How To Get A Bookie? The Power Pay Per Head Referral Program

10 June 2022
How To Get A Bookie The Power Pay Per Head Referral Program

How do you feel about earning 20 percent of the money a bookie receives from his players? Through the Power Pay Per Head referral program and this guide on how to get a bookie, you can earn 20 percent of all the income a bookie makes. How?

It is simple, for starters, most bookies still operating in dark alleys and other hidden places feel like they do not have another option. But, if you can tell them that they have a choice and convince them to use a powerful sports betting solution from Power Pay Per Head, you can both benefit.

The bookie gets to take his business online, providing him with exposure and better income. Meanwhile, you can earn a percentage of the revenue for as long as the bookie is using the Power Pay Per Head solution. In other words, you have to sell the benefits of using the Power Pay Per Head service. Here are some of the tips you should apply on how to get a bookie to sign up for the site’s solution, ultimately generating your profits.

How To Get A Bookie?

Over 20 Sports Betting Markets

Your first selling point should be the number of sports betting markets a bookie can offer. Usually, bookies operating offline provide only a few betting markets. They lack the right tools to manage a big bookie.

But, a bookie can always offer more betting options when they move online, thanks to Power Pay Per Head sportsbook software. The software is packed with features and functions that automate most processes, including booking bets and grading bets.

The software also has over 20 sports betting markets. This includes American football, soccer, tennis, hockey, basketball, golf, college football, and other college events. Having these markets allow a bookie to enroll more bettors, which could increase your overall income.

Casino Games And Horse Racing Bets

Another way on how to get a bookie under your wing is by introducing casino and racebook platforms. Introducing a new revenue source to bookies will give them another reason to use the Power Pay Per Head service.

Notably, Power Pay Per Head has one of the best casino platforms. It is packed with incredible games, including slot machines, table games, and live dealer titles. This makes up a standard casino platform where players can log in from wherever and play their favorite game.

Moreover, players do not need to open multiple gambling platforms for individual betting needs. Instead, players can log in and play casino games, wager on thoroughbreds, and wager multiple live in-game options on an ongoing sport.

Convenient Online Payment Methods

Players want to know about funding a player account and withdrawing winnings before placing their wager with a bookie. Also, bookies need a payment method to pay their weekly pay per head fee.

Luckily, this is something Power Pay Per Head has taken care of. With payment methods such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, e-checks, gift cards, and others, bookies and bettors have payment options to choose from.

Ideally, the site has chosen safe and convenient payment methods. That way, Americans and other bettors can find a payment method to deposit to their accounts and withdraw their winnings.

24/7 Access To A Call Center

Promising 24/7 access to a call center is another sure way how to get a bookie to sign up. Bookies understand that they need to offer customer support to their clients. Unfortunately, few bookies can afford to take their business online, have a bankroll, and remain with capital to set up a call center.

The call center is packed with professional customer agents ready to pick up your players’ calls day or night. The agents are trained and knowledgeable about your bookie operations, giving them enough information to provide bettors when they send queries.

Bookie agents can also get personalized support from Power Pay Per Head call center. For example, if an agent wants to step back and allow the professionals to run their platform, he can send a message to a customer agent. Notably, the site provides separate customer agents to address bookies’ needs and bettors’ issues.

Agent Management Tools

Another thing you must remember when learning how to get a bookie to sign up is to mention how bookies can easily manage their players with player management tools provided by Power Pay Per Head. Bookies moving their business online means more players. They might feel intimidated to get an online bookie account when they think about managing over 50 clients.

But, with management tools, your agents will love every bit of running an online bookie. For example, when having a conversation with someone hoping to convert them into your agent, you can assure them of profits using a bet tracker. This tool will help agents follow all betting actions in real time, allowing them to react in time.

Suppose a new player has wagered $5000. An agent can set a bet limit and maximum payout for the player to avoid similar actions in the future. Ideally, Power Pay Per Head has incredible tools to help agents run their businesses smoothly and profitably.

Custom Website

An agent has no reason to turn you down when you promise a custom sportsbook website. Designing a sportsbook website is expensive. But, when you work with a pay per head company, you can get a custom website at no extra cost.

Live Wagering Option

Another answer to how to get a bookie is providing a live wagering option. Live betting is rapidly growing in popularity. As such, you will find at least half of your clients wagering on live in-game events, creating more wealth for bookies.

Top Security

The last thing you can mention is security. While this tip comes last, it is similarly essential as the others. Fortunately, Power Pay Per Head understands the importance of bettors’ security and 100 percent uptime of a platform.

Power Pay Per Head ensures that their servers are running 24/7. That way, bookies can offer their services day and night without worrying about downtime and other unforeseeable issues.

The Power Pay Per Head Referral Program

Do you want to graduate from recruiting players to enrolling bookie agents? If you have been thinking about moving your ranks and still earning some money from gambling, you can start recruiting bookie agents with the help of this how-to-get bookie guide.

At Power Pay Per Head, you can benefit from one of its best referral programs. The program allows you to recruit agents and earn 20 percent of all their deposits.

In other words, you can rest from the daily operations of running a bookie and focus on finding agents to work under your wing. The best thing about this program is that you can set the pay per head price that subagents will pay. Meanwhile, Power Pay Per Head will still handle customer support, infrastructure, and the billing system, leaving you with no complicated duties.

Now that you know how to get a bookie, you can take advantage of the Power Pay Per Head referral program. You can explain the benefits of using Power Pay Per Head sportsbook solutions, including numerous sports betting markets, live wagering, customer support, and others. This will give your prospective bookie agents reasons to accept your offer.

Meanwhile, you can avoid recruiting players yourself. Instead, you will earn 20 percent on all deposits for every referred bookie. Notably, this is an ongoing bonus which means that you will continue making money for as long as a bookie continues to use Power Pay Per Head service.

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