Pay Per Head Betting Is The Best Way To Take Action

6 June 2022
Pay Per Head Betting Is The Best Way To Take Action

Gambling has spread like wildfire since coming online over two decades ago. As online betting keeps evolving, so do the developers of pay per head betting solutions.

Most pay-per-head service providers keep developing betting platforms that will serve the needs of bookmakers and their players. Each company customizes its features to create an outstanding impression, making PPH betting more enjoyable and exciting for bettors and bookies. Read on to know why PPH betting is the best way to take action.


Several players are mostly concerned about security. They’re hesitant to register due to the fear of their:

  • Winning being declined
  • Confidential banking details are at risk
  • Money disappearing along with the bookmaker

No player ever wishes to experience any of these issues. They’re likely to occur if you bet with a bookmaker that operates illegally, though such cases are rare these days.

Most betting sites are now credible and operate legally. However, it’s better to select the pay per head betting platform you wish to register on.

Easy Betting Process

Today, bettors can now place their bets online with ease. Pay per head betting companies provide high-quality bookie software using the latest technology that makes PPH betting online for gamblers convenient and simple.

Bettors and bookies won’t have a tough time creating an account due to the straightforward process. The process of depositing funds, which involves selecting a deposit option and providing the relevant information, is also simple. Once a player enters the amount they wish to deposit and send, it will be credited to their account in no time.


Here’s the most significant benefit of pay per head betting online. Players don’t need to go outdoors looking for a physical gambling shop to place their bets.

You can play from the comfort of your home. Use a tablet, laptop, smartphone, or PC when placing a bet while watching your favorite games live.

In addition, there’s no need to call any agent to place bets. You can do this conveniently using any compatible device. Bettors can place bets wherever and whenever they want, whether out of town or at home.

More Payment Options

Before the spread of legalized sports betting across the US, gambling businesses mostly used cash. The reason is that casinos in Nevada could take bets, and casinos use only cash for transactions. Sports betting in other parts of the country kept operating in cash since they functioned under the table.

Reputable online bookies now accept deposits from bank accounts and debit cards. Players can use their credit cards, and offshore bookmakers accept cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

If you’re looking to operate a sports betting site now, you’ll need to offer your players different options to deposit into their gambling accounts. Your site must also be able to pay out using various options to enable easy and quick transactions. PPH gambling levels the playing field.

Better Lines And Odds Online

Anyone who does pay per head betting will find that they offer better lines and odds online. As a gambler, you must understand the importance of getting the best possible odds. Some odds might be slightly lower, but it significantly affects a bettor’s overall profit margin.

Bettors looking to enjoy better lines and odds must consider pay per head betting. When you’re serious about getting the best possible odds, try to create different accounts with various gambling sites.

More Betting Options

Most gamblers would prefer to bet on a pay per head site with more gambling options to select from. As a player, it’s essential to understand the differences between the types of bets to be successful in gambling. In pay per head gambling, you’ll have several betting options for football, basketball, etc. This includes parlay, point spread, prop bets, money line, etc.

Experienced Service Providers

Most PPH betting solutions are developed by experienced personnel, usually former bookmakers themselves. Their experience comes in handy as you can sit back and relax knowing the sports betting platform is offering the best lines available on the market, ensuring maximum profits.


Why would bettors decide to patronize your business instead of betting on established offshore sportsbooks? There are three reasons: personal service, taxes, and credit.

Most bettors like credit, and it’ll keep bringing them back to your pay per head gambling site even when they don’t win. They enjoy the rush and excitement that wagering on their favorite athletes or teams brings. Players don’t want to give offshore sportsbooks access to their financial accounts and pay huge taxes for it as it doesn’t meet their expectations.

These bettors love the added value of knowing that they’ve got $500 credit and round-the-clock access to an online betting platform where they can place wagers without sending money abroad or calling.

Mobile-Friendly Solutions

Betting on pay per head platforms eliminates every limitation and allows gamblers to place bets from anywhere, at any time, with mobile-friendly services. In other words, bettors can place bets at their convenience using the world’s most common gadget, a mobile phone. It benefits bookmakers too and helps them attain new heights in their business.

Wider Coverage of Various Sports Events and Games

Pay per head betting offers wider coverage of various sports events and games across the globe. Unlike physical betting shops, PPH betting offers major sports throughout the world apart from football and basketball.

Bettors often have different preferences. That’s why pay per head betting ensures that every player will get the opportunity to place wagers on their favorite sports, athlete, or game. Besides, wider coverage of games and sports will bring in more gamblers and profits.


Bookies that use the ideal pay per head betting solutions to run their sportsbooks have total control of their operations. Bookies can adjust everything from max payouts to lines, to max wagers, games, and sports offered. All these can be adjusted, removed, or added at your call.

If you notice too much winning on a certain bet, you can increase the vigorish or juice to -110 or even -115 to discourage them or even boost your long-term profits. As a bookie, you can also control the max wager for parlay, totals, money lines, sides, and every game type or line type available on your betting platform.

Another important feature with pay per head gambling is called the “Live Bet Ticker.” It’s a bet notification screen that displays each bet placed on your platform in real time.

It uses colors and sounds to help you identify the tickets based on the to-win or risk amount. It’s customizable and utilizes powerful filtering features to allow bookmakers to see only what they want to see.

Awesome Privileges

Bettors will be glad to know that pay per head betting offers lots of privileges that are absent in physical betting shops. Almost every gambling site offers welcome bonuses, especially to its new customers.

It often comes as free betting credits, free bets, or sometimes an extra fund added to your deposit. Note that these privileges usually come with terms and conditions.

Due to the stiff competition in the gambling industry, each bookmaker has its individual strategy of acquiring new customers and keeping the old ones. They offer bonuses on the first deposit of every week or even the monthly deposit. Besides the regular bonuses, some betting sites offer rewards, such as:

  • Tickets to events
  • Betting leaderboards
  • Enhanced odds on certain sports events
  • Cashback for losing gamblers
  • Prize draws
  • Rewards based on betting behavior

If you’re looking to start a bookie and need a powerful PPH betting service provider, Power Pay Per Head is the best PPH software we recommend. It ensures you and your bettors enjoy the best customizable features.

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