Guide to Marketing College Bookie Business During Tailgating

24 November 2021
Guide to Marketing College Bookie Business During Tailgating
Guide to Marketing College Bookie Business During Tailgating

Another college bookie business according to the Tailgating Industry Association statistics,  tailgaters spend almost $55 billion on pre-events football and auto racing parties. This tells you there is money in tailgating, and you can use the opportunity to market college bookies.

Tailgating is a popular way of passing the time during soccer, American football, baseball, and hockey events. This activity is growing in popularity, and more pay-per-head (PPH) bookies see tailgating as a perfect opportunity to build their brands and attract new bettors. This guide takes you through everything about marketing your college bookie business during tailgating.

Why Marketing College Bookies During Tailgating Is Effective

Three reasons make marketing a college bookie during a tailgate event a gold mine. These include:

1. Ideal Location

People appear for tailgating events hours before stadiums open. Remember, most tailgate events happen within walking distance of a sporting event.

This location is ideal because most people who love sports will pass by the tailgate event before heading to a sports event. All this time you can pass on information about your college bookie business.

2. Perfect Environment

People are filled with positive, celebratory energy moments before a game begins. At this time, a significant number of people will place bets on account they are supporting their favorite teams. While at it, your college bookie business will see an increased number of bettors thanks to your marketing during the tailgate event.

3. The Right Market Target

College sports attract a diverse crowd. It could be students, neighboring communities, and fellow business persons. All these people fall into your targeted market. You can easily interact with your market because you already know their needs.

How to Market Your Pay Per Head Bookie During Tailgating

The college football season is here. This means several things for college bookies business owners.

It is time to reach your market in a fun way. Here are some of the ways you can market a pay per head bookie to people attending tailgate events.

1. Use Brand Ambassadors

Those that represent your business are your biggest cheerleader. They will go telling everyone they meet about your bookie business. Moreover, each of the ambassadors will be sitting in different corners during the event, which means they will reach more people than you would alone.

If you are starting, you can ask your friends to be ambassadors. However, if you have set a marketing fee, you can use a professional team.

This team begins marketing even before sports events can begin. Whether you choose your friends from a professional team, brand ambassadors can canvas the tailgate area promoting your bookie business.

2. Use a Mobile Marketing Truck

Do you remember that food truck you run to when you quickly need a snack? Using mobile trucks is increasingly becoming a popular method to market a business. As a bookie agent, you can use the same to market your business.

The good thing with a mobile truck is that you can drive into a spot and leave for a more favorable spot if the first does not work out. Unlike table or tent set-up, you do not have to set up or pack your belongings when it is time to move.

3. Offer Games Or Invite Others To An Activity

Tailgating is everything about having fun. If you go all about marketing your business, you will lose clients instead of gaining them. Thus, get into the mood and offer fun games or activities most can enjoy.

Moreover, games attract people to be a part of some fun. One of the games you can offer is virtual reality experiences allowing participants to be part of a football game. If your business is not big enough to go large by offering games, you can stick to simpler games such as Spinning the Wheel.

Whichever games you choose to offer, ensure they are good enough and long to keep the crowd closer to you longer. While at it, they will notice your business.

4. Implement Social Media

Marketing a business through social media has become a must-do. With every college student having a smartphone and several social media accounts, it makes sense to reach them through social media. However, you have to do this differently during a tailgate event.

There would be a hashtag, a tailgate dedicated page, a photo booth, and everything social in a tailgate event, for starters. Ensure you participate in all of them to market your business.

Use the hashtag everyone uses, add your business’ hashtag, take photos showing your bookie banner, and actively participate in conversations. By doing this, you make your business known.

5. Have a Promotional Giveaway

Everyone loves gifts. While you can give plain T-shirts, you are here for business. Thus, brand the t-shirts before giving them away. Considering the tailgate event is a football-oriented event, branding gifts with sporty logos, including your bookie brand, is gold.

But, you have to give something that people can use. For example, people will wear your T-shirt during a sports event. People use pom-poms, foam fingers, cooling towels, bottled water, and many other options during such an event.

Some of these items may become obsolete after the game. So, you can add other things like hand warmers, scarves, or something people can keep or use for longer. That way, they reach more people with less effort.


Whether you want to introduce your college bookies to the market or solidify customer loyalty, tailgating proves to be a great idea and venue to market your business. It requires less effort, and you will have so much fun while at it.

At Power Pay Per Head, we provide PPH services to college bookies. We also share various tips on how to market your sportsbook on our blog. While the above tips are a gold mine, we have more ways you can market your bookie.

Talk to us today, and we will give you a free period trial with our pay-per-head software. As it is comprehensive, you will get everything your business needs to make big profits.

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