Power Pay Per Head Top Drawer Products and Services

Power Pay Per Head Top Drawer Products and Services

If you are a sports betting enthusiast and have been thinking about offering the service, you must have heard about the pay per head (PPH) business model. This is an alternative to the usual betting platform, such as William Hills. Instead of spending thousands setting up a sportsbook, today’s bookies use the PPH service.

Therefore, bookies do not have to employ experts in the industry or spend money; they do not have to run sports betting. One of the sites that offer this service is Power Pay Per Head. In fact, the site excels at providing the best PPH services to bookies in America and those offshores. Here is everything you need to know about the site, its product, and its services.

Has 16 Years of Experience in the Industry

Power Pay Per Head is not a new brand in the PPH industry. It is a brand that entered the industry 16 years ago. Over the years, the site’s operators have mastered every aspect of the industry.

This has led to magnificent improvement in the Power Pay Per Head software. The operator has invented every feature and tool to help bookies make money. They test these features before making them available to bookies.

Hence, bookmakers get a tested feature or tool to manage their business. Spending 16 years in the industry has also enabled the site operators to network with other bookies and competitors. While at it, they learn what bookies need and design their software to reflect the needs.

As a pioneer of the pay per head industry, this site understands that not every person could afford to launch a bookie the traditional way. Thus, the operators decided to join the industry to create a balance, allowing any dreamer to become a bookie.

Run By a Team of Bookie Operators

The site is run by a team of bookie operators. Do you know what this means? The operators also use the same software they sell you to run their platform.

If you are confident about the product you create, you do not go buying elsewhere. The same applies to the site’s software. Being the best in the industry, the bookie operators behind Power Pay Per Head use their products.

The good thing about this is you are assured of quality. Also, you are sure that the software has all the features you need to become successful.

Considering these operators designed the software, they use first-hand experience and preferences. That way, bookies get software that meets their needs.

#1 Rated Pay Per Head Software

Considering there are many other pay per head service providers, it is difficult to make it to the top. However, Power Pay Per Head topped the list of the best PPH sites not once but twice in a row.

For being the top in the line product, offering the best experience to bettors, meeting agents’ needs, affordability, generating profits for agents, Power Pay Per Head software was voted the best in the industry.

If you are looking for software that will make running your business easier and fun, consider Power Pay Per Head software. Your players will love it, and you will enjoy managing your bookie.

Award-Winning Call Center

Another thing you should know about this site is its award-winning call center. A client can tell so much about a company.

That is why this site has ensured to put the best front. Whether you are a bookie operator or a bettor, you will get undivided attention when you send your message through live chat or email seeking help. Players can also use Wicker, Telegram, and Signal to contact the call center.

If you are new to the pay per head industry, you have a lot to learn. Your software will come with many features, some you have never used before.

When you do, you can call the site’s call center to get help. Notably, the customer representative talking to you will guide you through using the feature like a one-year-old, ensuring you capture every detail in a friendly manner.

As for your players, you do not have to be on call 24/7 addressing their issues. Instead, the site’s call center will always have a team of American customer representatives ready to solve your bettors’ issues.

Offers Live Betting

One of the most entertaining things about betting is how it engages you. You look at an event, analyze it, and predict which is better to stake one. It is even more entertaining when a game has kicked off, and bettors have a chance to continue betting based on what they see in real-time.

That is why Power Pay Per Head invented VIP live betting for your players. This allows your clients to constantly make straight bets on money lines, props, totals, and point spreads. With these betting opportunities, players have no choice but to wager, which ultimately increases your revenue.

 Yet, you still remain in control. You can set wagers and bet limits, the maximum payout, determine the minimum and maximum odds, and monitor your bettors’ wagers.

Power Premier Casino

More people are becoming aware of casino games. They can play slot machines that do not require any skill or test their ability by playing table games. Power Premier Casino is an online gambling platform that allows players to access slot machines and table games by industry leaders.

The platform is designed using HTML5 technology, ensuring that games on the platform are playable on all mobile devices. From any fruit-themed slot machine to blackjack variants, your clients will love every bit of playing at this casino. Moreover, they can also play live casino games.  

Has a Racebook

Horse racing history goes back many centuries ago. It is one of the first events people wagered on. As such, it is still popular today, attracting a large number to bet on thoroughbreds and many other actions.

From summer to other seasons, your clients will find many racetracks to bet on throughout the year. Power Pay Per Head racebook covers tracks from eight countries, which means your bettors have a lot of action.

In fact, you will get around 220 race tracks across the world. You can activate the number of racetracks you wish to offer or disable as many as you want. You can also set the bet types, minimum and maximum limits, and payouts. 

Agent Reports

As a bookie, you need many reports to manage your business. For example, if you allow bettors to place bets on credit, you have to analyze their betting history to determine how much credit to give. You also need to learn whether a player deserves credit, their ability to pay and pay on time.

You can learn about a player by generating reports. Fortunately, Power Pay Per Head software is designed to create end-user reports. That way, you do not have to sit and recreate reports you can understand.

If you want hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly reports, you will get them. Moreover, these reports are up to date to the last minute.

Useful Bookmaking Tools

With this site’s pay per head software, every angle of your bookmaking business is covered. If you want to know about steam or sharp bets in real-time, the software uses the Beat the Line 2.0 tool to generate such information and alert you.

Bookies also have complete control of their business, thanks to the tools incorporated in the PPH software. This allows bookies to manage odds, set bet limits and payouts, determine who to bet on credit, and so much more. Ideally, these tools help you stay on top of the business.

Free Demo Accounts

Even outside the pay per head industry, very few companies give you a test product. However, Power Pay Per Head is confident about its product hence is a free trial period.

Once you are ready to launch your bookie, the firm gives you a trial account with two logins. One is for bookie operators, while the other is for players.

You are supposed to use these logins to test the PPH software and services offered by the brand. If you want to know how your players will be depositing money with you, you can log in as a player would do and complete a transaction through the provided payment options.

You can also test the software by logging into your administrative dashboard. Find how user-friendly the software is, navigate through, use different tools, etc.

Be a Boss With Your Pay Per Head Bookie

Power Pay Per Head offers betting markets in over 100 leagues in various sports. Moreover, the site also has a casino and racebook added to the package, adding to your revenue generation tools. With live betting on sports, a live casino, and many bet types, your players have so much to keep them entertained.

Ideally, the site’s products and services are designed to help you make money. With this pay per head software, you do not have to get employed because it generates enough revenue. Contact us today to get your bookie platform and instantly take betting action from your clients.