What Does It Take To Be a Pay Per Head Bookie

25 January 2022
What Does It Take To Be a Pay Per Head Bookie
What Does It Take To Be a Pay Per Head Bookie

Becoming a pay per head bookie is easy. You do not need a degree to be a bookmaker. However, certain things must be present for you to be a bookie.

Power Pay Per Head wants to ensure you have all the bookie requirements. As the best pay per head service provider, it means you are getting actionable advice to become a pay-per-head bookie.

Keep reading to find out what it takes to be a bookie in the modern world.


Various people will quote a different amount as the funds you should have to be a bookie. They might be accurate to a certain point. However, each bookie is unique.

Therefore, the amount you need to launch a bookie depends on the size of your operation. The goal is to have enough money to avoid damaging your reputation. While a bookie is supposed to win consistently, it is not a sure bet.

You must have a losing streak and need to pay your players from your pocket. With a separate fund dedicated to catering to such instances, you can operate a competent pay-per-head bookie.

You also need money to pay for the price per player fee. Most bookies prefer to pay a large sum to cover several weeks of service. The provider will deduct its fee based on the number of players that wagered on your site.

Quality Players

A pay per head bookie is a business model allowing you to pay for services depending on the number of players wagering on your platform. This means you need players before you can request the service. That way, you start your business with clients that will help you create your wealth.

You can decide to start with a few players. But, the more players you have, the less the risk.

A bookie earns a vig. This is a certain percentage of the wagered money.

The more money players wager, the bigger your vig, and profit. But, consider the quality of your players as well. For example, you can have 100 clients and make less than a bookie with ten clients.

If your clients barely wager and wager little money, it will be hard to make any profit. However, you can have 20 clients, each wagering at least four times a week. These will make you more money than the set of the first clients.

Sports Betting Knowledge

We are assuming you know how to place a bet and something more about various teams. We are glad you do. However, you need a little more knowledge about sports betting to become a pay-per-head bookie.

Some of the things you need to learn include;

  • Creating and offering your clients the best odds
  • Types of bets
  • Moving lines
  • Grading bets
  • Calculating your profit

Some of these processes are automated by pay-per-head bookie software. But, you must understand how each works as it is your business.

Moreover, you gain all control over your business. This means you can create your lines and adjust them accordingly.


Running a bookie is not like investing your money somewhere and leaving it to make interest. Instead, it is a business that requires your time.

The time you dedicate to your pay-per-head bookie will reflect in the growth of the betting platform. You can do several things with the time dedicated to growing your bookie.

For example, you can research the price per head business model. You can find other successful bookies and learn how they did it. Better yet, consult your price per player provider, such as Power Pay Per Head.

Another thing you can do with this time is find new clients. The only way your bookie can grow is by finding new clients. Remember to look for quality clients.

The other thing you can do is manage your bookie. Go through the reports and look at your best bettors, those betting on credit, popular bet markets, and any other bookmaking tasks.

The Gut To Stand The Competition

The online sports betting market has fierce competition. If you looked at it, you would give up launching your bookie. But, the chances of becoming a successful bookie are high when you put work into it.

Therefore, you need to understand there is competition. Yet, there is competition everywhere, so whichever industry you choose, you will still find some businesses doing better than yours.

It will take being a hardworking bookie to make it. This should not be an uphill task with the right pay-per-head software. But, you have to work like you are fighting for your life.

The Ideal Pay Per Head Service Provider

The other thing you need is an expert or a team of experts. A bookie must have a customer support team, oddsmakers, funds processors, and IT experts. All this is catered for under the pay-per-head service.

All you have to do is pick the best to get world-class software, expertise, and services. Power Pay Per Head happens to be the best provider in the industry. With two consecutive top ratings, award-winning software, and customer support, this provider takes the day.

As you choose the brand as your partner, you need to check a few things. First, find out how the software can help you become a successful bookie.

Another thing you need to look at is the sports betting markets. Ensure the betting platform is user-friendly and has local and international sports betting markets.

Also, find out the tools that will help you run your bookie. Test each of them during the trial period you will get. Lastly, ensure you are getting value for your money regarding customer support, IT experts to fix future problems, and any other tool.

How Do I Become A Bookie?

A bookie can make a lot of money and much more if they put in exemplary efforts. The above tips are your checklist. Tick each of them as you move until you launch a bookie.

At Power Pay Per Head, we offer you the best pay per head bookie and guide you to launching your bookmaker. Contact us today to book a consultation or get your trial period with our bookie software.

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