Which Pay Per Head Betting Software Are Bookmakers Using?

8 December 2022
pay per head betting
pay per head betting

Bookmakers are exceeding their business goals with pay per head betting software. This software is loaded with fascinating features that can help you climb the ladders of success. It is the one tool a bookie can use to manage their business, keep their clients happy, and snowball profits.

We want to reveal the name of the software here. But, that will leave you with little information about it or how it can help you. As such, we would like to take you on an educational tour about the betting software and other nitty-gritty details.

What Is Bookmaker Betting Software?

People who are still running their betting business do not look professional. Even movie directors paint them as shoddy. There was a time when this was acceptable because technology had not provided an alternative.

Today, you can either upgrade and retain your clients or hold on and lose. That is where bookmaker betting software comes in. The program is a technological innovation that helps bookies run their businesses online.

It automates mundane tasks such as recording and grading bets, processing deposits and withdrawals, and updating odds. The software is supposed to run your business smoothly, keep players happy, and generate profits as expected.

You will come across many betting software as there are many developers. Some are custom-made, while others are off-shelf kind. There is another kind; pay per head bookie software.

PPH sites offer it. Even so, it is unique from one site to another. It would help to consider various features to pick the best software.

Fascinating Features of a Bookie Software

What key aspects should you consider when evaluating bookie software? The functionalities within bookmaker software play a pivotal role in effectively overseeing your book and serving your clients. Below, we outline several essential features that your software should encompass.

1. Sports Betting Platform

To succeed in the sports betting industry, you require a cutting-edge sports betting platform. Your platform should encompass offerings across a diverse spectrum of over 15 sports, enabling you to attract a broader clientele.

The presence of a top-tier sports betting platform serves as a catalyst for profit maximization. A comprehensive array of betting options coupled with a high-quality betting platform entices clients to engage more actively, leading to increased profits throughout the year.

2. Horse Betting Platform

Horse racing bettors are some of the most sophisticated people. They demand the best experience; hence a substandard betting platform cannot appeal to them.

Since your success depends on customer satisfaction, you need the best horse betting platform. Instead of purchasing different software, bookie software should have the platform integrated into it.

With over 220 tracks featured on the platform, your clients will never run out of wagering options. This means more fun for your clients and more money in your pocket.

3. Casino Platform

Enhance your clients’ betting experience by activating the casino platform within your bookie software. In today’s landscape, a comprehensive sports betting site is incomplete without an integrated casino component.

An exceptional bookie software should seamlessly incorporate an online casino, offering a diverse selection of both classic and modern games. This addition provides bettors with engaging entertainment while they await the grading of their bets. The casino should ideally include popular options such as slot machines, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker games.

Taking it a step further, the inclusion of a live casino platform elevates the entire gaming experience. Engaging in live dealer games immerses clients in a lifelike and immersive gaming environment, akin to the ambiance of a luxurious casino—all from the comfort of their own homes.

By introducing both digital and live dealer casino components, you have the opportunity to significantly enhance players’ betting experiences. Furthermore, this expansion can contribute to increased revenue generation from your betting site.

4. Agent Payment Solution

Using an agent payment solution, you can eliminate the need to meet your clients face-to-face. This is convenient because clients can deposit or withdraw whenever they want to.

With a wide range of payment methods such as cryptocurrency, debit/credit cards, pre-paid gift cards, MoneyGram, and e-checks. These safe and anonymous payment methods make your clients feel safe as they do not have to share banking information with online gambling platforms.

5. VIP Live Betting

Your clients can have an exclusive betting experience with a VIP-class live betting platform. Live betting is an exciting experience you cannot afford to refuse your clients. Clients want to feel engaged by watching games, making microsecond predictions, and placing their bets based on their predictions.

With a VIP live betting platform, you can offer over 25,000 prop bets and other monthly events. Offering in-play betting can help you make more money.

6. Premier Props

Prop betting adds another layer of complexity to wagering. Players can wager prop bets before a game or during a game.
This type of bet is like a side wager that may not affect the final score. Ideally, this bet is beyond the usual Moneyline, over/under, and others, as it makes betting thrilling.

You can wager on things like the length of the national anthem during the next Super Bowl, the first player to basket a ball during a basketball game, the first touchdown, and other exciting events.

Your clients will enjoy wagering on thousands of premier props. They can even create their props and put them in parlay bets. Ideally, there is no limit here, which means you can make much more profits before a game’s final whistle.

7. Free Trial and Demo Account

Examining a product before making a purchase is a crucial practice. Product descriptions play a pivotal role in helping you form a mental image of an item when physical inspection isn’t possible. This enables you to make informed decisions regarding whether or not to proceed with the purchase.

Likewise, the acquisition of bookie betting software constitutes a significant decision. To make a well-informed choice, it’s highly advisable to put the software to the test.

One effective way to gain comprehensive insights into bookie software is by utilizing a demo account. This allows you to engage with the software and its associated features, thoroughly exploring all its facets. This hands-on experience affords you a clear and in-depth understanding of the product, aiding you in making an educated decision regarding its suitability for your needs.

8. Reporting Tool

You could use some reports to run your bookie efficiently. For example, you might want to check the weekly figures, settled wagers, pending wagers, and cash flow, among other things.

Generating reports can give specific information you might be looking for. With a reporting tool, you can generate over 60 unique reports. You can use the information generated from reports to make business decisions.

9. Cross-Platform Compatibility

Some people prefer to use laptops and desktops. Another group of people prefers smaller devices like phones and tablets. Soon, people will be able to wager on smartwatches too, and that too will get a huge following.

The point is, if your software is limited to one device, you will miss out on offering your great services to some people. Yet, you cannot afford that. You want to acquire every client using mobile or desktop devices.

With software optimized for all devices, you can acquire any client. You or clients can log in to the betting platform on the go with a mobile device or from a desktop, depending on what you consider better.

10. Call Center Service

How do you feel about someone picking up your client’s call? You will never miss a vacation, get a call in the middle of your favorite thing to do, or be woken by a call.

Your clients will never get frustrated from never reaching you. These are some of the advantages of a call center.
You never have to worry about anything because someone else takes care of your clients. Usually, the call center has professional customer representatives trained to handle possible issues bettors might face.

They are professional and available around the clock. Moreover, customer representatives are native English speakers, which works perfectly for your clients.

11. Easy-to-Use Website

You should always aim for a pleasant user experience. With a user-friendly website, your clients will always appreciate a good time on your platform. They will never tire of betting or get bored exploring your platform to find other products.

An easy-to-use website plays a huge part in keeping your clients happy. While you can have amazing products, clients may never find out if they are having trouble using your site.

12. Bookie Management Tools

When you know your responsibility as a bookie, you can identify the tools you need to complete your tasks. For example, you should be able to move lines, manage player limits, set messages to clients, and much more.

Good betting software should have tools to help carry out these tasks. When you use our mystery bookie software (name coming later), you can expect a plethora of valuable tools.

For example, you will find a tool that can deny or allow clients to view sports or leagues. Suppose you do not want to receive more bets on a game. Instead of displaying it on the platform, you can hide it.

You might also want to set the minimum or maximum odds limits for favorites and underdogs. These tools and more are available on the bookie software.

The Advantages of Using PPH Sports Betting Software

Using pay per head sports betting software is the best decision you could ever make about your bookie business. Here is why.

1. You Can Focus on Your Business

You need enough time to focus on your betting business. When you use pay per head betting software, you can focus on running and improving your business.

Meanwhile, the software provider will focus on updating, maintaining, and technical support. You might never know the company updated the software because the technical team works behind the scenes. Your business continues to run as the provider focuses on the technical aspects.

2. Spend Money on Software That Is Provably Driving Good Results

Imagine spending thousands of dollars on software that might not work for you. You will lose a lot of money buying and improving the software to meet your demands.

Yet, you can buy software that already works. Usually, many other bookies have used the software. This kind of endorsement tells you that the software works.

So, instead of spending money on new software, you can invest in the PPH model. You will spend a fraction of the amount. Moreover, your business will scale thanks to the quality of the software.

3. You Can Begin Generating Revenue Immediately

Suppose you decided to invest in another bookie software other than pay per head. Once you contact the software developer, you must wait weeks before the program is ready. Once it is ready, you will take a few more weeks to test and make changes.

So, to offer bets for the World Cup, you must start software development months before the tournament. Otherwise, you will moss out. However, pay per head software is usually ready.

You can start making revenue as soon as you get it. Moreover, you will not be locked into a contract that might restrict you from changing the software in the future.

4. Flexible Payment

The cost of bookie software varies from one developer to another. When you buy a one-time software, you will spend a high initial fee and hire a team to update and maintain it regularly.

On the other hand, pay per head software comes with a flexible payment plan. The overhead fee depends on the number of players you have and whether they placed bets during a specified time. This removes pressure from your pockets.

5. Convenience

Physical or in-person betting is no longer convenient. It means a client has to drive to your physical shop to place bets.
You can provide your clients with a convenient way of wagering using online bookie software. This eliminates the slightest inconvenience because clients can wager around the clock from the comfort of their homes or anywhere else.

6. It Is Safe and Secure

Online bettors have concerns about their data security. They must consider their safety on your platform before signing up.
Unfortunately, affording sophisticated security technology might be a problem. However, PPH sites can afford the best security technology in the market, which is transferable to you.

By using pay per head services, you can assure your clients that their data is safe. Whether they are depositing their money, withdrawing, or verifying their accounts, an ideal PPH software is backed up by incredible security technology to ensure safety.

7. Variety of Payment Methods

You will also get a variety of payment methods, giving your clients different options to choose from. So, if clients prefer cryptocurrency, they can use crypto payment methods to complete the deposits or withdrawals.

Pay per head sites partner with different payment processors. That way, bookies can jump into offering services without going through a long, tedious process of partnering with different payment processors.

8. Numerous Betting Markets

Operating an offline bookie limits you to offering a few betting lines and markets. When you start using Bookie software, you can offer over 250,000 betting lines yearly. What’s more, managing your book is never an issue because the software automates different processes.

With bookie software, you can offer bets for soccer, American football, tennis, basketball, golf, cricket, darts, politics, TV shows, baseball, the Olympics, and many others. This makes your betting platform more engaging and improves your chances of making more profits.

Sportsbook Software Trusted by Thousands of Bookies

We kept you waiting for a while. The wait was worthwhile because you have learned so much about Power Pay Per Head.
This is the betting software we have been analyzing throughout this article. We might have missed some things that we will mention here. These include;

1. Power Pay Per Head Is Top Rated

Power Pay Per Head is the #1 betting software in the industry. The software has been voted the best for several consecutive years.
It has helped bookies move from making mediocre profits to hitting the roof. The software is packed with fascinating features that help bookies make good profits while keeping their clients happy.

2. Industry Experts Run the Site

A person with over 15 years of experience in an industry possesses million-dollar expertise. The knowledge and skills acquired throughout the year come in handy when helping bookies penetrate the gambling industry.

Fortunately, Power Pay Per Head has several experts with industry knowledge. Your business will benefit greatly from interacting with different agents.

3. The Site Is Currently Offering Services to Over 2000 Bookies

Over two thousand bookies can endorse Power Pay Per Head. This is because they are happy using the bookie software, which makes their operation worthwhile.

The Power Pay Per Head system remains online despite offering services to thousands of bookies. The site does not experience downtime or technical issues that might interrupt your business.

Get Your Bookie Software

If you want to offer betting services, you must consider your competitors. They use the best software, and so should you.
Investing in the best online sports betting software guarantees you perform better than your competitors. You will become the king or queen of sports betting service providers.

This means more clients and money. Power Pay Per Head is dedicated to providing the best betting software. Moreover, the software is integrated with all gambling platforms, including a casino and racebook, making it a comprehensive package.
You can provide your clients with quality betting services from the beginning to the end. Moreover, using the bookie software will cost you only a few dollars every week. Contact the site today to find out more about the software.

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