How to Become a Sportsbook Agent in 10 Minutes

4 March 2022
How to Become a Sportsbook Agent in 10 Minutes

Look around and think about businesses you can launch in ten minutes. It will take you a while before you come up with any. But, you can become a sportsbook agent in ten minutes.

This is attainable thanks to the pay per head solution. Here is how to become a sportsbook agent.

Confirm Whether You Have What It Takes

If you have thought about becoming a sportsbook agent, several questions may have popped up. For example:

  • Do I have what it takes to be a bookie?
  • How will I operate the sportsbook and earn money?

You might have thought about answers to these questions. So, at this point, you need to confirm whether you are ready.

For starters, consider yourself ready to become a sportsbook agent if you have sports betting knowledge. You are probably here because you have some knowledge about sports or gambling in general.

However, you need to understand how betting works. Also, you need to put yourself in the bettors’ shoes to get a clue of how they think. That way, you can use bettors’ weaknesses to your advantage and make more profit.

Another thing to look at is whether you have managerial skills. You are responsible for your business’s failure or success.

Your managerial skills will determine whether you will fail or thrive. So, ensure that you prioritize various things, including time and money. Also, know how to deal with clients.

Lastly, evaluate your mathematics skills. Are you good with probability, odds, and simple addition and subtraction? While you do not need a degree in mathematics to become a bookie, it would help you know the subject.

Find Out How Much Money You Have

What type of operation will you run? The answer to this question should help you determine whether you have enough money to become a sportsbook agent.

For example, suppose you want to offer sports betting, casino, and horse track bets. You may need a bigger bankroll than a bookie operating sports gambling only.

While gambling is a lucrative business, it does not make profits all the time. You can have some bad months where you need to go back to your pocket to pay winning bets. This happens when more bettors place bets on one side than the other.

Suppose $1000 is wagered on team A while $500 is wagered on team B. If team A wins the game, so will bettors. Unfortunately, the $500 might not be enough to pay those who wagered on team A.

The truth is, you will recover your money soon. But, without cash on hand ready to pay out immediately after a game is settled, you will destroy your reputation. Unfortunately, rebuilding your reputation will be more complicated than you think.

You might even lose half of your clients. Others might not join your sportsbook after reading negative reviews about your reputation. Therefore, having enough money is essential.

Confirm Whether Your Potential Clients Are Still On Onboard

Have you figured out who your clients will be? You cannot become a sportsbook agent without clients because that is the only way to earn your money.

So, think of how and where you will get your clients. If you want to offer your services to your friends, contact each of them and ask them whether they would be interested in your services.

You can use social media to target specific a group of strangers. If you do not want to use your account, you can create a page. Then, you can actively advertise your services.

You can also dedicate the responsibility of finding clients for your close friends on a referral basis. Remember to reward their efforts.

Another way to find clients is by attending sports events. For example, you can go to a football match, a tailgate, or any other function related to sports and gambling. Talk to several people and subtly introduce your services.

Shopping For Your Sportsbook Software

The other step to becoming a sportsbook agent is shopping for bookmaker software. This is the most important step in becoming a sportsbook agent. Making the wrong choice could mean you are stuck with an average partner for a while.

There are two ways of acquiring your sportsbook software. One, you can buy the software from various companies online and install it on your sportsbook.

This is an expensive procedure. Moreover, it will take more than ten minutes to launch. Why?

First, your developer will take days to design your website. In fact, it might take a minimum of weeks.

Remember, designing a sportsbook website is not an ordinary procedure like most other sites. The developer adds hundreds of features, ensures that the security is top-notch to protect bettors’ data, and so much more.

The other alternative is getting your software from a pay per head service provider. Once you contact your provider asking about becoming a sportsbook agent, it will take less than ten minutes to launch your platform.

However, your process of picking the right PPH partner for your business might take longer. We know over 60 PPH online shops and many others we do not personally know. So, we understand how hard it would be to pick the right service provider.

Therefore consider several factors when choosing your PPH provider. Here are some pointers you can use to check your list:

  • Safe betting platform
  • A user-friendly platform on the front-end and backend
  • Many betting options on the sportsbooks and racebook
  • Rich game library on the casino software
  • Bookmaking tools including line mover, bet tracker, and others
  • Customer support for clients and sportsbook agents
  • Affordable fee
  • Live wagering
  • Various bet options, including parlays, futures, point spread, and Moneyline

The Benefits Of A Pay Per Head Sportsbook Software Over The Traditional Software

If you are still not convinced that launching with pay per head is better than going solo, here are ways your sportsbook will benefit:

Support From Experienced Sportsbook Operators

Running a sportsbook is a lot of work. That is why you see big brands employing experts. They hire an IT support team, a managerial team, oddsmakers, and other experts. If you can afford all these expenses, you can run a traditional sportsbook.

But, why would you spend all that money when you can spend a fraction and work less? A PPH shop such as Power Pay Per Head is made up of experienced team members who design the sportsbook software and run your platform.

So, working with a team possessing over 80 years of combined experience is suitable for your business. The team will utilize their expertise and skills acquired to put your sportsbook on the map throughout the years.

Security and the Latest Technology

A sportsbook requires the best security and technology to operate online. You also need the right technology to run a call center. It costs a lot of money to invest in the best security and technology.

When you partner with a pay per head solution provider, you get a team of engineers maintaining the call center, website, and servers. You also get the best technology without extra cost.

Support for Customers

Another thing you will benefit from is support for your clients. Having a call center is necessary for all sportsbooks. But, as earlier mentioned, maintaining a call center is expensive.

The other alternative would be to take calls yourself, including at night or when you should be resting. But, you can get customer support for your clients from your pay per head provider at no extra cost.

Thriving Bookie Business

Another reason you should consider working with a pay per head provider is business growth. Operating an online sportsbook requires resources you might not have. If you have the resources, you could use them somewhere else while the pay per head provider focuses on day-to-day operations.

The pay per head provider can set bet lines, book bets automatically with its software, and release winnings to respective winners. Meanwhile, you can use the time you could be using to operate your sportsbook to market it.

Launch Your Bookie In Ten Minutes

Now that you have all the requirements to become a sportsbook agent, it is time to launch your services. Start by contacting your pay per head provider. In our case, you can call Power Pay Per Head at 855-492-6007 or fill in the contact form on the homepage with your name, phone number, and email address.

An agent will be assigned to you in a few minutes. You can provide your customization details or pick one of the ready betting templates. These are unique betting platforms in regard to skins and several other things.

Once everything meets your requirement, you will get login credentials to your sportsbook platform. You can log in as a player or bookie agent to get the hang of it. Take a tour of the betting site and ask your PPH agent to guide you on areas you do not understand.

If everything looks perfect, you can go live and register your clients. The site is ready for betting action. Your players can deposit, play, and win or lose.

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