Price Per Head Sportsbook Software – Explained

1 June 2022
Price Per Head Sportsbook Software – Explained

Experts always advise that you should learn more about a business before venturing into it. So, if you are a bookie and would like to take your business online, you must learn about the price per head sportsbook software and what it can do for you and your clients. Below is everything you need to know before you launch your bookie with pay per head solution.

What Is A PPH Sportsbook Software?

Take a look at any online sportsbook. It comprises a sportsbook website and an invisible program actively running it. When you deposit your funds and place a bet, the program will automatically book your bet and grade it once the market is closed.

The program responsible for all bookmaking processes is called sportsbook software. You can get the software in three major ways.

First, you can contact leading sportsbook software to purchase the program. Once you get it, you must hire a software engineer to update it and perform various maintenance routines continually. Alternatively, you can schedule maintenance with the company that sold you the software at an extra cost.

The other option is using the software through a white-label concept. In other words, you have to work under an established sportsbook and pay a given commission at the end of every month, among other costs.

The best option is to use a pay per head concept. As the name suggests, bookies pay for the software based on the number of heads/players that wagered. So, when you get a price per head sportsbook software, you will pay a given fee every week multiplied by the number of players that wagered.

Features Of A Pay Per Head Sportsbook Software

The best sportsbook software should have the following features:

Sports Betting

Sports betting is the most popular form of gambling. Therefore, we assume that you want to offer sports betting services to your clients. The first thing you should look for in the software is the sports betting market.

The betting platform should feature all the betting markets you want to provide your clients. Being a pay per head software, the service provider displays betting lines for all sports for all subscribed bookies. So, if you want to close some sports, the software should allow you to edit and make other changes you need.

Online And Live Casino

Most sports bettors are also venturing into casino games. While they might join your sportsbook to wager on sports, they will likely play casino games when they find the platform. Therefore, ensure there is a digital casino to supplement your income from sports betting.

It would help if you offered live dealer titles too. The quality of live casino games should be top-notch regarding quality, rules, streaming, and variations.


There are so many horse races you can offer bets on. Fortunately, horse racing bettors are many, and the group will continue to grow similarly to their love for horses. If you want to increase your income and give your clients a reason to enjoy horse races, ensure your sportsbook software has a racebook platform.

Custom-Built Website

The quality of your website captures the first impression that greets your visitors. It serves as a clear manifestation of the dedication poured into its development and the meticulous incorporation of their preferences.

While the possibility of opting for a template website remains, another valuable choice emerges – partnering with your pay per head sportsbook software provider to construct a bespoke site. This approach empowers you to accentuate specific intricacies related to your target demographic and the diverse spectrum of betting services at your disposal.

Phone Support For Bookies

Running a sportsbook is not easy, even for someone who has done it before. You will come across different tools and might need help exploring each.

Fortunately, a price per head sportsbook earns a personal manager to guide him through launching and running a bookie. You will get a phone number and email address through which you can get assistance instantly whenever you need it.

Personalized Customer Care For Bettors

Your customers could come across inevitable challenges when engaging with your platform. These challenges might encompass issues like fund deposits, withdrawal of winnings, account creation, bonus claims, and related concerns.

Regrettably, your constant availability for resolving client matters might not always be feasible, despite your intentions. Nevertheless, the premier price per head sportsbook software provider extends its customer support services to bridge this gap.

Employing advanced call center technology and maintaining a substantial team of customer agents, the company ensures round-the-clock coverage. This strategic shift-based approach minimizes the potential for errors while delivering effective solutions to your clientele.

Mobile And Desktop Friendly Platform

Some clients will wager on their phones, while others will use laptops, tablets, and desktops. So, if you have a platform that does not launch on mobile devices, you will lose mobile users. The same is true for other devices too.

Therefore, you must find out whether the price per head sportsbook software is designed to launch on all devices, including iPhones, Nokia and other Windows phones, Android, tablets,

Mac, and desktop devices. Moreover, the software should not have glitches once it opens on a device. Instead, it should run smoothly, display all key functions, and provide your clients with a good experience.

Player Management Tools

Player management is crucial. If you ignore this, your bookie operation will halt as soon as you launch your services.

You need to remain in control of your business by deciding how much players wager, win, and what they bet on. You need player management tools to run your bookie.

For example, you need a mass editing tool to impose a minimum and maximum wager amount on all players. The minimum wager amount ensures you get a specific minimum commission for facilitating bettors’ stakes.

You should be able to edit individual player accounts too. For example, if reports indicate a player is winning more than losing, you might want to limit their winnings some more.

Risk Management Tools

Gambling is a risky business for bookies and bettors. The best thing about being a bookie is that you can identify risks before they become problematic and solve them. With risk management tools provided by your pay per head company, you can avoid various problems.

For example, if it is impossible to balance your books, you can use a layoff account to wager at another sportsbook. The money you make should cover the possible losses on your platform.

You might find different other tools to help you manage risk. You can ask your account manager to guide you through using various tools to maximize the benefits.

Power Pay Per Head: The Best Price Per Head Sportsbook Software

Your search for price per head sportsbook software will produce many options. But, only a few among those that come up are any good. You can avoid the whole process of analyzing each company to find out whether it offers the best features for your business.

Power Pay Per Head is the leading price per head sportsbook software. The company has been voted twice as the best for having developed quality software and offering the best customer service.

In fact, over 2000 bookies have benefited from the company’s top-notch software. Some of these bookies jumped ships after discovering the software through the free trial period. You can also find out how the software can help you grow your business.

The trial period runs between two and six weeks, depending on when you are subscribing to the Power Pay Per Head service. During this time, you will notice how much you can make and compare it to previous earnings to determine its advantages over others. Contact the company by filling in the contact form on the homepage and scheduling a day and time to launch your betting services.

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