Level Up Your Bookie Business With Pay Per Head Software and Solutions

8 December 2022
bookie business
bookie business

Are you still using mediocre bookie software, running your operation offline, or spending thousands of dollars on software upgrades every time? What excuse do you have to run a bookie business that barely returns profit? With pay per head (PPH) software and solutions, you can change your situation.

You can suddenly become the highest-earning bookie in your state, enjoy a vacation (because you have the money), and work during your preferred time. Moreover, you will not lose clients like you are used to. Instead, you will be able to keep your clients happy and betting.

It sounds like we are overpromising, but it is just the opposite. By going through this article, you will learn why pay per head software and solutions are the only tools you need to level up your bookie business. We will even tell you what it is in case this is your first time hearing about it.

What Does Pay Per Head Mean?

You must understand the PPH concept if you intend to use it to grow your operation. This is a service for bookies comprising different elements to help run their businesses and keep clients happy. It is also referred to as price per head, price per player, and pay per player.

The best way to understand what it is is by identifying the things you need to run a gambling service. For instance, you need a website, sportsbook software, betting lines, a payment system, a license, and such.

How can you get these elements? You can hire a web developer to design your sportsbook website.

The developer will factor in your needs and budget to design the site. In other words, if you are working with a smaller budget, your website will also have fewer elements.

For instance, it might not be mobile-friendly. So, you will spend a lot of money to get a standard working sportsbook website. Yet, that does not end there.

You must hire oddsmakers to create betting lines. You will have spent thousands of dollars developing and hiring staff.
Fortunately, you can use the pay per head concept. This is a payment model based on the number of your active clients and the bookmaking solutions provided.

Suppose the service provider charges $30 per player weekly for comprehensive services. Your clients can get customer support and hundreds of betting lines weekly, and you can benefit from the management tools provided. If you have ten clients using your service in a week, you can pay $300.

Imagine spending just $300 weekly to run your betting business. This is cheaper compared to the traditional online sportsbook.

The PPH industry is the first place you should look if you want to run a profitable bookie. The service providers focus on developing solutions for bookies. This means they are equipped with the right skills and knowledge to develop the proper solutions for bookies.

Several things go hand-in-hand with the best PPH services. Below, we look at the characteristics of PPH software and solutions that can level up your bookie business.

Boost Your Bookie Business with These Features

How about we jump into the features you need to grow a successful bookmaking business? Find out how the following elements make you the highest-earning bookie and go-to betting site.

1. Advanced Secure Servers

Even the wealthiest of website owners may still encounter instances of server downtime. What truly matters, however, is the duration it takes to restore the server to its normal state or the frequency of such disruptions.

As a bookie, you cannot afford prolonged periods of offline service, with downtime exceeding just a few minutes in a year. To achieve this level of reliability, it’s imperative to invest in cutting-edge, secure servers. Certain pay-per-head service providers offer multiple servers located in various geographic locations.

These servers are intricately designed so that if one experiences an issue, another can seamlessly take over without causing disruptions to the regular operations of bookies. This redundancy not only enhances security but also ensures uninterrupted, 24/7 functionality for your bookie business.

Consequently, players seeking to place bets, make deposits or withdrawals, or simply explore your website can access it at any time, day or night. Hosting your bookie website on top-tier servers positions you as a dependable bookmaker, making you the preferred choice among betting enthusiasts.

2. Private Website

Pay-per-player service providers extend their solutions to serve a multitude of bookies. However, this doesn’t imply that all bookies operate on a shared platform. Instead, you’ll receive a dedicated private URL that you can exclusively share with your clients.

The beauty of this approach lies in the customization it offers. Your website can be tailored to align precisely with your unique requirements. For instance, a college bookie website should have a distinct appearance compared to a general bookie site. This means that if you have a specific message to convey to your target clientele, your website can be branded accordingly.

Moreover, you can opt for the convenience of templates. There exists a wide array of templates at your disposal, each meticulously designed to project the professional image of your betting business. This flexibility ensures that your website effectively communicates your brand and message to your audience.

3. 220+ Horse Race Tracks

Your PPH gambling site can have more than sports betting lines. If you want to increase your monthly income and can get horse racing bettors, this feature is a goldmine.

A horse racing betting platform has been a profitable element for a bookie. However, it requires a lot of resources to run a racebook. This limiting factor is why most bookies do not offer horse racing bets.

Thanks to the pay per player industry, running a racebook is no longer laborious. You can get the platform and hundreds of betting lines throughout the year.

In fact, your platform can feature races from over 220 race tracks in America, Europe, Asia, and other continents. Despite that, it will be bliss to run the platform because the PPH service provider takes care of everything.

You can decide to offer bets for all races or choose specific popular events such as the Kentucky Derby. You can use the earnings from a racebook when popular sports events are off-season.

4. Virtual and Live Dealer Casino

How can you engage your clients while they await the grading of their bets? A substantial portion of bettors may not actively follow sports, and when the game isn’t available on TV or streaming, they’re left with idle time until results are determined.

To alleviate their anticipation and provide entertainment, consider incorporating a virtual and live dealer casino into your offerings. While this might entail an additional cost depending on your service provider, having a casino platform can prove to be a lucrative strategy for boosting your earnings and ensuring player satisfaction.

When you contemplate the substantial revenue generated by casinos, you’ll likely be persuaded to integrate casino games into your repertoire. It’s crucial to maintain a well-rounded game library that encompasses various options. For example, having an ample selection of slot machines, tables, card games, and even video poker can enhance the overall experience for your clientele.

5. Mobile Friendly and Compatible Software

You must cater to both mobile device users and desktop users, as every client is valuable regardless of whether they place bets via their phones or desktops. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain a platform that is mobile-friendly.

Moreover, your software should exhibit compatibility across all devices. Regular updates from the software developer are essential to ensure ongoing compatibility with newer devices.

Embracing optimized software that caters to both mobile and desktop users is a mutually beneficial arrangement. It allows you to operate seamlessly with your preferred device, while simultaneously providing your clients with convenient and accessible wagering options, regardless of their chosen device.

6. Technical Assistance at No Extra Cost

The PPH service provider gives you a turnkey website, software, and other tools. While you control these elements, you cannot access the core part of the infrastructure. You cannot upgrade the software, maintain the website, or deal with the technical side of the business.

It would mean employing several engineers and other experts if you had to upgrade the software. It would cost a lot of money that pay per head service is designed to eliminate.

The core of the bookmaking infrastructure belongs to the PPH service provider. As such, the company should upgrade the software, and the website and handle the technical aspect.

Partnering with a site that upgrades its features and, generally, the software can help maintain your business growth. You can work with updated software and tools like any other prominent sportsbook, giving you the necessary tools to conquer the industry.

7. Prematch and Live Betting

You can place bets before a game kicks off or during the match. Prematch betting allows bettors to place their bets before a game begins. It gives players enough time to research and decide which team to support, wager on, and so forth.

The feature is necessary for any bookie. There is also a live betting feature.

Most bookies cannot afford this feature as it requires sophisticated technology. The feature works on real-time information and updates odds and betting lines in microseconds.

Working with a pay per player provider eliminates the high costs of running live betting. You might have to pay extra cash per player for this feature. But, it is worth every penny.

You can make much more money from odds offered during an ongoing game if your provider is offering adequate lines. Therefore, having both pre-match and live betting is crucial to meet your client’s needs.

8. Pay Per Active Player

Running a bookie costs a lot of money unless you operate a pen-and-paper bookmaker. Sometimes, all your earnings can go to operating the bookie, leaving you with nothing to support your life. Yet, this is a business like any other that should support your lifestyle as well as the operating costs.

Fortunately, a PPH bookie falls on the good side. The business generates enough to pay your bills and cover the operating costs. The cost is a fraction of the earnings because a player has to wager for the PPH provider to charge a fee.

Do you know what this means? Suppose you offer soccer bets. At the time of this writing, the World Cup is ongoing, which means the English Premier League and several other soccer leagues are on break.

You would still need to pay your employees if you operated a traditional sportsbook. However, your PPH provider will never ask you to pay when your clients are not placing bets.

9. No Minimum Player Requirement

Whether you want to offer your services to five people, 20, 100, or 500, there is no minimum player requirement to get PPH services. However, you might need more clients to bargain the overhead fee per player.

Sometimes, the service provider can be generous. It can reduce the per player fee if you have more clients.

10. Reporting Tool

You will need reports to grow your bookie business. A reporting tool is a crucial element to business success. It feeds you with real-time data needed to make different decisions for your business.

Suppose you want to know how much money you made last year and how much you made this month. The difference in the amount can tell you whether you made more money or lost. You can also look for the factors that determine the monthly income.

For instance, you are likely to make more money if several popular sports are happening concurrently. Having more clients this month can also contribute to higher income.

So, find out how many reports your tool can generate. Confirm the tool produces data you can rely on.

11. Technologically Advanced Call Center

The quality of customer service can distinguish the best PPH sportsbook from the rest. There are two reasons you might need a call center. First, some of your clients may prefer to place bets over the call.

Some people like to stick to what they are used to, especially earlier generations. If they called you to place their bets, they would like to continue with the norm instead of learning a new skill of operating internet devices.

The other reason you need a call center is to address issues your clients might face on your online platform. You want to keep your clients happy by providing solutions as soon as a problem arises. Otherwise, you will keep frustrating your clients by being unreliable.

12. Agent Support

One of the best things about operating a PPH bookie is that you do not need to employ various experts. However, it means working alone and having no one to share responsibilities with. Fortunately, you can always ask for help.

So, if you want to use a new feature and do not know how to, you can ask an agent from the pay per head shop to assist. You can ask about anything regarding your business. If you feel your bookie is underperforming, you could seek assistance too.

13. Quality and Numerous Betting Lines 365 Days

Any bookie can offer betting lines. However, the quality and quantity might differ. You need quality and adequate betting lines throughout the year to stand out from other bookies.

What defines quality betting lines? First, the odds must be competitive. You cannot offer lower odds than what other sportsbooks are offering. Otherwise, you will lose your clients to sites that offer good odds.

It is also crucial to have as many betting lines as possible. This will keep your clients engaged throughout the year and your earnings optimal.

14. Bookie Tools

Another thing you need to become a successful bookie; is bookmaking tools. Some of these might not seem important when starting your business. However, you will realize they are imperative to your business’s success.

For instance, a bet ticker notifies you of new bets in real-time. Depending on the number of bets, you might need to adjust the odds to discourage or encourage more bets. The tool also informs you whether you need to lay off action.

Another crucial tool is a line mover. This tool allows bookies to move lines, adjust the juice, and apply limits accordingly. For instance, you will get a lot of information about a game leading to continuous odds changes.

You can apply the odds maximum limit based on the maximum and minimum you can pay your clients. You might also want to remove the line altogether if you think your bankroll will take a hit and are unable to lay off action.

Boost Your Bookie Business

Growing your bookie will take a lot of effort. Since the gambling industry is lucrative, there are many bookies in marketing to lure clients from all sides. Therefore, you must apply special tips to stand a chance at succeeding.

The first place to start is finding the best partner amongst pay per head sites. This should be easy, considering that you now know what a good PPH software and solution look like. You can narrow down your search by choosing a site that offers a free trial period.

Pick a site that offers the most weeks. The advantage of this is that you will run your business for a few weeks without paying the overhead fee. Moreover, you can use the time to learn whether the service is ideal for your business.

A site with a layoff account is also preferred. Speaking of which, Power Pay Per Head offers a comprehensive solution.

From all the features listed above to free trial and layoff accounts, this site focuses on delivering quality solutions to bookies. The agents are dedicated and passionate about helping keep your clients happy and your earnings up.

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