Price Per Head Sportsbook Software Explained

20 June 2022
Price Per Head Sportsbook Software Explained

The price per head sportsbook software has made it possible for anybody can become a sports betting, casino, or racebook owner. Yet, this concept is still new to most people.

In fact, some people still launch their betting services the old-fashioned way and waste a lot of cash and resources while at it. However, you should not be one of these people. Once you understand what a price per head sportsbook software is and its other details, you will discover why it is the best solution for bookies.

What Is A Price Per Head?

Price per head sportsbook software is a state-of-the-art program that allows bookies to run online sports betting platforms, casinos, and racebooks. Suppose you write your players’ bets on a piece of paper and follow ESPN to determine how a game ends so that you can settle payments or ask players to pay their debt. You can run a more efficient online sportsbook using a price per head solution.

Other words that describe this solution include pay per head, PPH, pay per player, and price per player. It refers to how bookies pay for software and services. For example, if you have 100 active clients weekly, you could pay 100*10.

The PPH rate varies from one company to another and the services provided. For example, you can pay $5 per player to get bets for five sports and customer service. Your provider can charge $25 to offer betting lines for 20 sports, a casino, a racebook, customer support, and other services.

The Price Per Head Software Package

Sports Betting Software

This is a program for running sports betting services. The software is designed to help bookies run their operations amongst prominent sportsbooks such as William Hill, Caesars, Fox Bet, Wynn Interactive, FanDuel, and DraftKings.

The software is continually updated as new features are invented. This allows bookies to run in the same markets that big brands operate and ensures they provide the same quality features and incredible experience as world-recognized bookmakers.

The software also comes with a website and other features, including:

  • Numerous betting markets
  • Players’ frontend login panel
  • Bet slip function
  • Payment methods
  • Layoff account
  • Bookie agent backend managerial dashboard
  • Report generating tool
  • Customer service

The software also has live-in-game betting and prop bets, among many other bet options. Ideally, the betting platform is end-user-ready. This will allow you to take betting action immediately after launching your sportsbook.

Premium Casino Software

The price per head sportsbook software could also have a casino platform. The best thing about the platform is that it meets Las Vegas-style standards. This allows bookies to offer their clients a unique experience of playing from the comfort of their homes.

Players will enjoy the best digital casino games collection. With titles falling into different genres, including video slots, classics, and table games, your players can find entertaining games all day long throughout the year.

When it comes to living dealer titles, you and your players will be impressed by really stunning dealers. In fact, players can interact with beautiful dealers through chat features provided in different games.

The casino platform also comes with different features to help run your business. For example, it has customer support channels that your players can use to submit their issues or feedback.

You can also evaluate your business performance by analyzing the information provided on your dashboard.

Racebook Software

Think about all the horse racing betting you can offer. With a price per head racebook software, you can offer hundreds of betting lines for different races, including the Preakness Stakes, the Kentucky Derby, and the Belmont Stakes. You can also provide bets for international events such as the Grand National, the Dubai World Cup, the Royal Ascot, and the Prix de 1′ Arc de Triomphe.

The best software offers betting lines from over 100 tracks worldwide. For example, Power Pay Per Head racebook software features lines from 220 tracks. This means you can offer horse racing betting throughout the year and take your business revenue to the next level.

These are not the only features offered in a price per head sportsbook software. You can also find eSports betting markets and poker. Let’s look at the advantages of using pay per head software over conventional software.

The Advantages Of A Price Per Head Sportsbook Software

Pay When You Get Paid

The best thing about a pay per head software is that you only pay for it when you get paid. With traditional software, you need to pay an upfront amount before using it. This might cost you a lot of money you would otherwise use to run your business.

However, pay per head providers do not ask for an upfront fee. Instead, you can launch your services, take bets, and use some of your profits to cover the PPH costs.

Packed With Tools For Managing Your Clients Easily

Managing your players feels like a walk in the park, thanks to the tools integrated into the software. Notably, you can manage your client base in one place.

You can analyze players’ betting activities, balances, betting patterns, and everything you need to learn about your clients. You can also limit their accounts and customize their profiles.

Have A Variety Of Games To Wager On

Another advantage is the provision of a variety of games to wager on. Apart from numerous sports betting markets, your clients can also wager on horse racing and play slot machines, tables, games, and live dealer titles. Having all these betting markets will keep your clients busy and entertained throughout the day.

Comes With Different Payment Methods

You do not have to think about partnering with different payment methods when you get a pay per head software. Usually, the software comes integrated with a payment system that bookies and players can use to complete their transactions.

For example, you can use the system to pay for the PPH services while your clients can deposit and withdraw their winnings. The payment system is backed up by the best technology to ensure safe transactions.

Therefore, if your clients are looking for anonymous payment methods, you can assure them of safe and secure banking options such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and e-checks. Ideally, the software has many payment options to allow your clients to choose their preferred banking method.

Customer Support

Another advantage of PPH software is customer support for bookie agents and bettors. It is crucial to offer customer service to your clients. However, setting up a call center is expensive.

Price per head providers offer customer support at no extra cost. That way, you do not have to worry about answering questions from your clients around the clock. Instead, you can focus on other essential tasks as the PPH shop addresses your clients’ issues.

You Can Use the Software Wherever You Go

Whether you want to take a vacation, spend your lunch break looking at your sportsbook, or open your platform from anywhere, this software allows bookies and players to log in from anywhere. In other words, geographical restrictions are not a reason for you not to run your betting business.

The price per head sportsbook software is the best innovation in the betting industry. It hugely favors bookies, allowing aspiring entrepreneurs to venture into the sports betting business even with limited capital. Notably, the software is designed to match the software prominent sportsbooks use.

In other words, pay per head bookies have everything they need to beat a top sportsbook and take its place. Contact Power Pay Per Head to get your price per head sportsbook software today.


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