#1 Pay Per Player Sportsbook

6 April 2022
Pay Per Player Sportsbook
Pay Per Player Sportsbook

Discover the key qualities that set apart the finest pay per player sportsbook. In today’s market, numerous sportsbooks opt for the convenience of pay per player platforms to launch their betting services. Luckily, entrepreneurs have a wide array of options, with hundreds of pay per player sportsbooks available.

To maximize profits and streamline your bookmaking process, it’s crucial to choose the best pay per player sportsbook. So, let’s delve into the defining features of the number one choice in pay per player sportsbooks. Make an informed decision to elevate your bookmaking experience and achieve unparalleled success.

Custom Websites

Gain a competitive edge with the top pay per player sportsbook, starting with a bespoke website. Amidst the vast sea of online sportsbooks, having a unique and personalized website is essential to attract clients effectively.

Thankfully, your pay per head solution provider can offer you a top-notch custom website tailored to cater to both players and bookie agents. This website should encompass all the necessary elements, including robust payment systems and top-notch security features, ensuring a seamless and secure betting experience for all users. Elevate your online presence and enhance client satisfaction with a high-quality, tailor-made website from the leading pay per player sportsbook.

Pay Per Player Sportsbook Software

You need sportsbook software to run a bookie online. The quality of the sportsbook software determines how much you work and how easy the operations are.

For example, when shopping for sportsbook software, you should determine whether it automates repetitive tasks such as booking bets or grading bets. If the software cannot do that, you have to do it. So, there would be no difference between operating online and offline.

Therefore, ensure the software is making your work easier. Moreover, it should appeal to your clients. So, ensure it has all the functions a player needs to have a thrilling gambling experience on your platform.

20+ Sports Betting Markets

Expanding your sports betting markets draws a larger and more diverse audience. If your sportsbook solely focuses on soccer bets, you will primarily attract soccer enthusiasts.

However, by offering a diverse selection of over 15 sports betting markets, you open the door to a wide range of bettors, each with their unique interests. This not only broadens your customer base but also presents your clients with exciting opportunities to explore and bet on different sports.

Additionally, diversifying your markets allows you to increase your revenue streams as players engage in bets across multiple sports. Embrace a comprehensive approach to sports betting, and watch your clientele grow while maximizing your profits through multi-market wagering.

Affordable Prices

The pay per head solution costs anything between free to $30. If you work with a company like Power Pay Per Head, you will pay nothing for the first few weeks. Then, you can subscribe to the services once the trial period is over.

Usually, most pay per player providers charge a minimum of $3 and a maximum of $30. The price reflects the services you get. For example, you can pay $3 per player to get five sports betting markets, bookmaking tools, and no customer service to your clients.

Another company can charge $15 for 20 sports betting markets, customer support, bookmaking tools, live betting, casinos, and racebooks. Whichever the case, you get value for your money.

The Best Layout, Feel and Look

The layout, feel, and look are the first things a client will see on your platform. Therefore, it should be appealing enough to motivate clients to sign up with your sportsbook.

With a pay per player solution, you can choose the colors, layout, and style you want to be featured on the website. Consider your style and clients’ before choosing any skin for your website.

A User-Friendly Frontend for Clients and Backend for Bookie Agents

You can have a beautiful layout, feel, and look for your sportsbook. But, if players are having a hard time using your platform, they will find an alternative. Therefore, it is important to find a pay per player sportsbook that is easy to use.

The #1 PPH sportsbook should have a user-friendly interface. Bettors should be able to find bet markets in seconds, scroll through the website, use various functions, and generally enjoy using your platform.

Similarly, the backend side for a bookie agent should also be user-friendly. For example, the tags for various functions should be easy to comprehend.

Usually, you find different pay per head providers using different tags for various tools and functions. Unfortunately, you cannot understand some and may avoid utilizing an essential feature because you do not know what it is from its name.

Many Sports Betting Lines

Suppose your sportsbook features 20 sports betting markets. But, you only post like five betting lines every day.

For starters, you cannot provide your clients with as many options as they want. Secondly, you will make no money with a few betting lines.

If you do not know how to set betting lines, you can leave the responsibility to your pay per player solution provider. They have experienced oddsmakers who can create numerous betting lines for all sports you want to offer bets on.

Valuable Bookmaking Tools on the Same Control Panel

When you operate an online bookmaker, you get various tools to help with operations. For example, the sportsbook software should automate bet booking and grading. This takes away the hard part of the operation and allows you to concentrate on more important issues.

The number of bookmaking tools you get depends on how much you are paying. Some companies offer a comprehensive package featuring all bookmaking tools, while others divide the tools into different packages.

Whichever the case, ensure that these tools are accessible on the same control panel. That way, you do not have to scroll through the website to find where these tools are. Moreover, having bookmaking tools on one control panel makes your operations more manageable.

Trial Period

You can tell whether the price per head sportsbook software is good or not by reading reviews and testimonials. But, you can only be sure about the software when you test it yourself. This allows you to find whether the software is right for you and your clients.

The trial period can be anything between a few days and six weeks. Most pay per head providers offer a four-day trial period. However, companies such as Power Pay Per Head offer up to six weeks trial period.

However, some brands ask for an upfront subscription, tying you to their services after the trial period. But, the best company confident about its product does not ask for an upfront payment before it rewards you with a trial period.

Casino Software

Casino games keep players busy between their favorite sports events. But, you have to offer Vegas-style casino gaming to motivate clients to keep playing. Also, ensure that your casino has all games, including slot machines, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps, bingo, and other popular games.

Usually, you would need to invest more to get casino software. But, a pay per player sportsbook provider asks for a fixed price based on the number of your active clients.

Racebook Software

Horse racing is an exciting sport. So, if you are targeting North American gamblers, you should consider having racebook software alongside a sports betting platform. The best software should feature all the necessary functions, statistics, form book, and speed and form ratings.

Also, it should have valuable tools to help the bookie with operations. Fortunately, a price per head sportsbook is designed with all these preferences in mind.

Around the Clock Customer Service

Offering customer support is the only way a pay per player sportsbook can show it cares about its clients. The sportsbook should have various ways for clients to contact the call center. Lack of customer support is a big reason to drive clients away.

If you have wagered online, you might have faced an issue that needed an urgent solution. The frustration that a player faces minutes or hours before their issue is addressed can make them never return.

So, it is essential to list all the communication channels on the contact page. Some of the channels you must have included an email, contact form, phone, and links to social media pages for the sportsbook. Remember, a bookie agent also needs assistance to run a sportsbook.

Mobile Capabilities

Some websites and software are not compatible with mobile devices. This alienates clients who prefer to use their phones over desktop devices. But, the best price per head sportsbook software and website is optimized for mobile use.

So, whether you want to run your bookie on your phone or desktop, you can quickly log in to your dashboard and access all the bookmaking tools you need. Meanwhile, players can log in on their smartphones and tablets, deposit, find bet options, and place bets without a problem.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Think of how technology has evolved. Unfortunately, some sportsbooks still use ten-year-old technology to run their betting services. However, the leading pay per player sportsbook uses the latest and most advanced technology.

This means that the security measures are at the top, the sportsbook website loads on browsers in seconds, features valuable functions, and much more. Having state-of-the-art technology appeals to both clients and bookie agents.

Get Your Price Per Head Sportsbook Today

How do you feel about getting a pay per head sportsbook featuring all the above characteristics? You will run your bookie efficiently, attract more clients, and make more money. Moreover, you and your clients will enjoy every step of the way.

This sportsbook could be yours. All you have to do is contact the #1 pay per head provider, Power Pay Per Head. The brand has been voted as the number one pay per head provider for the past two years.

It has also received several awards from various sites. Call a Power Pay Per Head agent at 855-492-6007 to get your pay per player sportsbook.

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