Managing NFL Action With Sportsbook Tools

19 November 2021
Managing NFL Action With Sportsbook Tools
Managing NFL Action With Sportsbook Tools

The National Football League (NFL) is one of the most-watched and followed sports in America. It can generate more revenue than all other sports combined. I realized that it is the best time to learn how to be a bookie and manage NFL action like a pro.

Without this knowledge, you can harm your overall business by missing opportunities handed right to you. Fortunately, this article covers how you can use PPH sportsbook tools to manage NFL action and boost your bookie’s income.

Most Common Bet Options In NFL

Here are the top three betting NFL betting options:

1. Against The Spread

That is one of the bet types in that bettors place more money to cover the spread than they do on any other bet option. Casual bettors spend more money betting on this type than on money lines or totals.

A casual bettor will bet on a team they believe will win without understanding the point spread. On the other hand, a pro bettor will assess the fairness of the -3 point spread before backing any of the teams.

2. Over/Under Total

The over/under wager, also known as the total, is the second most popular type of bet in the NFL. It involves predicting whether the combined score of both teams will be over or under a specified number of points.

For instance, you may encounter a bet with the line set at 53 points, presented as over 53 (-115) or under 53 (-110). If you choose to bet over 53, you are predicting that the total score of both teams will be higher than 53 points. The odds of this outcome may be represented as -115. Conversely, if you select under 53, you are predicting that the total score will be lower than 53 points, with the odds potentially listed as -110.

By betting on the over/under total, you are focusing on the combined scoring performance of both teams in the game. This type of wager adds excitement to NFL matchups, allowing bettors to make predictions based on their analysis of the team’s offensive and defensive capabilities.

3. Moneyline

In Moneyline betting, it is common for bettors to purchase points on the underdog in order to adjust the spread.

By buying points, bettors can manipulate the spread to their advantage, particularly when supporting the underdog team. This adjustment allows them to increase the number of points the underdog receives, giving them a greater margin of victory or a smaller margin of defeat.

Buying points can help balance the odds and provide a more favorable position for bettors who believe the underdog has a strong chance of performing better than initially predicted. It offers an opportunity to push the spread in their favor and potentially increase their chances of winning the bet.

Sportsbook Tools And Features To Manage NFL Action

Each of the following sportsbook tools can help manage NFL action. These tools and features will help you get the best out of your bookie business.

Set Bet Alerts

That helps prevent steam play. Steam is when a known professional bettor places a bet on one side, leading to others placing the same bet creating steam odds. By setting bet alerts for subs, players and games pay per head bookies can prevent steam play.

Once you are alerted of the Steam play, do the following:

  • Bet from your layoff account: place the same wager as the steam play using your layoff account. If you win, use the winnings to pay your bettors. If not, use your bettors’ lost bets to pay off your layoff account.
  • Do not take the bet and remove it from the board: tell your players you are removing it from the platform if you feel your bookie cannot manage it.
  • Do not take the bet and change the line: change the line to a fair line and tell your players oddsmakers created a false line.

Other management actions include:

  • Setting parlay limits: limiting the number of teams into a single parlay to three or four.
  • Set a betting limit: set the parlay bets to a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $200.
  • Do not allow money lines into parlay bets

Using Premium Props And Live Plus

Before you can manage NFL action, you need to have it first. That means you need to have a significant number of bettors betting enough times.

As a pay-per-head bookie, you can boost NFL action by 15 percent by using prime platforms. These include:

  • Premium Props: as one of the most preferred betting in the NFL season, offering premium props will see your profits purge. Your bettors can wager on the stars of a game, how many yards a player throws, etc.
  • Live Plus: this is in-game betting. It gives bettors game trackers and video streams. With a live stream, players spend more time on your site, creating more chances for them to bet on other markets.

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