Lower Your Weekly Pay Per Head Fees With Power Pay Per Head

19 November 2021
Lower Your Weekly Pay Per Head Fees With Power Pay Per Head
Lower Your Weekly Pay Per Head Fees With Power Pay Per Head

If you are serious about maximizing your profits as a private bookie, it is crucial to consider leveraging the expertise of a professional team or partnering with a reputable Pay Per Head (PPH) company. With their assistance, you can effectively automate your business operations and expand your reach by taking it online, thereby accessing a broader target market.

With over 15 years of experience in the pay per head (PPH) industry, Power Pay Per Head has helped thousands of bookies grow their businesses. This comprehensive sportsbook software is packed with numerous solutions designed to help you gain roots in the already competitive market.

With all the knowledge and skills up our sleeves, Power Pay Per Head has become one of the biggest sportsbook service providers in the industry. From white-label bookie solutions to PPH plans, Power Pay Per Head solutions will help you take your business anywhere you want.

Power Pay Per Head Offers Value for Your Money

One of the areas you are wound to spend more money in your bookie business is the pay per head costs. This fee might tempt you to look for cheaper plans to save some money. But, doing this will cost you more in the long run.

You will be charged additional hidden fees for starters, fall prey to insecure online transactions, unreliable software, and missed opportunities to tap into a bigger target market. With the Power Pay Per Head plan, you will get an affordable package bursting will all the value you can get.

For example, you will get many betting lines exceeding your client’s expectations. That way, you can increase your handle and hold percentage.

The plan also comes with advanced management tools that will help analyze your business in real time. That way, you can stay ahead of the business and implement the necessary decisions when needed.

You will also get line moves and change your board. Another thing this pay per head software will help with is managing players’ accounts. You can change their betting limits, and credit limits and view each player’s profile to decide which action to take for them and your business.

The PPH software will help you make decisions leading to better cost efficiencies. That affects your business’ spending and profits.

Another way Power Pay Per Head helps reduce your cost while getting value for your money is by lowering the weekly fee when you have many players. For example, the site can decide to give you a discount if your weekly player base is 100. Interestingly, you do not have to get hundreds of active betting players to get a discounted PPH fee.

Power Pay Per Head Will Help You Increase Your Handle And Hold Without Increasing PPH Fee

One of the key advantages of pay-per-head services is that bookie agents pay a fixed price based on the number of active players they have. For instance, if the fee is set at $10 per week for each active player, the agent simply multiplies this fee by the total number of active players. Importantly, this fee remains constant regardless of whether a player spends more or less than $10.

With hundreds of bet markets, you increase the chances for bettors to bet on several varieties of bet markets and sports. That can increase the weekly handle from the player.

We also offer a Las Vegas or Macau-style live casino and online racebook. Added to the sportsbook, these two products can see your handle and hold percentage increase to the ceiling without spending more on pay per head costs.

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