5 Best Pay Per Head Sportsbook Providers In Florida

25 January 2022
5 Best Pay Per Head Sportsbook Providers In Florida
5 Best Pay Per Head Sportsbook Providers In Florida

Florida is a huge sports betting industry. Thus, you will find many sportsbooks, including statewide popular ones and some just known on the city or town level. The availability of some of these sportsbooks is thanks to the pay per head (PPH) business model.

Pay-per-head puts a bookie on level ground with nationally recognized sportsbooks. However, the provider you choose greatly contributes to your success. That is why you must choose the best PPH sportsbook for your clients.

Best PPH Sportsbook Providers

Below, we review five PPH sportsbook providers in Florida. These will come in handy when launching your sportsbook.

Power Pay Per Head

Power Pay Per Head is a brand designed to help American bookies launch their business, offer sports betting services, address customers’ issues, and help with every bookmaking task. The site is run by people who once operated bookies and others who still operate bookies. Moreover, all the officials have earned a Gambling and Commercial Gaming degree in the USA.

Notably, the people behind this brand do not come to play in the industry. Instead, they are in the industry to help you win, and your players get the entertainment of their lives.

Apart from that, there are several reasons why power pay per head is the best PPH sportsbook provider in Florida. For example, the software is a multi-awarding winner and top-rated by various sites, including Gambling 911.

The provider is also a pioneer in the industry with over 15 years of experience. With each passing year, you will notice innovations on the betting platform that make running your bookie easy and profitable.

Moreover, your client will love the user-friendly betting interface on their smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Power Pay Per Head also has a premier casino and a racebook. This means players do not have to look elsewhere for these products.

Additionally, the site offers comprehensive products and services. This means there are oddsmakers, IT experts, customer support representatives, and other bookmaking tools.

Notably, the customer representatives are English-speaking Americans. That way, you and your bettors get personalized support in a native language.


Bwager was founded in 2013 to provide sports betting software. Later, it started offering pay-per-head sportsbooks and has received positive reviews since then.

Bwager is a next-generation sports betting platform. It focuses on innovatively developing its sports betting platforms for its clients worldwide. By focusing on sports betting sites, this provider has ensured its product is one of the best PPH sportsbooks around.

Ideally, this developer ensures that its product meets the needs of bettors. For example, a bettor wants a sportsbook that provides better odds than any other. With Bwager software, players will love the competitive odds and impressive betting lines.

The brand also uses state-of-the-art security measures. That way, a bookie remains secure, and players’ data is protected throughout the year.

The PPH fee is flexible depending on the services you get. Ideally, it ranges between $5 and $10.


9DollarPerHead offers its services at only $9 per player, hence its name.

Here, you get a sports betting platform, a casino, a live casino, in-game betting, local and international markets, and horse betting at just $9.

The brand was launched in 2012, a year before Bwager. Interestingly, it uses DGS software just like Bwager. Thus, you will see some similarities between the two brands, almost like they borrow ideas from each other.

But, that does not stop this company from offering its best, which is why it is on this list.

9DollarPerHead designs beautiful and the best PPH sportsbook software for a new bookie. It features most of the preferences a player wants to find on a betting site.

Moreover, it has a user-friendly management dashboard. This allows bookie agents to run their operations with ease. You are in full control of players’ accounts, setting limits, and so much more about bookmaking.


If you are a first-time bookie looking to launch your business online, Discount PayPerHead can be a valuable partner. This brand specializes in assisting new bookies and offers their services at discounted rates, charging only $5 per player. Additionally, Discount PayPerHead is known for its emphasis on security, utilizing modern encryption technology to ensure the safety of its sportsbook software.

Established in 2016 and based in Costa Rica, the company operates on DGS sports betting software, a reputable platform in the industry.

One notable feature that sets DiscountPayPerHead apart is its provision of telephone betting. Some individuals prefer the traditional method of placing bets by calling the bookie instead of logging into a website. With this service, customers can call and have their bets placed on their behalf.

The pay-per-head site offers a reliable and comprehensive betting platform with a wide range of betting markets, including horse racing bets and a casino section. Additionally, they provide a customer support system to address any inquiries or issues that may arise.

For new bookies seeking a user-friendly and secure sportsbook solution, Discount Pay Per Head could be an excellent choice to kickstart their online bookie venture.

Try Out The Best PPH Sportsbook

One effective way to determine the best PPH sportsbook for your needs is by taking a test drive. With Power Pay Per Head, for instance, you can sign up for a free trial lasting a few weeks. This trial period allows you to assess whether the sportsbook is suitable for your clients in Florida.

To get started, simply contact Power Pay Per Head through the provided contact form on their website. They will guide you through the process of launching your sportsbook in Florida and provide you with top-notch sports betting services.

By taking advantage of this free trial, you can make an informed decision about the PPH sportsbook that aligns best with your requirements and serves your Floridian clients most effectively.

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