How to Start a Booking Operation in Dallas

20 June 2022
How to Start a Booking Operation in Dallas
How to Start a Booking Operation in Dallas

Are you planning to start a bookmaking operation in the largest city in Texas? You are lucky because this guide details how to start a booking operation in Dallas.

The details are specific for bookies planning to launch a sportsbook in Dallas, Texas. This guide considers that Texas has yet to legalize all forms of gambling. Keep reading to find out how to start a booking operation in a jurisdiction with limited legal gambling and avoid falling into the law’s hands.

Running A Booking Operation in Dallas


Gambling is considered illegal in Dallas. The only forms of gambling allowed include pari-mutuel wagering on horse and greyhound racing, Texas Lottery, and Indian casinos. The state has yet to legalize sports betting, making it one of the most sought-after gambling forms.

Now that you know this, you can consider sports betting throughout this article describing how to start a booking operation in Dallas. Sports betting is not the only thing you can offer. While there are several casinos in the city, most people still do not visit them to play.

Therefore, you can offer online casino games. Players are likely to choose your services because they are more accessible and affordable.

You can also have a racebook and offer other forms of bets except pari-mutuel wagering. This will attract many players who want to expand their betting options.


Establishing a betting shop or online sportsbook is illegal in Texas. You are not supposed to accept bets or market your betting services. The gambling laws are efficiently clear and there is little room for misinterpretation.

Yet, this does not stop bookies from offering their services to Texans. While the laws are clear, the government has no way to curb online gambling. Therefore, you can host your sportsbook offshore and invite Texans to place their wagers with you.
Texans understand that no law protects them from wagering at offshore sportsbooks. Therefore, they carefully choose a legitimate gambling platform that pays their wins.

If you want to penetrate Dallas, you need to package your sportsbook to assure Texans that you are legitimate. Ensure you have license information at the bottom of your website or information for your pay per head provider.

That way, players can look up the licensing information and find out more about your price per head to confirm the legitimacy of your company. Also, you need to understand that you cannot advertise your sportsbook on TV or other avenues in the state as it is illegal. But, you can still acquire clients through other forms of marketing that do not directly break state or federal laws.


Building a robust client base is the key to success as a bookie. While you might assume that achieving this requires prominent marketing on a large scale, there are numerous alternative approaches to attract clients in Dallas.

First and foremost, it’s essential to identify your potential client base. Keep in mind that not everyone in Dallas has an interest in sports wagering, so pinpointing your target audience is crucial.

One effective method is to gather insights from Google Trends, which reveals what Dallas-based gamblers are actively searching for online. This valuable data will guide you in understanding where your potential clients congregate online.

Once you’ve identified their online hangouts, you can engage with potential clients in those spaces. If this seems like a complex process, consider enlisting the support of your friends. You can inform them about the online platform you’ve discovered that caters to the needs of potential clients.

Your friends can then become enthusiastic advocates for your sportsbook, encouraging their networks to join in on the wagering action. This word-of-mouth approach can significantly boost your client acquisition efforts.


As you learn how to start a booking operation in Dallas, you need money in your account. You can transfer the funds to your online transaction method to facilitate efficient payment.

Considering that you want to launch an online platform, you will complete most of your transactions online. For example, you will send money to your website developer through an online payment method.

Ensure you have enough money to pay for various necessities. For example, if you need to pay a licensing fee, website developer, and pay for other needs, find out the cost and ensure you have the money to pay for them.

Remember, you need to have a bankroll to operate a bookmaker. Therefore, ensure you have enough to pay your clients for three to six months.

You must acquire more funding if your savings cannot finance the whole business. You can ask your friends to invest or find investors that can fund offshore bookies.


The best way to start a bookmaking business is to partner with a pay per head shop. Partnering with a pay per head shop shortens the period between your decision to start a sportsbook and launching it. It also makes launching and bookmaking easier.

Working with a pay per head shop also reduces your operational costs. For example, Power Pay Per Head offers a sportsbook website and software. Then, the company maintains the website and updates the software at no extra cost.

If you want to launch a conventional sportsbook, you will spend more on maintenance fees and software upgrades. You also have to guess what your clients want to see on your website.

However, when you work with a price per head provider, you get professional help. The experts at the site can help you acknowledge what your players want. The site will provide your clients with the right betting markets, payment methods, and customer support.
Meanwhile, you can benefit from professional tips on how to start a booking operation and run it successfully. The pay per head shop can run the backend side of the bookie while you focus on recruiting clients.


A reputable price per head shop offers a trial period. This gives you a chance to test what the company is offering. Considering the low prices, you might wonder how the pay per head bookmaking works.

Fortunately, you can learn all about it by testing the sportsbook website and services. Find out how the website works, its uptime, loading time, layout, navigations, and everything about it. Ensure it is user-friendly and serves your clients well.

You also need to find the quality of customer service offered by the company. Log in using a player account and submit a question or issue. Find out how long it takes before you get a response and the quality of the solution provided.


The last part of how to start a booking operation is launching it. Once you get the pay per head sportsbook website and services and know how much it will cost you, you can launch your betting services.

Notice how the sportsbook is working as you add more clients. Also, identify any problems and communicate them to your pay per head provider. You must ensure that the sportsbook works well even when the traffic is high.

Starting a bookmaking operation in Dallas is not as complicated as people think. It may sound challenging to enter an unregulated gambling market. But it is one of the most rewarding ventures.

You will be at an advantage to launch in Dallas because there are no commercial sportsbook websites to compete with. Instead, you will compete with other offshore bookies. You can quickly identify your target and encourage them to wager with you with quality betting lines, quick payouts, and around-the-clock customer service.

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