Grow Your Racebook Business With Our Pay Per Head Structure

14 November 2021
Grow Your Racebook Business With Our Pay Per Head Structure

When you decide to bet on horses, your business structure has to be the best to survive in this competitive world. Using a pay per head racebook service can help you beat all the odds and rank at the top of all other racebooks targeting the same market as you.

A price per head structure helps you run your racebook efficiently and effectively. PowerPayPerHead offers and manages this tool for you, allowing you to spend little time on the racebook and more recruiting clients and retaining them. Below, find features in our racebook software to help grow your racebook business while offering the best to your users.

Specialized Call Center

Being available for your clients is essential to business growth. Fortunately, our pay per head racebook comes from a 24/7 specialized call center. That way, your users can have someone to talk to at any time of the day.

Moreover, the call center comprises agents with an understanding of various languages. Thus, all German-speaking or any other language can get responses in a language they know.

Betting Markets From Over 220 Racetracks

Most states or local governments offer horse racing as it is popular in the betting sector. Moreover, it has a high takeout percentage which translates to huge profits. With the best price per head tool, you can get over 220 race tracks your bettors can choose from.

You can activate all the markets or start small with racetracks from a specific country. With a huge market of 220 racetracks, you can become the go-to racebook for the most lucrative clients looking for action throughout the year. Moreover, these markets have a vast selection of horse wagers, including trifectas, daily doubles, win a place, exactas, quinellas, head to head, and much more.

Live Betting

The live betting feature is rapidly becoming a favorite. With the adrenaline rush that comes with it and entertainment, it is understandable why more bettors prefer it.

We include live betting features in our racebook software to meet your bettors’ needs. That way, they can watch as the best-thoroughbred horse comes from last to the first position and bet on it moments before it happens.

A Website Compatible With All Platforms

A large section of bettors prefers to use mobile phones over desktops as they are more convenient. Our racebook software is designed to be compatible with all devices ensuring that your platform is available to any device user.

Get Your Price Per Head Racebook

Horse betting is a lucrative business. Considering that a racebook is almost similar to a sportsbook, it is easy to run it. You need to log in to your administrative account to activate player accounts, modify credit limit, and minimum and maximum bets depending on the performance of a bettor, suspend accounts, get player reports, change types of odds, and do any managerial task.

At PowerPayPerHead, we offer racebook software at a friendly and affordable pay-per-head price. We customize it to meet all your specifications, including the number of racetracks you want, min/max bets, payout details, and more. Reach us today for a solution on how you can grow your racebook business.

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