The Best Pay Per Head Betting Platform Beginner’s Guide

6 December 2022
best pay per head
best pay per head

How do you feel about running a powerhouse bookie like FanDuel, DraftKings, and BetMGM? It sounds magnificent until you realize you do not have the resources to run such a broad sportsbook. Fortunately, you can join these companies using the best pay per head betting platform.

Finding a local bookie behind a casino floor or a hidden alley is no longer a player’s option. With the growth of online gambling, players find it more convenient to wager online than engage in illegal betting activities in some alley.

If you still want to make money from running a gambling service, this leaves you with one option. It involves taking your business online.

This will make you look professional and make you more accessible. Yet, you cannot afford 100 software developers and IT experts like prominent sportsbooks.

You can, however, afford a PPH platform. Partnering with a pay per head service provider makes you look like you have hundreds of experts working behind the scenes to ensure a successful business.

The truth is that you will have tons of experts working behind the scenes. But, they will not be on your payroll. Continue reading this guide to understand the pay per head concept, why it is the best choice, and what to avoid to pick the best betting platform.

What Is Pay Per Head?

How does running your bookie right now feel? Are you the sole operator responsible for recruiting clients, booking and grading bets, disbursing wins, and receiving wagers? That must feel exhausting.

You probably run an illegal betting business because you cannot afford the licenses gambling regulators in your state offer. Every now and then, you are worried that law enforcement will kick down your doors because someone betrayed you.

This is not the way to live. You can change everything in a click of a finger. After all, a pay per head service provider is waiting for your call.

So, what is this service? If you are looking to legalize your operation by hosting your website offshore, a pay per head service provider is the ideal partner. The service is a comprehensive package depending on the provider and the overhead fee.

For instance, you can get a basic betting template, betting lines, and several management tools for $3 per player. A more prominent provider can customize your website and offer thousands of betting lines, more management tools, customer support, and other add-ons for $20 or more.

You might be tempted to pick the cheapest provider. However, when you realize modern clients are demanding more each day, your $3 service is no good for your business.

You would rather pay more to get top-notch service that guarantees high returns. So, to answer your question in fewer words, pay per head betting service is a bookmaking solution for bookie agents at a much lower cost.

Why Is Pay Per Head Service Better Than Others?

What other options do you have as a launching bookie? There are several ways to launch your bookie. These include:

1. Taking the Conventional Route

What was the genesis of William Hill’s launch? Surprisingly, this now multi-million-dollar sportsbook had its humble beginnings in a garage. Over time, it evolved into the well-established entity you’re familiar with today, offering its employees licensing opportunities and a robust infrastructure.

If you’re considering following a similar path, it’s certainly possible. However, it’s essential to recognize that creating a sportsbook that can compete with established counterparts demands a substantial financial investment.

Furthermore, this route might require a longer timeframe to establish your presence. You’ll need to initiate the licensing process, which involves submitting a compelling proposal that stands out among other applicants to secure the permit. Without the license, offering betting services in your state will be out of reach.

2. Using White Label Solutions

White-label solutions are becoming increasingly prevalent in the world of pay-per-head services, with only a select number of companies offering them. This innovative approach empowers bookies to function under the banner of a well-established sportsbook. It involves utilizing the company’s operating license and various resources, streamlining the setup process.

Under this arrangement, bookies are responsible for sourcing their own clientele. However, they are obligated to pay a monthly commission, in addition to other fees. For instance, a common structure may involve a 6 percent monthly commission based on total profits, alongside various ancillary charges.

The pay-per-head model, including white-label solutions, was conceived, in part, to facilitate revenue-sharing arrangements. While it provides certain advantages, it can also limit the autonomy of bookies, leaving them with relatively little freedom in their operations.

3. Pay Per Head

Lastly, there is pay per head bookie solution, also called price per head, price per player, and pay per player. This solution is better than the first two.

For starters, you will spend much less to launch your business. You can launch your business in a few minutes if you have enough bankroll to support your clients.

This is because the service provider has a pre-designed betting template. All you have to do is register to get the platform. An agent will set up your website and ensure it is ready for your clients.

Another reason pay per head concept is better than others is the freedom to run your business as you see fit. For instance, if you want to allow bettors to wager as much money as they want, you can.

Ideally, you can control how your operation runs. The service provider lets you deal with your clients because you are the best person to understand them.

The Benefits of the Pay Per Head Platform

This section stresses the benefits of the PPH platform. If you cannot see how the service is of benefit to you, here are the specifics.

1. Inexpensive Running Costs

If you are used to running your betting services, you cannot relate to the issue of running costs. However, it is clear that running an offline betting option is no longer an option. You need to take your business online.

Yet, this does not mean using all the money you have been making running an offline bookie. It means spending a few dollars your clients generate to pay the overhead fee.

This is just a fraction of what you would use to run a sportsbook such as William Hill and BetMGM. You do not need employees.

2. Functionality

Following the same routine makes the job seem more manageable. It might take a shorter time to complete repetitive tasks. However, it might also be tiring.

There is no need to tire your body and mind with the same tedious processes when there are better ways to do it. In fact, if you are competing for clients with bookies that use technology, your business will be nowhere to be seen.

A pay per head platform is functional. It connects your clients with betting lines 24/7. All they need is a username and password to place bets, pay you, and withdraw their winnings.

3. Customer Service

While you may not be aware of it, customer service plays a pivotal role in the success of your business. The caliber of service you offer can determine whether clients choose to remain with you or seek alternatives. Additionally, in the world of betting, bettors anticipate access to customer support 24/7 to address their needs promptly.

Fortunately, the majority of pay-per-head sites recognize the significance of round-the-clock customer service. This arrangement allows you the flexibility to take breaks from work when needed, while ensuring your clients are consistently served, keeping them content and fulfilled with your services.

What To Look for When Picking a Pay Per Head Betting Platform

You must consider several factors when picking the ideal betting platform and provider. Otherwise, you can make a grave mistake. Ensure your bookie software and service has the following characteristics.

1. A Professional Sportsbook Website

People are likely to paint a picture based on what they have heard about you. For instance, movies illustrate bookies as criminals operating behind closed doors and dark alleys.

When you get a professional sportsbook website, you instantly become credible. The website should portray a clear picture of what your service is about. You should use the site to eliminate doubts that people might have about placing bets with bookies instead of world-recognized sportsbooks.

Having a professional website gives you an edge when marketing. You can direct clients to your website, where they can discover the quality of your betting lines, availability of customer support, user-friendliness of the site, and much more.

Having a website also puts you on the same level as prominent sportsbooks. For example, Bet365 has a powerful website whose quality is similar to yours. You have an advantage because you will not spend thousands of dollars developing a site like Bet365.

2. Secure Payment Methods

If you offer online betting services, ensure to implement the standard procedure. Usually, a client deposits funds places bets, and withdraws money.

If you are running an offline bookie, you are inclined to offer bets on credit. Every week, you will get a deadbeat client dodging your calls because they cannot pay.

With a pay per head platform, clients have to pay before. You can still offer bets on credits but not because you do not have an option.

So, ensure the platform has secure payment methods. It would help if you chose methods that promoted anonymity.
These include gift cards, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and e-checks. This will give clients a sense of security as they do not have to share their real names or banking information with you.

3. Live Betting

You can increase the betting volume by offering in-play betting. This form of wagering lets players wager during an ongoing match. For instance, When South Korea is playing with Ghana, there are many possibilities.

For example, a player playing for Ghana might get a yellow card. So, you can offer odds that the player will get a yellow card before halftime.

You can get over 70 instances to wager on during an ongoing event. Bettors love these bets because they have more information about situations than pre-match bets.

Meanwhile, you will earn more commission. So, you can keep your clients happy while making some money on the side.

Ensure the pay per head platform has a live betting feature. While at it, ask the provider whether they offer live betting for all sports.

4. Mobile-Friendly Platform

Most bettors place their bets exclusively on mobile devices. It is rare for a person sitting in a bar watching a game to walk to his house to find a laptop to wager on the match. Instead, they will use their phones.

If your website is not mobile-compatible, you will find it hard to make significant clients. You might share your betting platform URL with thousands of clients. But, the possibility that all of them will open the link from their desktops is slim.

Most will open the link with their phones. Therefore, ensure the platform is optimized for mobile devices, including tablets, Windows phones, Android, and iPhones.

5. Control of the Betting System

What do you want to offer to your clients, and for how long? A pay per head service provider can have over 40 sports markets. However, you might not want to provide bets for all of them.

Instead, you should be able to choose what to offer. You can decide the bet limits, maximum and minimum odds, and maximum payout.

Control over the betting system allows you to focus on offering betting lines for markets your clients are passionate about. You can eliminate other markets that crowd the platform and make it easier for clients to find the intended lines.

So, when shopping for the Pay Per Head Betting platform, ask the provider whether you can control the betting system. Remember to enquire about everything, including whether you can decide the minimum and maximum odds.

6. A Quality Call Center

Over 60 percent of people would pay more to get quality customer service. Suppose you are buying a device for the first time.

You might learn how to operate it from different resources. However, one time you will wish you were dealing with an engineer from the supplier. You will regret buying the machine if you cannot get customer support.

Similarly, bettors are likely to encounter issues on your platform. The site might be perfect with minimal possibility of facing a problem. However, technology comes with some unpredictable hitches.

Your clients will want to talk to someone in case of such an event. Having a quality call center assures your clients of timely solutions.

7. Transparent Pricing

Some companies publicly advertise their overhead fee. It might be the actual fee for the comprehensive package. However, most sites leave out hidden costs.

For example, a company can advertise their pay per head service for $10 per player, claiming it covers everything. Yet, it will charge an extra $4 per player to activate the live betting feature on your platform.

So, before you fall for the $3 fee, find out what it covers. Find out what the fee covers and whether you need to pay more to get extra solutions. Ideally, find what is included in the basic package and whether there are additional charges for the other features.

8. Security and Reliability

Imagine laughing with your friends as you scroll through your phone. Unfortunately, you cannot laugh anymore because you just found the bookie website you place your bets with has been attacked by ransomware.

You are worried your information will leak if the sportsbook operator cannot pay the amount asked by the attackers. You feel horrified because gambling is illegal in your state, or you might lose your winnings.

This is not something you want your clients to experience. By investing in the best bookie management software, you are guaranteed security. The software provider ensures the hardware, software, and the entire infrastructure is secure.
You can also bet on the platform’s reliability. In other words, the software will not crash from time to time, leaving your clients stranded in the middle of completing bets.

9. Dedicated Account Manager

Some people work best alone. However, you will need help running an online betting service. For starters, you might not understand the value of some of the tools on your platform.

Yet, these features are designed to maximize your returns and give you an edge over established sportsbooks. When you have a dedicated account manager, you can ask for solutions and assistance whenever you need it.

So, ask your PPH service provider whether they have a dedicated account manager for your platform. The manager also provides valuable tips that make bookmaking a bliss.

Who Offers the Best Betting Platform?

These nine qualities describe the best pay per head betting platform. Other words that mean the same are Power Pay Per Head.

This is the leading PPH service provider based in Costa Rica and an industry pioneer. They are former bookies providing solutions to bookies.

This means that the agents know your needs first-hand. As such, you can expect solutions designed to keep your clients happy and your pockets full of money.

Becoming a Bookie with PPH Services

Do you want to be a bookie? You can choose to launch your business with PPH solutions instead of other expensive ones.

You will get a professional sportsbook website, numerous betting lines, customer service, and everything else we mentioned above. You will not regret spending any penny on pay per head service. But, you have to partner with the right PPH service provider; otherwise, spending a lot of money on the wrong pay per head betting platform means nothing.

Power Pay Per Head has dedicated most of its resources to designing valuable bookmaking solutions. Your clients will love the user-friendly betting site, quality betting lines, secure payment methods, and secure and reliable platform. Meanwhile, you will laugh on your way to the bank.

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