The Best Pay Per Head Bookie Software

25 January 2022
The Best Pay Per Head Bookie Software

Today, bookies do not have the time to service all bettors and meet their needs. For starters, it is tiring to run a bookie online when every client wants to bet at their convenience. That is where the best pay per head bookie software comes in.

With this software, a bookie does not have to rent a booth, record bets manually, grade stakes throughout the night, or perform any other bookmaking task that could be automated. Power Pay Per Head has been at the forefront, ensuring running a bookie is easy today. That is why we are dedicating this article to the site.

You will learn more about the site and why it is the best pay per head bookie software. After this, you will understand that you need Power Pay Per Head software for your bookie’s success.

Custom Designed Sportsbook

When you look around, you will notice sportsbooks mirror their platform’s designs from each other. But, Power Pay Per Head does not follow the same procedure in designing betting platforms.

Instead, it designs a sleek and perfect-looking betting platform that your players will love. The bookie operator will love and enjoy bookmaking on a platform representing a part of them.

The site asks for your preferences and puts them into the design. When you look at your betting site, you realize it represents everything you want.
The sportsbook also comes with competitive betting markets for American and International sports. These markets feature incredible odds your clients cannot resist. With the best in-house oddsmakers on board, you can protect your business from bad lines or grading errors.

The sportsbook is designed to be compatible with different devices. Whether you want to control your bookie from your phone or desktop, you can with utmost ease. Your clients will also love their betting experience, thanks to the sportsbook layout on their phones and desktops.

The Best Betting Odds

Most aspiring bookies do not work for their dreams because they do not know how to create odds. But, the best pay per head bookie software comes with in-house oddsmakers. This does not mean you cannot change your lines if you want to.

But, odds-making is an art. Only the most skilled and passionate oddsmakers should create odds for your bookie. Remember, you are a bookie now and not a bettor.

Thus, it would help if you offered balanced odds on your bookie such that you are always the winner no matter which team won the match. Usually, an oddsmaker creates odds to improve the probability of profit for the bookie regardless of which team wins the game.

It involves finding the actual chances of a team winning the match and adjusting the odds to make a profit. Only professionals can do that without being biased.

Power Pay Per Head has the best oddsmakers in town. The site has also invested in AI software to help with odds-making. That way, you do not have to wait for a prominent sportsbook to post their odds for you to copy.

Beat the Line 2.0

There are two things you need to understand in the sports betting industry. There will always be professional bettors whose history of winning is probably more successful than yours as a bookie. The other is steam betting.

The first scene or the long-term betting winner is called a sharp bettor. Even the prominent sportsbooks consider the opinion or action of this bettor. Sportsbooks will likely adjust their odds when a sharp bettor places a bet.

That is where Beat the Line 2.0 comes in. It is a tool designed to alert you in case of a sharp bet. Once you get the alert, you can adjust your odds accordingly.

The other situation, steam bets, can result from a professional bettor making a sharp bet. Once other bettors are aware of this, they move fast to make the same bet. Once again, the tool will alert you, and you can apply the necessary risk management strategies.

VIP Live Wagering

If you were to gift someone a betting platform, they would not take it without a live betting feature. That is because in-game betting has been the talk of the town for the past few years.

Live wagering is when a player can place a bet on an ongoing game. The betting options depend on which software you are using. With the best pay per head bookie software from Power Pay Per Head, you get hundreds of prop bets, parlays, and other bet types.

Moreover, the software has many bet markets for your players. This software covers all the major and unpopular bet markets on live wagering from the National Football League (NFL), National Basketball Association (NBA), English Premier League, and other games.

Ideally, a player can place over five bets on one game thanks to live to-wager. This translates to more fun for your players and more juice in your pocket.

Bookmaking and Player Management Tools

While Power Pay Per Head offers you the best pay per head bookie software, you are the primary control. The site gives you tools to run your bookie.

The agent’s dashboard is optimized to allow you to take control over your bookie. Each of the management tools placed on the dashboard has a purpose.

For example, you can use the Hide/Show Lines to hide or show lines. Suppose you are offering a pre-match bet. Once the game begins, you need to close it by hiding it.

If you want to set the maximum money lines, bet amounts, and payouts, there is a tool to help you complete the task. You can also see juice profiles and much more.

There are also many player management tools. For example, you can suspend a player’s account once you realize they are cheating or using a bot to play at the casino.

You can also check a player’s betting history, how much they spend per week, their winnings, credit, and much more. Ideally, each of the tools added to the software will help you run and manage your bookie efficiently.

Over 60 Reports to Help You Make Business Decisions

A report is one of the backbones of a successful bookie business. Thus, Power Pay Per Head included reports generating tools. With these reports, you can tell where your business stands.

Moreover, the reports are detail-oriented and based on actual happenings at the casino. If you want to know whether a client qualifies to bet on credit, you can get a report to help you decide.

Other reports you can get from Power Pay Per Head software include:
Your weekly gross winnings
Hold percentage of the week
Open and ungraded bets
Wager type a bettor won or lost
The biggest winner of the week
Player account balances

Offers 24/7 Customer Support

Customer support should be the highest quality service you give to your clients. This is something Power Pay Per Head understands hence the quality of customer support dedicated by representatives.

Customer support is available 24/7 through many communication channels, including Telegram, Wicker, Signal, email, live chat, and phone calls. The service is designed for Americans by American-English-speaking agents.

This ensures that both the customer representative and the bookie or punters understand each other, facilitating good communication.

Operated By Experienced Bookies

Most pay per head services are offered by random people who thought they would make money in the industry. But, as the best pay per head bookie software, it is designed by people who understand the needs of a bookie and punters.

The site operators are former bookies, while some are still operating their bookies. Therefore, they understand the market first-hand because they experience the same things you do. Thus, you can expect software that meets your needs.

#1 Rated Software

The last thing you need to know about Power Pay Per Head is that it was voted the best pay per head bookie software in 2020 and 2021. There are many pay per head service providers in the market. Some of them launched before Power Pay Per Head.

Yet, the site topped them all, becoming the first pay per head provider to get a #1 top-rated position twice in a row. It is comprehensive software featuring all the bookmaking tools you need to run a successful bookie.

With the right tools to help you make more money, you cannot help but choose Power Pay Per Head as your partner. Besides the sports betting platform, Power Pay Per Head has a racebook and casino besides the sports betting platform.

These will attract more clients to your platform and encourage them to stay after discovering quality sports betting markets and casino games. While it means entertainment for them, it means more profit for you.

Are You Ready to Join the Winning Team?

You can decide to stay in the same place and make the same average income. But, the best decision would be to grow your bookie business with the best pay per head bookie software. It is the easiest yet most rewarding step you can take for your bookie business.

At Power Pay Per Head, we lead, and they follow. No one can match our software or services. Contact us today to get a demo account and subscribe once you confirm its value.

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