Your Bookie Websites Should Be Powered By Power Pay Per Head

14 December 2021
Your Bookie Websites Should Be Powered By Power Pay Per Head
Your Bookie Websites Should Be Powered By Power Pay Per Head

The best way to run a betting business is running it through a pay per head (PPH) platform. These platforms allow bookie websites to efficiently run sports betting, casino gaming, and horse racing bets.

Top Bookie Websites

When it comes to top-notch PPH service providers, Power Pay Head Company stands out as one of the leading companies in the field. Let’s delve into the comprehensive details of this esteemed organization.

Has Operated for 15 Years

For over 15 years, Power Pay Per Head has provided bookie website services. The company has gained expertise in the pay per head industry that contributes to bookies’ growth. With each passing year, the brand adds to its existing knowledge of running PPH bookies.

Power pay per head has consistently invested in the best technology to ensure that our product fits modern bookie operators better. Interestingly, the site is consistent in growth, such that bookie websites find new features every year.

When it started, Power Pay Per Head did not offer live betting. Today, the brand prides itself on VIP live betting, live dealer casino games, and many other innovations.

Run By Bookies for Bookies

Another interesting fact about this company is that fellow bookies run it. The people behind running Power Pay Per Head started as avid bettors looking for a platform that fit them.

Despite all the crowding in the industry, it was a challenge to find the best platform leading to the birth of Power Pay Per Head Company. This company came to bridge the gap that distanced potential bookies from offering the best betting services because they could not afford thousands of dollars to run a sportsbook.

Interestingly, the site operators become bookies too. This allowed us to test our product firsthand before selling it. The advantage of this is that we create a product based on what bookies want.

We understand bookie websites’ needs because we are bookmakers and create a product with the end-user in mind. What’s more, we also use the same software to run our bookies.

Mobile-Friendly Platform

Another thing you need to know is the company’s mobile-friendly site and sportsbook software. When you want to find out more about Power Pay Per Head services, you can scroll through the website on your mobile phone.

When it comes to using our PPH sportsbook software, you can use your phone too. Our PPH platform is designed to conveniently allow users to use it on their phones or desktops.

Players can place bets by following a few steps, including picking a game, choosing a bet type, and adjusting the bet amount. Also, they can deposit and withdraw money at ease without worrying about financial data security thanks to all the measures we have implemented.

Bookie website operators can access their platforms on mobile devices and perform managerial responsibilities. There is no need to download the platform because Power Pay Per Head has designed it to allow instant accessibility.

Gives a Free Trial

We could tell you all about our platform. However, it takes checking out the product for yourself to verify the information.

Thus, we give a complimentary trial period of at least one week. Sometimes, we extend this offer for up to six weeks. During this period, bookie agents can test our sportsbook software. They can verify if they have all the features we advertise and how the software can help their bookie businesses grow.

Notably, we do not force you to pay an upfront fee before the free trial period or after. However, you can choose to pay an amount that would cover weeks of services, and we remind you once the money is depleted. Moreover, we also give other rewards, including discounts for long-term clients and ongoing promotions.

We Have English Speaking Customer Service Representatives

We deeply understand the importance of connecting with someone who can relate to you. That’s why we have a team of English-speaking customer representatives dedicated to assisting you with navigating our platform and addressing any questions or concerns you may have. Our knowledgeable representatives are available to provide support to your clients every day, ensuring that their needs are met promptly.

Whether it’s 3 am or any other time, your bettors can reach out to our customer representatives and have their issues resolved immediately. We prioritize your client’s needs and provide 24/7 customer support to ensure their satisfaction.

Our customer support services are not only available in English but also in the local language and slang that you and your clients are familiar with. We aim to facilitate convenient and secure communication, which is why we offer a toll-free telephone line and encrypted offshore email for seamless and confidential interactions.

We Help Bookie Websites Make Money

Bookie websites make money by getting a specific hold percentage. Several things can determine this hold, including setting betting lines.

While our software can automatically set lines, bookie agents can contribute with the help of Line Mover Chart and Odd Adjuster. Using these tools can help you adjust lines to what your clients like, resulting in more bets. While at it, you can increase the hold percentage for a specific game for a set period.

Another way we help bookies make money is by providing all relevant business growth information through our blog. Available every day throughout the year, our blog has resourceful details that will help you move your business from infancy to its full potential.

We can offer you casino and racebook software if you want to add revenue resources. With casino software, you are assured that players will always have some games to play, which translates to growing your revenue. With a racebook, you will be surprised at how popular horse racing bets are, especially with all the races during most of the year.

We Are Top Rated

The other thing that you might not know about us is that we are top-rated. Several years after we started offering PPH services, we were one of the top-rated companies. In 2020, we climbed to the top following our improved, top-notch PPH software for bookie websites. We have retained this leading position in 2021, making these past two years some of our proudest moments.

We will continue offering our best and innovating every feature we believe will help us as bookie websites to grow our business and maintain good services for our bettors. Reach us at to discuss how we can help your bookie business.

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