. If someone has ever used a product and loved or disliked it, they burn to give a review. This is the most honest way to tell whether a product is good.

3. Test The Product

You can also test the software. Some providers give a trial period allowing you to confirm whether the product is as they advertise it.

For example, Power Pay Per Head will allow you to test the software for 2-6 weeks. Moreover, the brand will not even ask for an upfront fee.

Talk To Power Pay Per Head

Your ideal sportsbook management software is a call away. Pick that phone and call Power Pay Per Head at 855-492-6007 to get your software. Remember to test the product to confirm its benefits to your operations.

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