Gambling Software’s Best Pay Per Head Sites

2 September 2022
best pay per head sites

Imagine you are standing in front of several similar doors. Behind each closed door is one of the best pay per head sites. So, whichever door you open, you are assured of quality or standard services.

There are hundreds of PPH sites on the internet. Some are great, while the rest are average. Even when given ten great software, you would still want to select the best among them all.

That is why we prepared this guide. It shows the qualities of the best price per head sportsbook. We also share the top PPH software your bookie can benefit from.

What Is Pay Per Head?

Before we look into the features the best price per head sportsbook should have, let’s define pay per head. When a bookie wants to take his business online, he needs a website, software, call center, license, and bookmaking tools.

These requirements would deplete most people’s bank accounts even when combined. Most people would give up their dreams of launching online bookies because they lack enough capital. Fortunately, the pay per head concept has helped keep most bookies’ dreams true.

So, what is pay per head? This is a cost-effective service offered to bookies. Typically, it is a solution for bookies consisting of a betting platform, call center, betting lines, technical support, and everything they need to run a business.

The business concept describes the payment system. This means bookies pay for the service after getting active players. In other words, players have to wager for a bookie to pay a weekly or monthly fee depending on the number of users.

1. The Expertise Of A Company

There is a reason a car fanatic would go for a car from Ford over a brand that launched yesterday. Ford has a track record that speaks for itself. Therefore, it is easy to go for a Ford vehicle without a doubt.

Similarly, some pay per head sites have existed since its innovation. Some dropped their bid along the way, for they could not stand the heated competition. However, some still exist and believe in their goal, to offer the best bookmaking solutions to bookies so that agents can keep most of their profits.

These sites have picked on so much knowledge and skills that help bookies stand the heat of competition today. The PPH sites have improved their products to ensure bookies have the tools to stay in business and consistently make great profits.

Yet, some brands launched several years ago and have the expertise you might be looking for. The agents running these companies are probably from previously closed PPH shops or people who left to create their products. Therefore, you can expect competitive products from them.

Whichever gambling software you want to invest in, you must ensure its developer is an expert. The company can have a few or many years in the industry. However, their expertise must speak volumes for you to consider using its gambling software.

2. Compatibility With Devices

Today, you must be considerate of your clients. You need to realize that a section of your clients uses phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops.

Some of your clients are iPhone users, while others use Android devices, Windows, Linux, and other operating systems. Therefore, the gambling software developer must factor in device compatibility.

The best pay per head sites must be compatible with different devices. That way, you can reach all device users to place their bets with you. Failure to do this might inconvenience your clients.

Suppose you have loyal clients. If your software is only compatible with one type of device, clients must find the specific device to log in to their accounts. This limits their ability to log in as often as they want.

Having optimized software is not only advantageous to clients. You, too, will benefit as you can run bookie operations privately on your smaller device in public and switch to a bigger screen while at home.

3. Number Of Bookies Using The Software

The popularity of a product or service often reflects its quality. A similar principle applies to consumer choices, such as the preference for a particular ice cream flavor over others, where you’ll typically see more people in line for the favored option.

In the world of bookies and PPH services, when one bookie discovers the advantages of using a specific PPH service, they are likely to recommend it to their peers. Over time, this network of referrals grows as bookies continue to introduce the software to others in their community.

While it’s often challenging to ascertain the exact number of bookies using a particular service, some providers publicly disclose their user statistics. In cases where this information isn’t readily available, you can inquire directly with your chosen PPH provider. They may provide you with an honest answer, shedding light on the extent of their user base and the trust placed in their services within the bookie community.

4. Live Wagering

A bookie who doesn’t offer live wagering services stands to generate significantly lower income compared to one who does. It’s unwise to limit your earning potential by neglecting to provide what your clients desire.

People tend to gravitate towards trends, and currently, the prevailing trend in sports betting is placing bets on ongoing matches. This style of betting is not only exhilarating but also a hot topic among avid bettors.

Entering the industry without a live betting offering could make it challenging to build a client base. However, by incorporating this option, you can easily attract and retain clients who are seeking the excitement and engagement that live betting provides.

When considering gambling software, ensure it offers a wide range of live in-game events. In other words, it should encompass more than just four popular sports and leagues in the country. This approach guarantees that your clients have access to diverse markets throughout the year, enhancing their betting experience and your profit potential.

5. Digital And Live Casino

Every sportsbook is striving to become a one-stop gambling platform. Even established sportsbooks that focus on sports betting have introduced digital and live casinos on their platforms.

A one-stop gambling platform is appealing to more gamblers today than years ago. Moreover, sportsbooks realize that having a digital and live casino grows their monthly revenue.

If you are interested in earning more than an average income, you should find software with a digital and live casino. Ensure games offered at the casino are top-notch and unique. You also need to confirm that all players, whether high rollers or budget players, can participate in these games.

Remember, casino games are highly marketable. This will help you market your bookie website. Moreover, you can convert casino players into sports bettors and vice versa.

You might need to pay a casino software price. However, most gambling software providers offer the platform for free as long as you are subscribed to sports betting pay per head.

6. Horse Betting Platform And ESports

Gambling does not stop at sports betting and casino games. Other forms of gambling that players are exploring include horse racing betting and eSports.

Horse betting has existed for centuries. Some even assume that it existed before sports betting. It has provided many gamblers with betting markets throughout the years.

Usually, there are many horse racing events in the country and globally, with tournaments such as the Kentucky Derby and Breeders Cup topping the list. While some bettors wait until these horses are racing in the top tournaments, some players wager on horses from the initial unpopular events.

Whichever the case, you cannot take chances. Your racebook should be comprehensive. Therefore, look for software featuring over 200 horse tracks in the country and worldwide.

eSports is still new in the gambling market. However, it has attracted a huge fan base. If you plan to target younger generations, especially those below 30 years, you need to offer eSports betting.

7. Free Trial

Some companies expect that word of mouth is enough to convince someone to use their services. However, Sometimes, you cannot rely on just word of mouth to use a service.

Reputable pay per head sites offer free trial periods to allow bookies to unravel their software before they sign up. Unless you are a software developer, you would not know whether software looks just by looking at codes.

You must use the software to learn whether it does what the developer intended. Therefore, a trial period is crucial to knowing whether gambling software is right for you.

You must test the software thoroughly. Find whether it allows you to customize some things and provides marketable sports betting markets and bookmaking tools.

8. Payment Methods

The best price per head site should have numerous convenient payment methods. Players and bookie agents need payment methods to complete their transactions.

Players need to deposit money to wager with and withdraw their winnings. Meanwhile, bookies have to pay for the bookmaking services they get. Therefore, gambling software must have suitable payment methods like Bitcoin, Western Union, gift cards, Steller, Litecoin, credit cards, and e-wallets.

9. Customer Support

Every business has a customer support system. Customer support comes in handy, especially in the online gambling industry. A player could be placing a bet on a game starting in an hour or less only to encounter a problem.

If you cannot provide a solution quickly, the player will not place the bet in time or any other upcoming stake. If the trend has to repeat itself, you might lose the client. Therefore, you need the best customer support for your clients.

The best customer service leaves your clients happy. For example, a client should not encounter the same problem twice if customer service solves the issue the first time.

Also, customer support would be available 24/7. Why? Some players wager at night and others during the day.

Your pay per head provider should also offer support to bookie agents. That way, you can always find a solution as quickly as possible before an issue has to halt your services.

10. Agent Reports

Your business can benefit greatly from reports generated by sportsbook software. These reports tell you how your business is doing so that you do not have to operate blindly. The best gambling software should produce reports analyzing your players, finances, and overall operations.

11. Technical Support

Online platforms are bound to face technical hitches. You cannot avoid them. But, you can trust an expert to fix a problem before it costs money or takes your business offline.

Suppose you have conventional sportsbook software. Unless you hire an expert to supervise the software around the clock, you can only tell there is a technical problem when it happens. Yet, hiring an engineer is costly.

Technical support is provided when you partner with a pay per head shop. Engineers work around the clock to ensure your platform is performing optimally. They see bugs and other hitches before they happen and solve them before they affect your operations.

12. Inexpensive Weekly Or Monthly Fee

Another factor you should consider when choosing the best pay per head sites is cost. Suppose one company charges $40 for the same services, and another company charges $30.

There is no problem picking the most expensive or cheapest product. However, the cost and benefits should be balanced.

Top Pay Per Head Sites

You can create a checklist from the above list to choose the best price per head site. Below, we look at the industry’s big players who have set the landscape other PPH shops are following.

1. Power Pay Per Head

Power Pay Per Head comes on top of the list for hundreds of reasons. But, we will keep it short and let you discover its comprehensive benefits once you start using it.

Power Pay Per Head is like an all-weather kind of clothing. Whether in the fall, summer, autumn, or winter, this software has thousands of events to keep players engaged. It offers sports betting, casino games, eSports, horse racing bets, and poker games.

Your clients will love wagering over 250,000 sports betting markets every year. The live wagering options will keep your clients engaged, taking your handle above the roof. Apart from that, profits from horse racing events from over 220 horse tracks can almost buy you an island in a few years.

The company recently celebrated 16 years of offering excellent services, with over 2000 bookies benefitting. This site has both expertise and proof of excellence.

If a bookie had to drop Power’s services, it would be because they want to venture into something different. The company also has the best customer service. Whether in the middle of the night or on an American holiday, the Power PPH call center is always open.

You will never know your software is outdated. With expert engineers working around the clock to ensure zero hitches and continually upgrading the gambling software, you can expect 100 percent uptime for your bookie business.

Once you sign up with Power Pay Per Head, you will get a free trial period without any upfront payment. You will also learn that the software is compatible with mobile and desktop devices.

2. RealBookies

RealBookie is another incredible PPH software. It prides itself on 20 years of experience.

RealBookies offers its services with a starting price of $7. It could be more depending on the services you want. However, its low cost ensures that bookies can take their businesses online and succeed in attracting their first set of bettors without pressure.

The company offers a free trial period of four weeks. However, you are required to pay a certain flat fee per client once you sign up. This might not appeal to all bookies.

Real Bookies instantly set up your website, allowing you to embark on your business as soon as possible. It unlocks all benefits, features, and tools so you can start running your operations.

Apart from sports betting, RealBookie has a digital and live casino and racebook. The gambling software provider also has customer support for bettors.

Ace Per Head

Another company making bookies proud is Ace Per Head. This company has been in the industry longer than any other and is not tired of offering quality services. In fact, the company is not shying away any time soon.

Being a pioneer in the industry, this company has created a landscape that most PPH shops copy. Although the site has been around for a while, it chooses to stick to a small product. For example, its racebook covers events from only 80 horse tracks.

The software also has a virtual casino with 100 great games and numerous sports betting markets. Ace has also invested in live wagering and call center technology.

While you can get free live wagering options from Power Pay Per Head, Ace charges an extra $5 per player. The software is also optimized for mobile and desktop devices. The standard pay per head bookie fee is $10 per active player weekly.

Get Your Gambling Software From the Leading Player

While there are many best pay per head sites, one of them always stands out. In this case, Power Pay Per Head takes the crown.
This company offers the most comprehensive package at an affordable fee. The best part is that you can provide your betting services for six weeks without paying a dime to Power Pay Per Head.

Remember, we did not exhaust all the benefits this software offers. But, you can find that out during the trial period. Contact Power Pay Per Head at 855-492-6007 to find out how the company will help you grow your wealth.

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