Become A Legal Bookie And Be Your Own Boss

28 February 2022
Become A Legal Bookie And Be Your Own Boss
Become A Legal Bookie And Be Your Own Boss

Do you want to become a legal bookie? There are several ways you can employ yourself. Today, we will look at how you can be your own boss by becoming a legal bookie.

A bookie is someone that takes bets from clients and earns a commission from it. You need to create odds and account for your vigorish. Once a player places a bet and wins, you need to process the payout.

Running a bookie is a form of entrepreneurship. Although you have to make your clients happy to keep placing bets with your bookie, you are your own boss.

Below, we look at how you become a legal bookie.

Apply For An Operating License

Gambling laws have changed over the years. Since 2018, states can create their sports gambling laws as they see fit. Alongside these laws, states build a regulation body.

These bodies accept applications from gambling operators and reward the best applicant with an operating license. An applicant must meet the regulator’s conditions before getting a license. For example, you might need to partner with a land-based casino to obtain a permit.

Alternatively, you can use a pay-per-head service to host your bookie offshore. The service provider operates under another jurisdiction which means you might not need licensing from your state. But, you can consult an attorney before launching your bookie.

Get The Best Bookie Software

The other thing you need to become a legal bookie is to buy the best bookie software. You will need sportsbook software to operate your business.

Considering that you are the sole decision-maker for your business, you can choose to buy software from a pay-per-head service provider or other sites. A pay-per-head bookie software is ideal for operators working on a budget. It is inexpensive and features all the elements designed to help you operate a betting business.

The PPH provider, such as Power Pay Per Head, does not charge extra to update the software. Instead, you continue paying the agreed weekly fee.

The other alternative is to buy the software. This is a one-time expensive offer. Once you buy the software, your relationship with your seller ends there.

You have to hire your own IT expert to continually update the software. Also, you can pay more to your software seller for yearly maintenance of the software.

Find Clients

An independent bookie has to find his clients. Unless you have the funds to hire a marketing team, you need to find clients yourself.

Finding clients is fun and easy. You can start by informing your friends, classmates, and family. Then, you can extend your search to social media platforms.

You can also do SEO marketing to reach a broader market. Hang out in sports bettors’ joints. For example, if you know a local bar where bettors watch matches, you can become a frequent customer and introduce individual players to your platform.

Launch Your Betting Platform

The last step is to launch your betting site. You can become a legal bookie with the proper licensing, perfect betting software, and clients. Ask Power Pay Per Head to give you betting software and a chance to test it to find whether it is the right fit for you.

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