The Ultimate Guide To PPH Sports Betting Services

22 November 2022
PPH Sports Betting

The Ultimate Guide To PPH Sports Betting Services

Sports betting has evolved to become a billion-dollar industry. The industry’s impressive transformation has changed people’s minds, as it is a lucrative industry. Ideally, the industry has something for everyone; if you are not wagering, you can offer pay per head (PPH) sports betting service.

Interestingly, the industry will continue to flourish as long as there is limitless technological innovation. For instance, the pay per head concept did not exist 30 years ago. Today, it is the most preferred way to start offering betting services.

To benefit from this concept as a bookie agent, you will need to understand it. This ultimate guide reveals all you need to know and confirms whether you can keep making profits year-round with PPH sports betting services.

What Is A PPH Sports Betting Service?

This is a solution aimed at catering to bookies` needs. The service provides bookies with modern tools and functionalities for growing their betting business.

PPH service eliminates the need to run a bookie the old-fashioned way. Instead of walking with a journal and pen to book bets as they come, bookies can use the pay per head platform to run their operations.
This platform puts your bookie on the map. It allows you to offer thousands of bets daily, esports, and other gambling forms. Using this service makes your work easier, increases your profits, and offers your clients a world-class gambling experience.

Was The Invention Of The PPH Service Necessary?

There is nothing wrong with running a bookie the old-fashioned way. You will still make some profits and have one-on-one interaction with your close network of clients. But, when you factor in the time you take to set odds, record bets, and the small network of clients, a traditional bookie, is not the future.
For starters, recording and grading bets manually are tedious. It increases the chances of error, mainly because you are exhausted.

There is also the issue of meeting legal requirements. Before the United States Supreme Court overruled the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in 2018, sports betting was illegal.

Since then, states have regulated the industry allowing companies to offer sports betting. You need a license and meet other costly requirements to get permits to run a betting business.

This left small bookies with no room to grow their business. With the use of PPH service, bookies can make money throughout the year, apply fewer efforts to running their business, and stay away from breaking federal gambling laws.

The Evolution Of The PPH Service

Pay per head service became popular in the mid-90s. While this innovation marveled bookies, the betting platforms were less state-of-the-art than today.

Service providers had limited knowledge about the industry. They could only offer a little help except for a betting website with basic functionalities.

Today, a reputable PPH sports betting service provider offers next-generation tools and features to run a bookie. They have immense knowledge gathered throughout the years to offer bookies.

PPH service providers offer technical support, and bookies focus on recruiting new clients. Fortunately, the provider provides incredible tools to help bookies attract new clients and keep them happy.

How Does It Work?

First, you will get a turnkey website, allowing you to take your business online. You will run your betting business as usual, like other prominent sportsbooks. The difference is that you can hire a few employees or oddsmakers.

The provider focuses on building odds and technical aspects of the business. You will get cutting-edge tools to help manage your players and your platform. Meanwhile, there is a price per head fee to pay.
For every player that places a wager during a specific period, bookies pay a flat fee. For example, you can pay $10 per active player every week.

What Is The Best Pay Per Head Sports Betting Platform?

For you to earn good profits around the year, you need to pick the ideal price per player sportsbook betting platform. The best platform and service should come with certain features.

These features help you deliver a world-class betting experience. Here are features to look for when picking the best PPH sportsbook platform.

  • A Wagering Template And Sportsbook Software

Your players can get their betting action without calling you or visiting your home at odd hours. The pay per head service comes with a wagering template clients can use to place their bets.

They only need a username and password to log in and place their bets. Notably, no training is required as the betting template is designed like any other popular sportsbook website.

You can get a standard betting template at no cost. This features basic tools allowing clients to place bets.

Alternatively, you can request a custom website. You should pay a one-time extra fee to get a customized platform.

You will need a tool to run your sports betting business. The sportsbook software is integrated into your betting template, allowing you to offer your services immediately.

  • User-Friendly Interface

You must keep your clients happy to stand a chance to make profits in an industry dominated by William Hill, Bet365, DraftKings, FanDuel, and others. You cannot frustrate them with a bad user interface and expect to retain clients.

A good PPH platform should have a user-friendly interface. The interface should be available in English if your target clients are native English speakers. It would help to have a multilingual user interface if you have clients from different natives.

  • Easy Setup

Setting up a PPH sportsbook should not feel like changing a car engine. It should be short and easy. Ideally, the platform should be ready to operate the moment you click to take it online.

With guidance from the service provider, you can customize different areas on the platform. This should take a little time. In fact, some of the best sites ensure your site is up in less than ten minutes.

  • Diverse Bet Types

It is crucial to choose a service provider that offers diverse bet types. This will help you market your bookie and acquire varied clients.

Sports betting is still new in the U.S. most states that allow sports gambling demand parimutuel betting. However, clients want more than parimutuel betting.

You can easily attract new clients by offering other bet types, such as pool betting, parlay bets, over or under, head-to-head, props betting, and handicaps. Moreover, having diverse bet types might motivate clients to wager more.

  • Prop Bet Builder

Prop bet builder is one of the newest technologies in sports betting. It can take your bookie earnings to the next level. This feature allows bettors to build their prop bets.

Having such personal experience can encourage more betting. Bettors can create hundreds of prop bets using real-time odds calculation.

  • Numerous Sports To Wager On

Focusing on one sport is good for seasonal bookies. But, if you want to run your business throughout the year, you must offer numerous sports.

You can easily get clients by offering many sports. Moreover, clients are likely to wager on other sports when they find open betting lines.

Therefore, ensure your platform can host different sports, including American football, soccer, tennis, basketball, golf, and others. In addition, ensure the platform offers multiple leagues for different sports.

  • Multi-Currency Payment Support

How will you receive wagers and pay out winnings? With a multi-currency payment system, your clients can conveniently deposit or withdraw their funds.

This eliminates one-on-one interactions with clients, some of which are strangers. Some clients will use FIAT currency, while others prefer cryptocurrency. You should have a system that supports both currencies to avoid inconveniencies.

  • eSports Offering

The usual sports events go on breaks. For example, at the time of this writing, the English Premier League (EPL) is taking a break to allow the World Cup to take place. So, soccer bettors have to wait for almost 50 days before they can wager on EPL events.

Yet, some bettors want to continue betting on their favorite sports. By offering eSports betting, bettors can continue wagering on their favorite sports.

  • Live Betting

Live betting is trending today as it makes wagering more fun. If you want to compete with other prominent bookies, you have to offer live betting.

This feature allows bettors to wager on events after the opening whistle. Clients continue wagering as the game progresses until the last whistle.

  • Desktop And Mobile Compatibility

Players should be able to access your PPH sports betting platform from whichever device they choose. In addition, they should have access to the same quality tools and features no matter which device they use.
Clients can choose to wager from a desktop at home or office or bet on the go from their mobile devices.

Ensure the pay per head software is optimized for different devices, including PCs, Android, and iOS devices.

  • Integrated Bet Slip

Most PPH service providers need to remember to add a bet slip on the betting template. This means your clients have to call you to place their bets.

Why would a client want to navigate through your website and call you to place a bet instead of completing the action on their own? If you are moving your business online, make a complete move.

The bet slip should be conveniently placed. It should also expand to show a player’s selection.

  • Intuitive And Reliable Agent Reporting

You must recognize the importance of agent reports. Your business might only survive with intuitive and reliable reports. Without reports, you operate a business in the dark.

There are two primary reports you need to run a bookie efficiently; player and financial reports. Player reports give information such as:

  • What players are wagering on
  • Players betting history
  • Where players are winning and losing

Having this data helps you determine your next step. For example, you can limit a player’s wager amount if they are winning more money than you can afford.

The second report feeds you information regarding finances. You can see how much is coming in and going out and other related financial data. You can also find out your financial exposure to each sport or event and what you need to do to eliminate the risk.

  • Price Per Head Agents Dashboard

While the price per player solution belongs to a third party, you have complete control over your business. You are provided a betting template. You will need an agent’s dashboard to access the platform.

Having a separate admin dashboard helps you manage the platform. The dashboard should have valuable tools to help manage your sports betting business.

Do You Need The Pay Per Head Sports Betting Platform?

The sports betting industry is competitive. You can only profit significantly if you do what nobody else does. By using a pay per head sports betting platform, you can benefit from various things, including:

  • Automated Processes

Say goodbye to mundane tasks and welcome automated processes. You no longer need pen and paper to carry out tedious tasks like booking bets, calculating odds, and grading bets. Provide a website URL of the per head site to your clients so that they can engage in sports betting action around the clock.

This is more convenient for them. It also allows clients to wager more after finding hundreds of betting lines listed on the betting platform. Meanwhile, you can say goodbye to annoying phone ringtone every few minutes alerting you to book bets.

  • Customer Support

PPH service providers offer free customer support. This service is included under the sports betting platform fee.

Having customer support is necessary for platforms offering their services online. The likelihood of encountering issues online is high, begging the need to have customer representatives to provide solutions.

  • Cutting Edge Tools For A Small Fee

Affording cutting-edge tools is almost impossible. It will leave you without money to back up your business. But, when you subscribe to pay per head sportsbook, you can use the best technology to run your bookie at a small fee.

  • Hundreds Of Betting Options

Traditional bookies could never offer more than a few betting lines. Offering bets for different sports at a time is impossible.

PPH sportsbook offers hundreds of betting options at a time. You can even offer over 250,000 betting lines each month. This increases your potential earnings.

  • It Is Anonymous, Secure And Private

Unlike running a bookie at home, operating a pay per head platform is safe. So, if you are looking to remain anonymous and want to keep your business private, you will need a PPH sports betting service.

Finding PPH Sportsbook Provider

You know the features and advantages of a pay per head sportsbook platform. Where can you find the provider?

Finding PPH service providers is easy. Identifying the right one for your business is the challenging part.
While many providers are in the market, picking the right one has proven an uphill task. Most bookies have to repeat the process three or five times because they make mistakes during the previous process.
You cannot afford to waste time with mediocre platforms. You could be using that time to earn profits instead of experiencing downtimes and other issues.

So, to find the best PPH service provider the first time, you must consider the listed features above. Then, ask for a demo account.

Ask for an actual demo account to test the product. You should get enough time to evaluate the pay per head service. For example, Power Pay Per Head offers at least four weeks of a free trial.

Another way to find the best platform is by reading bookie software reviews. There are many of these online, each revealing some incredible information you need to make your decision.

If you are still looking for a review for a specific site, read the site’s blog. No one knows the depth of a service or product like the parent company.

The company might be looking to make sales. But, it understands sharing incorrect information is damning. So, visit the provider’s blog and consume as much information as possible to help determine the quality of the services provided.

Close A Deal With Your Chosen Price Per Player Service Provider

There is no doubt the sports betting industry is snowballing. But, this does not mean clients will jump onto the first sportsbook they see. Bettors are looking for value.

Fortunately, many sportsbooks offer value. The only way to beat them is to personalize your services. This is impossible when running a traditional sportsbook.

You can use pay per head services whereby the provider focuses on the technical aspect of the business. This leaves you with enough room to focus on your clients. You can identify their needs, realize what each client prefers, and send them a package they cannot refuse.

It is simple. Send Power Pay Per Head site a message to begin the process. The site is run by industry experts with a combined experience of over 80 years.

With experts on your back, your bookie business will never stagger. You will witness a good performance, keep clients happy, and enjoy running your business. Fill in the contact form on the homepage to gain access to the demo account for the PPH sports betting platform.

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