3 Features That PPH Sportsbooks Can Provide Bookies

23 March 2022
3 Features That PPH Sportsbooks Can Provide Bookies

Key Features to Look for in a PPH Sportsbooks Provider

The primary goal of a pay per head solution provider is to offer bookies the right features and services to run their gambling services. Therefore, when you partner with a PPH sportsbook provider, you need to look for these features.

Consider this as a checklist when shopping for the right PPH sportsbooks. Here are three key features that a pay per head sportsbook should have.

Customized Betting Platform and PPH Sportsbooks Software

The first feature PPH sportsbooks have is a customized betting website. Pay per head solution providers work with online bookies. Moreover, bookies must have an online platform if they plan to make good money.

So, the first thing you get is a betting platform. This is a highly designed platform similar to prominent sportsbooks such as BetMGM.

With the best team designing every platform aspect, you can expect a seamless, bug-free platform. The site also has top-notch security measures. Clients can deposit money into their accounts without worrying about data breaches.

The website also has a front end and a back end. The front end is where players log in, look at events, choose odds, and place bets.

They can also find payment methods, deposits, or withdrawals from the platform. Another thing accessible on the front end is customer support channels, including email, phone number, live chat, or any other messaging app.

As for the bookie, he can use the backend/dashboard. This is where the bookie can add new player profiles, control bettors’ wager limit and withdrawal, and more.

That thing on the PPH sportsbooks software is a report management system. This tool helps maintain the sportsbook. Ideally, bookies can select the information they want to see and analyze it.

The good thing is that the reports are generated automatically. So, you can get different reports, including individual players’ bets, activities, and trends.

Then, you can use these reports to identify the strengths and weaknesses of PPH sportsbooks. Thanks to the report management tools, even when you want the reports in real-time, you can.

The sportsbook software is also optimized for various devices. So, players and bookies can access their accounts from their iPhones, Android phones and tablets, Macs, PCs, and Windows phones.

Another thing about the betting platform is available over the internet. This gives your players around-the-clock access to the betting platform.

The advantage of this is that bettors can wager more because the markets are available throughout. Meanwhile, you get to make more profit.

Some betting platforms are multilingual. This allows bettors to change the interface to their preferred language. So, if you are hoping to reach more people, including Spanish, Americans, Africans, and other races, consider getting a multilingual betting platform.

Lastly, the betting site is user-friendly. The well-organized platform allows bettors to navigate easily, find what they are looking for, and generally enjoy the platform.

Therefore, ensure the PPH sportsbook is making a good impression on your bookie business. Remember, your clients will judge your services and products just by looking at the user-friendliness of the platform.

Exotic Playing and Betting Options

PPH sportsbooks have a wide variety of betting markets. This allows players to engage in different types of sports and bets. From college games to professional sports, a pay per head sportsbook should have both.

Moreover, the ideal bookie should feature both minor and major events. That way, players have a wide selection to bet on.

However, some PPH sportsbooks offer a few bet markets. Usually, these are called seasonal bookies. They can offer their services during the National Football League season and close until next season.

These bookies still make good money considering the time they are operational. Professional bettors love these types of bookies because they have competitive odds.

Moreover, a bookie can focus on setting betting lines for one event at a time instead of different events in various sports disciplines. On the other hand, most sportsbooks offer bets for every sport throughout the year.

So, you will find PPH sportsbooks featuring sports such as American football, soccer, baseball, hockey, tennis, MMA, boxing, cricket, basketball, golf, and others. The good thing about the sports betting market is that it is expanding.

So, players are not stuck to betting on soccer and basketball. Instead, they can also try betting in new markets, including darts, motor racing, swimming, Olympics, politics, TV shows, celebrities, and other markets initially unavailable for betting.

Another betting option on PPH sportsbooks is the horse and dog races. These bets date back centuries ago but are still popular in the modern world.

The Racebook platform is incorporated into the sportsbook. So, players can click the tab to launch the racebook. In the book, you can get hundreds of featured tracks. For example, Power Pay Per Head features bets on over 220 horse tracks.

Bookies also love to have a casino on their pay per head sportsbook. That way, players get an escape room from the sports betting platform. The casino features all the popular and entertaining games, including slot machines, tables, and card games.

Bookies can offer live casino games hosted by lively and professional croupiers to give clients a trip to Las Vegas or Macau. So, instead of spending thousands to travel, players can use some of the money to play live dealer games such as blackjack, Monopoly Life, roulette, baccarat, and others.

The other option is playing eSports. With most games pausing the spread of the Coronavirus, most PPH sportsbooks opted to offer eSports.

Even with the return of sports, eSports is still popular, especially among Generation Z. So, if Generation Z is your target, consider having a sportsbook offering eSports.

Apart from offering these betting markets, PPH sportsbooks offer multiple bet types. Some of these include straight bets, parlay, teaser, future, spread point, over/under, and others.

With these options, players can start with the simplest bet type and progress to complex bets as they gain experience. Moreover, having many bet types appeals to different levels of bettors. In other words, you can reach novice and professional bettors.

Agent and Customer Support

The last and equally important feature is that PPH sportsbooks can provide bookies with their agent and customer support. Traditional bookies that buy sportsbook software and run their operations like Wynn Interactive have some disadvantages. For example, they must hire customer representatives.

However, bookies using PPH sportsbooks get customer support, plus their clients get support too. Running a call center is expensive. That is why most sportsbooks offer customer support for a few hours every day.

But, if your player base extends beyond your local area, it means some of your clients will never get real-time support. They have to send their questions by email or messaging app and wait until the call center is open to get solutions.

Unfortunately, some queries require instant solutions. Therefore, having 24/7 access to the call center is essential.

Bookie agents may also need to consult with a pay per head shop. Ideally, most price per head companies use the same terms to describe various features, such as line mover. But, some companies use different labels.

If you are dealing with such a pay per head shop, you would need to enquire about different tools. So, having private communication channels for bookies is essential. Fortunately, reputable PPH solution providers offer different communication channels for bookie agents.

Power Pay Per Head Has Features That Go Above and Beyond

Power Pay Per Head takes providing bookie services seriously. As such, the shop offers all the above features and more. Other features you will find on the PPH sportsbooks offered by this company include:

  • FIAT and Cryptocurrency payment methods
  • A layoff account for bookies
  • Player management tools
  • Bet tracker
  • Technical support

Ideally, Power Pay Per Head offers features that you need to thrive. Bookies will love everything about this company, from many bet markets featuring competitive odds to a user-friendly interface, good customer service, a customized website, etc.

Moreover, the site is run by a team of current and former bookies with a combined experience of over 80 years. This gives the team all the skills and knowledge they need to make your business successful. Moreover, the site’s operators are motivated to create features that internal bookies can benefit from.

There are many features that PPH sportsbooks can offer bookies. But, the above three are the most important. They are a must-have because you cannot become a bookie without them.

Ideally, an online bookie needs a website, betting markets, and a way for clients to communicate with him. So, that answers why the above three features are important. But, PPH sportsbooks can always have more features.

For example, Power Pay Per Head has more than three features to offer its clients. This means more benefits and easier running of your bookie.

So, consider finding these features in any PPH sportsbook you want to invest in. Considering that a ten-minute look is not enough to tell whether PPH sportsbooks have all these features, you can ask for a trial period.

In that line, Call Power Pay Per Head to get your sportsbook software. You will be awarded a few weeks of free trial and complete access to all the features and tools of the software. Once you are satisfied with everything, you can subscribe to the site’s exceptional services.

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