5 Easy Steps On How To Become A Bookie

12 January 2022
5 Easy Steps On How To Become A Bookie

The online gambling industry is
projected to reach $92.9 billion by 2023. This figure should give any
person that wants to become a bookie goosebumps. By entering the
industry, you stand a chance to make lucrative revenue from running a

As sports betting becomes
increasingly popular, so does the question of how to become a bookie.
That is why we have created this guide describing five easy steps you
can follow to be a bookie.

Decide How Much Time You Can Give Your Business

Every business needs attention,
especially during the start-up period. That way, you can help it gain
roots to stand future waves. Therefore, you need to realize how much time
you can give your business.

For example, you already work at
another job; you can only attend to your bookie after work. During this
time, you can be tired from allocating more than two hours for your

If running a bookie is your only job,
you can give it more time. Realizing the amount of time you can give
your bookie can help you create real results. For example, a person
giving a business 100 percent of their time performs better than those
allocating 20 or 50 percent.

Set a Plan and Your Goals

Once you know how much time you can
give your business, create a plan showing how you will achieve your
goals in the time you have. So, if you have two hours a day, decide what
to do during those hours each day.

For example, you can decide to find
more clients on Monday, review reports on Tuesday, learn more about your
industry on Wednesday, and much more.

You can also decide to employ an
expert with specific skills. For example, if you do not understand
anything about odds, you can ask someone to guide you through creating

You also need a marketing plan. A bookie business relies on clients. Therefore, you need to implement ways to find clients.

You do not have to think of a
complicated marketing strategy. Instead, you can start by speaking to
your friends and friends of friends.

Lastly, create your goal and ensure
that your plans will help you achieve your goals. For example, if you
want to earn $1 million each year, make sure you find quality clients to
help you achieve your goal.

Find Funds

Another thing you need to become a
bookie is funds. You need enough to start your business and last for
several months. Most experts will advise you to have enough funds to
last you at least a football season.

Consider the type of bookie you want to start. There are four types of bookies including:

  • An on-course bookmaker
  • An online bookmaker
  • A high-street betting shop
  • A mixture of the three

Whichever you choose, you will need
start-up money. Some might need more money to start. For example, if you
want to run a high-street betting shop, you need multiple licenses,
rent for your shop, money to pay employees, and other running costs.

If you want to operate an online
bookie, you do not need to rent out a space. However, you will have to
hire customer representatives, oddsmakers, and other experts.
Alternatively, you can use a pay per head service that will cater to all
your sportsbook needs, including customer support, at a fee.

Therefore, you need money for pay per
head services and a bankroll to pay your players. have a maximum payout
set for each player so that your bankroll can cover all their winnings
when wagered lost money is not enough to payout wins.

Pick the Right Time To Launch Your Bookie

The time you decide to become a
bookie and launch your site will determine how long it will take to make
a profit. If you launch a few weeks after the football season is over,
you will struggle to get clients. However, open your business several
weeks before the season begins to get a significant number of players
looking to engage with the most popular sports in the country.

Therefore, consider your target
before deciding to launch your bookie. That way, you can start it at the
right time when players are looking to place bets on the best platform.
Moreover, if you pick an off-season time to launch your bookie, you
might run out of funds to cover operations during a busy period.

Work With Industry Experts

Lastly, work with industry experts.
What we mean by this is choosing your right business partner when
venturing into the sports betting industry.

For example, you cannot approach a
prominent person to teach you how to become a bookie unless you
affiliate with the brand. As a big brand, it might not associate with
you because they want an expert to work with them rather than a novice.

But, you can approach a pay per head
service provider who allows you to become an independent bookie. The
provider gives you a sports betting platform, betting lines, hundreds of
bet markets, and everything putting a sportsbook on the global market.

The good thing is, there are many
experts in the industry. Some are average, while others are the best.
Whichever you pick determines the level of expertise you get.

Therefore, choose an industry leader,
an expert with all the skills and tools that help you become a bookie
successfully. For example, Power Pay Per Head software covers bet
markets in the country and internationally, and offers live wagers, prop
bets, a casino, and a racebook.

These products will help you make
more money because bettors will choose to place bets with you. After
all, you have the betting markets they need.

Become a Bookie Today

A bookmaking business is a satisfying
option for sports enthusiasts to make money. If you feel this is the
kind of work you would enjoy doing, you are a step closer to becoming a
successful bookie. There are so many people needing to place bets.

Therefore, you will never fall short
of clients if you know where to look. Once you address the top four
points above, contact Power Pay Per Head as the industry expert. The
site has operated for 16 years and is run by industry experts.

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