Be A Bookie In College: The Perfect Job For A College Student

14 December 2021
Be A Bookie In College The Perfect Job For A College Student
Be A Bookie In College The Perfect Job For A College Student

Going to college opens a whole bunch of opportunities. You get better personal and professional choices, broader career choices, and possibilities that you would otherwise not get.

93 percent of those who have attended college say they would do it again, while those who moved from high school to work say they would choose to get more education if given another chance. This report is based on a College Board/National JournalNext America poll.

Yet, the price tag for most college degrees soars above the roof. It means you have to have several part-time jobs to cover the fee; otherwise, you will finish college with a huge debt. The best thing you can do in college to avoid high debt is to be a bookie. Let’s look at why running a bookie is the perfect job for a college student.

It Is Inexpensive To Start And Run

Unlike most other businesses, you do not need a lot of money to be a bookie in college. Today, those interested in starting a bookie use a pay per head model. That way, you only spend the agreed fee depending on the bettors using your betting platform in exchange for a betting site, customer support, sports betting markets, odds, and every feature of a sportsbook.

With land-based bookies, you would spend a lot on an office, regulations, and salaries for your team. However, a pay per head service eliminates all these charges, making it a perfect start-up for a college student.

It Is A Fun Industry

College is meant to be a time filled with joy and excitement. However, a traditional job can often dampen that experience, robbing you of the fun and happiness you deserve. On the other hand, running a bookie business can bring back the fun and become the perfect complement to your memorable moments in school.

The sports betting industry is a fun sector, as you can tell by the loud excitement in the stadium during a game. With a college bookie, you provide gambling as entertainment to basketball, football, tennis, baseball, and all other fans. The fun is even better after you incorporate a racebook, casino gaming, and live dealer games.

You Can Run Your Bookie From Anywhere

As a college student, you spend your time from anywhere. Sometimes you are in class, road trip, resting in a lake house, camping, or anywhere else. With a local job in your neighborhood, it would be impossible for this freedom.

But, you can run your bookie from anywhere. Considering it is an online platform, you only need a laptop or phone and the internet to log in to your administrative account and get an update on your business.

Get Good Profits

Over 80 million Americans place bets every year. That tells you that the sports betting industry is growing, and your bookie will always find clients.

Moreover, you already have an immediate target, college students, who are also gambling fans of college sportsbooks and national sports betting. With a good number of bettors, you should get enough profit. You might have several expenses, such as pay per head fee, but other than that, all the remaining money is your profit.

After some time of being a bookie, you will have accumulated money to pay off your debt. The profit is significant enough that you do not need another job to cover your expenses. Even after you leave school, you will have little or no debt remaining.

You Spend A Little Time Managing It

When you choose to be a bookie, you choose time freedom because you do not work from 9-5 every day. Instead, you spare a few hours each day to look at your business performance and implement the changes you want.

With the right tools provided by a pay per head service provider, you do not spend a lot of time completing tasks on your bookie. For example, you do not have to be present to take bets from all your clients. Instead, they can log in to their account, deposit funds, and place wagers.

Another reason you would otherwise have to spend a lot of time on the bookie is creating odds and moving lines. However, with the best player per head software, tasks such as setting betting lines or processing payments should not take up your time.

Instead, you can use your time to find more clients and make business decisions. If the bookie does not require much of your time, you can attend all your classes and enjoy other activities as other students.

You Only Need A Few Skills To Run The Bookie

You do not need a college degree to be a bookie. Most of the information you need to start a bookie is available for free on the internet on blogs such as Power Pay Per Head.

As earlier mentioned, paying college fees is expensive. If you needed to take a course to run a bookie, you would have an excuse not to.

Fortunately, you can spend a few weeks researching running a bookie and then consult Power Pay Per Head to help you launch your business. It is a self-taught process and lucrative.

The Industry Is Promising

With a market value exceeding 2 billion dollars, the sports betting industry presents itself as one of the most lucrative and promising sectors to explore.

Over 30 states have legalized sports betting. Over the next few years, more states will join the industry, increasing its value. If you launch your bookie today, you get enough time to grow roots in the market. Then, by the time the industry reaches its peak, your bookie will have a significant number of clients.

Become A College Bookie

Deciding to be a bookie is a crucial decision. It determines how your future could turn out. If you start now while you are still in college, your bookie will have gained popularity and roots in the industry by the time you leave school.

At Power Pay Per Head, we believe in your financial freedom. We work with all people, including college students, to grow their bookies. Reach us today through a contact form on the homepage or call us to discuss our offer.

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