Qualities To Look For In Bookmaker Software

22 December 2021
Qualities To Look For In Bookmaker Software When Becoming A Bookie In College
Qualities To Look For In Bookmaker Software When Becoming A Bookie In College

Bookmaker software is designed to help you break into the profitable sports betting, horse racing betting, and casino gaming industry.

However, some of this software has a few more features than others.

Thus, it would help to look for several software qualities that give you the best chance to make it as a college bookie. Start realizing your dream of becoming a bookie in college by going through this guide.

Type Of Bets

When selecting bookmaker software, it is crucial to consider the types of bets that will appeal to your clients. Bettors have a wide range of preferences, and it is essential to offer them the variety they seek.

However, before delving into the different bet types, it is important to have a solid understanding of how to set odds for each of them. Properly setting odds is a critical aspect of bookmaking and plays a significant role in determining potential payouts and managing risk.

To ensure a smooth transition, it is advisable to start with simple bet types before venturing into more complex ones. This allows you to grasp the fundamentals and gradually expand your offerings. Additionally, it is vital to choose bookmaker software that supports the bet types you intend to provide. The software should have the necessary features and functionality to accommodate the specific bets you wish to offer to your clients.

Some of the primary bets that should be on the sportsbook software include:

Straight Bets

This type of bet allows players to choose which team will win with specific point spreads. So, if a team does not win by the number of points the spread indicates, the bettor loses their bet. While these bets are riskier than money-line bets, they are more rewarding.


These are the most common and loved bets among players because they are simple. A bettor needs to choose which team will win and profit if that team comes out victorious.


Head-to-head bets are common in horse racing and golf. It involves players betting on two teams. For example, a player can bet horse A will finish before horse B.

As you increase your knowledge about sports betting, you can introduce your clients to other types of bets. If you are targeting college students only, ensure the bets you introduce relate to them.

Variety Of Sports

Some bookies choose to offer one type of sport. With the right target, they make money. However, as a college bookie, you need to provide a variety of sports to bet on because you are dealing with a diverse community of bettors.

So, instead of offering bets on just soccer, you can include several other sports, including American football, golf, tennis, basketball, volleyball, hockey, etc. Also, ensure you cover several leagues under each sport. For example, offer bet markets for English Premier League and La Liga in soccer.

Racebook And Casino Games

Another feature you need on your bookmaker software is a racebook and casino. While there might be a small number in college interested in betting on horse racing, there is a considerable number interested in casino gaming.

Thus, ensure to include these two platforms to add to your revenue source. This will increase the overall vig you get, hence success.

Specialized Design

Every bookie wants to have a unique interface and design for their betting platform. The best bookmaker software should allow you to change colors, themes, and templates. Having a unique web design that meets your user needs should be at the top of the list.

Ask your vendor if they can bring your ideas to life regarding customizing the betting platform. Ask whether you will be charged extra or not.

Use Neural Network

With the rise of artificial intelligence, even the PPH industry is taking advantage of the technology. This has led to the use of the simulated neural network to manage or keep track of several activities such as risk management and marketing management.

Under risk management, this technology should help with:

  • Detecting bots and cheaters
  • Alleviating fraud to promote fair gaming
  • Protect the gambling platform from attacks
  • Tracking bet patterns
  • Tracking unusual activities amongst bettors

As for marketing management, the neural network helps with:

  • Creating offers for players
  • Collecting marketing data
  • Analyzing players behavior
  • A/B testing
  • Technical support
  • Finding errors and their causes
  • Correct feedback

Affordable Price

Another quality you should look for is affordability. With a pay-per-head business model, you pay for the services depending on the players that place bets. You have to pay your players’ winnings to remain within a profit, from which you should subtract the price-per-player fee.

Thus, you must choose a service provider charging you an affordable fee. But, do not choose a site because it offers the cheapest package. Instead, find out what it offers and compare it to the price.

Usually, cheap packages do not cover all the services a PPH bookie should get. Yet, you should not pick the most expensive site when a more affordable site offers the same quality as the costly provider.

Functionality For You And Bettors

When choosing bookmaker software, you need to confirm whether it meets its ideal functionality for you and bettors. A bettor will tell you that a betting platform should have specific elements, including:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Pre-match betting and in-play betting
  • Many sports leagues
  • Easy-to-use payment options
  • Secure platform
  • Multilingual platform

As a platform owner, you also need the software to have:

  • A perfectly featured administrative panel
  • Have many deposit and withdrawal options
  • Has marketing elements
  • Allows you to control bet limits
  • Generate detailed reports on betting activity

You can use the above criteria to vet whether a bookmaker software meets your needs and those of bettors before purchasing it. Without these features, you stand no chance to make it as a college bookie.

Choose The Right Bookmaker Software Today

Before becoming a bookie in college, it helps to research the bookmaker software. The advantage of doing this is that you get the best platform suited for your business, maximizing your profits.

If you are thinking of becoming a college bookie, talk to the Power Pay Per Head site that has been in the PPH industry for over 15 years. The site will guide you toward launching a successful bookie at a reasonable price.

The site’s sportsbook software features all the above qualities making it your ideal choice.

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