Power Pay Per Heads Outstanding Business History

31 December 2021
Power Pay Per Heads Outstanding Business History
Power Pay Per Heads Outstanding Business History

You have likely heard about the pay per head (PPH) business model in the gambling industry. If you have yet to hear or read about it, PPH is a business model modern bookies use to take their business online. Usually, a bookie is provided with a betting platform with all the features they need to run a successful business for an agreed fee for each bettor that places a wager on the platform.

One of the top sites in the PPH industry is Power Pay Per Head. For 15 years, the site has provided outstanding services, earning #1 ratings in two consecutive years. Here, we look at some of the company’s outstanding business history.

We Worked Tirelessly to Improve the Software

Power Pay Per Head was started by bookie operators who thought they were missing by operating offline. Some tried to create a sportsbook platform that was costly to finish and run. This meant one thing; give up and pack their goods or reach for their dreams using a pay per head platform.

Considering the PPH industry was still new, there was minimal information on creating the perfect pay per head business model. The software ran fine; it was a basic betting platform.

Several years later, the bookie operators improved the software to include features that would help bookmakers make more money, manage players, and gain control. This is the software you know today.

Some of the features and services the Power Pay Per Head software has included:

  • Customized betting platforms
  • Bet alerts
  • Bet tickers
  • Real-time reporting
  • 100% American English-speaking customer representatives
  • Expert line management
  • Tools to help you create your lines
  • Secure communication channels for layers and bookie operators
  • Live betting
  • Props bets
  • Access Agent Payment 4K
  • Premier casino
  • Premier racebook
  • FIAT and crypto banking methods

Before adding any of these features, the site’s operators tested them on their bookmakers. This ensured that the site added a tried and tested feature that performed as expected.

Took Many Bookie Businesses to the World-Class Level

Most of the bookies that Power Pay Per Head has worked with operated with a pen and paper. Some had computerized systems where they used Excel software to manage their bookies.

Whichever the case, the site has taken these bookies to the world-class level. The site’s first job is to train bookie operators with an account demo on how the pay per head software works. A specific agent works with an individual bookie until they are ready to take full control.

The other step is launching the betting platform with a full betting line board. If a bookie already has players, the operator can share his link with players to register for a betting account. It takes seconds to complete the registration process.

Once they register, bettors can start placing bets. If a bookie was running on another platform, a site’s representative helps transfer players from the platform to the new betting site.

Today, worldwide bettors prefer placing their bets on an online platform. Power Pay Per Site understands this hence the online platform that places bookies on the global map. With this platform, a bookie can get players from all over the world.

Turned Low-Profit Bookies into Profitable

One of the notable achievements of Power Pay Per Head is its ability to enhance the profitability of bookie businesses. Compared to offline bookies, online bookies have the potential to generate significantly higher revenues. Recognizing this, Power Pay Per Head focuses on transitioning bookie businesses to the online platform as the first crucial step.

In addition, the platform adopts a strategy of offering a wide range of betting options. This allows bookies to provide their players with diverse betting opportunities, including soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, American football, cricket, and more. Notably, Power Pay Per Head offers access to over 100 leagues for betting.

By providing multiple leagues for each sport, such as the English Premier League (EPL), La Liga, Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), and others, bookies can cater to the preferences of their players and expand their revenue streams. The availability of diverse leagues and markets increases the engagement and betting activity of players, consequently boosting the bookie’s earnings.

Furthermore, Power Pay Per Head’s software generates a wide range of reports that enable bookies to analyze and improve their business earnings. For instance, bookies can review the betting history of individual players to determine their profitability. Armed with this information, bookies can implement various measures to encourage players to increase their betting activities, ultimately contributing to higher revenues.

Through its comprehensive software and analytical capabilities, Power Pay Per Head empowers bookies to optimize their operations, enhance player engagement, and maximize their overall business earnings.

Added a Casino and Racebook to the Package

The other achievement of Power Pay Per Head is creating a casino and racebook platform. This was a huge achievement considering most other pay per head sites only offer sports betting platforms.

However, this site has added a premier casino and racebook to the offering. Bookies can choose a sports betting platform and add a casino and racebook to their revenue.

Any bookie that subscribes to all three products makes more than others. Notably, the casino has a variety of games, including blackjack, roulette, slot machines, poker, and craps. With these games, a bookie gets hundreds of casino game players every month, which increases their revenue.

There is also a live dealer casino that immerses players in Las Vegas-style gaming. This eliminates the need to go to a land-based casino to interact as you play. Instead, players can sit at home, save travel money, and use it in the casino to play more games and enjoy a similar kind of entertainment as they would if they visited a land-based casino.
As for the racebook, the site started with 34 tracks within the country. Today, there are 220 horse tracks from the country and across the globe.

Work With the Best Pay Per Head Provider

If your bookie has stagnated for a while, it is time for you to take action. You only need to reach out to the best pay per head provider, and the rest will follow.

At Power Pay Per Head, we have worked with all kinds of bookies. Some were making nothing from their businesses, while others made a small profit they could barely service in the next few years.

Today, these bookies make significant profits thanks to our improved software and services. Contact us today to begin your journey to tell a story about your business success in the future.

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