3 Key Tools Offered By Power Pay Per Head Bookie Software

25 January 2022
3 Key Tools Offered By Power Pay Per Head Bookie Software
3 Key Tools Offered By Power Pay Per Head Bookie Software

Running a bookie website is impossible without the right tools. Having the best bookie software with all the tools you need and having another with no tools means the difference between a successful bookie and an average or failing betting site.

The good thing is, that getting the right tools for your business is easy. With hundreds of pay-per-head providers, you can review each to find whether its tools will help you grow your business.

Today, we look at Power Pay Per Head bookie software and its three primary tools. We will also cover how these tools can help you make money.

Agent Management Tools

The primary job of a bookie is to set easily accessible betting lines. With traditional bookies, operators had to create betting lines manually. They also had to receive the wager money manually and grade bets.

The pay per head industry has come to change the tiring bookmaking processes. It is one of the reasons bookies are moving their businesses online.

Once your business is online with bookie software, you can easily perform bookmaking tasks while other steps are automated. For example, the best pay-per-head software should automatically tick bets and grade them after the game. It should also release the winnings to the bet winners.

There are several agent management tools. For example, Power Pay Per Head has a Beat the Line 2.0, a tool that alerts the agent of sharp and steam bets. The agent can close the betting market or adjust the odds accordingly to ensure players are betting on both sides.

Another tool an agent may need is a bet alert. The alert is sent through text or email, alerting the agent every time a player places a bet.

Bookie agents also need a contactless payment system to run their operations online. Instead of sending a collecting agent, it is easier to provide a payment system.

Power Pay Per Head bookie software offers an agent payment 4k tool to help agents receive wagering funds, payout winnings, and manage their finances. Players can make their payments through cryptocurrencies and credit cards.

The site also offers a layoff account to help minimize bookies’ liability risks. Agents can use the account to place bets on another sportsbook.

They can use the winnings to pay their clients.

Ideally, agent management tools help bookies perform their bookmaking tasks. This includes creating betting lines, receiving wagering money, and paying out winnings. Also, they can adjust odds after analyzing injuries, news, steam, and sharp bets.

Player Management Tools

A bookie software would not be complete without player management tools. While it seems basic, managing your players contributes to a bookmaker’s success.

Your job begins immediately when you bring a new client on board. First, you need to set their profile and set a betting limit. If the player qualifies to bet on credit, you need to set the credit limit too.

Moreover, you need a bookie software tool that enables you to change these settings instantly.

Sports betting can be one of the most emotional adventures. For example, I might feel that America will beat Germany in the upcoming World Cup because I’m an American. At this point, I would bet even my house or all my savings.

The point is, that a bookie needs to set the bet and credit limits to prevent an outcome of a bettor from getting ahead of himself. Consider how much you are willing to loosen the rope. That way, a bettor can bet as much as possible, and you can control how much you can pay.

Another thing you need for player management is a bet ticker and analyzing tools. For example, you must be aware of the open bets, settled bets, and daily or weekly spending of players and their account balances.

A bookmaker should be ahead of the business by checking the betting activity for each client. Suppose you registered a new player account a month ago. Business reports of the player should tell you how to adjust bet and credit limits.

Player management tools also help you create future marketing strategies. For example, suppose the report shows one of your clients loves placing point-spread bets on hockey and baseball. In that case, you can encourage the player to play point spread options for bigger betting markets such as basketball and American football.

Another advantage of bookie software with a player management tool is that it helps you increase your weekly handle. Notably, your weekly pay-per-head fee does not increase even when a bettor plays more. This is an advantage to you because you expand your profit.

Reports Generator

Some of the tools above work using the information reports generator produces. Reports are an essential part of running a successful bookie business.

Bookie agents should rely on reports to make decisions. For example, suppose you want to award a player a free bet. The player’s bet history can tell you whether they deserve the bet and how much of a free bet you should reward.

When you have more than five players, you cannot analyze their betting activities manually. You need a tool such as a reports generator that creates the specific report you need.

For example, if you want to know how much was wagered this week, you can find out through reports instead of visiting individual accounts and summing up the amount. Suppose you want to adjust the credit limit of players.

Similarly, you will use the reports to determine who deserves to bet on credit. Reports carry a lot of information you need to run your bookie adeptly.

Launch Your Bookie Software Today

Now that you know the three key tools offered by Power Pay Per Head, it is time to test them. Notably, you do not have to pay a dime to try the tools. You can get a few weeks of a free trial.

During the trial period, you can use all the features and tools on the Bookie software. While at it, you will realize every tool incorporated into the software is valuable. Contact Power Pay Per Head today to get a login to your online bookie.

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