Take Action On Campus With The Right Bookmaker Software
Take Action On Campus With The Right Bookmaker Software

Take Action On Campus With The Right Bookmaker Software

All bookmaker software is almost the same, with similar features, tools, services, price range, bet options, etc. However, players will always choose one platform over others. Therefore, you need to use the best bookie software that bettors will always choose.

With college students being your primary target, you need to be extra careful with the bookmaker software you advertise. At this stage, people can be picky. Thus, clients will come and go unless you are offering the right thing.

Features For Players

The first requirement you need to address is bettors’ needs. Think of yourself as a bettor and what you want to find on a betting platform as a college student. For example, you want a modernly designed betting platform.

You do not want to place your bets at a bookie’s convenience but yours. So, you want an online platform where you can log in at any time and place your bet. Some of the common elements that must be present on the right bookmaker software include:

  • Many sports markets, events, odds, leagues
  • Pre-match betting and in-play betting
  • Many convenient payment methods
  • A secure platform that supports anonymity
  • Customer support at all times
  • A multilingual platform

Each of the above features is important. For example, most punters want to deposit and bet anonymously.

Bookies Features

As the bookie operator, you need several features to help you run your business. Some of the must-have features include:

  • Convenient administration dashboard
  • A variety of deposit and withdrawal methods
  • Detailed agent reports
  • A section for dealing with marketing
  • Complete control over the betting limits, maximum payouts
  • Customer support

Risk Management Tools

While it is your job to offer the best betting experience for your players, it is also your job to manage risks. There are a lot of risks in the gambling industry.

Fortunately, there are several ways of managing these risks to offer betting services competently. Here are the criteria to follow managing risks on your bookmaker software:

  • Tracking players’ betting patterns
  • Looking out for unusual activities, including players using bots to cheat
  • Protecting your platform against attacks
  • Reducing your bookie’s liability

There are tools to help you with the above criteria. But, if you are using a pay per head bookie, your service provider takes the responsibility of protecting your platform.

Other tools include tracking bettors’ betting patterns with the pay per head software. For example, you will get a layoff account to help you reduce your bookie’s liability.

Suppose players follow a tip from a pro bettor who publicly placed a bet on a specific team. You will get a steam bet whose effects you can control by using your layoff account to bet on another sportsbook.

Choosing The Right Bookmaker Software

Before you begin taking action on campus, you need the right tools, including bookmaker software. Yet, there are so many providers claiming to be the best. Moreover, the software from every provider looks like it has the same features as the other. But, there is a way of finding the best.

Site’s Reputation

While the software can look similar to the competitor’s site, the reputation is unmatched. One brand will have a better reputation than the other.

Therefore, find everything you can about a bookie software provider. Start with a company that has been in the industry for a long time. That way, you know it worked hard to maintain its reputation throughout the years.

For example, Power Pay Per Head has operated in the sports betting industry for 16 years. During that time, there have been no significant complaints about their services.

On top of that, the site has earned a top rating for two consecutive years. It is almost impossible for a site to retain the top position in an industry crowded with many good sites. But, Power’s excellent product and services made it happen.

Price Per Player Fee

As a college student, you have very little as your capital. You have a college education to pay for, which is extremely expensive. Thus, the only money you remain with is not even enough.

Therefore, you need to consider the money you will spend on the price per player. Usually, the profit you get should cater to the fee. However, your bettors might bet less during the first few weeks.

For example, if your price per player fee is $10 and your bettors placed $5 bets, it would be challenging to raise the fee. However, this should not last long. Once your clients are confident with your services and like what you offer, they will bet more. Then, you can pay the price per player fee without going back to your pocket.

Customer Support

Another thing you should consider is customer support. As a bookie operator, you will need help using some of the tools incorporated in the bookmaker software. When that happens, you need immediate help to continue running the bookie competently.

Thus, ensure your bookie software provider is offering customer support for you. You also need a call center for your clients.

With pay per head bookie, you no longer need to be your customer support agent. Instead, your service provider provided customer support as part of the price per player package.

Many Betting Options

Another thing you need to look for is the betting options offered by your pay per head software provider. Your campus holds a collection of people who love different sports. When you consider each of these bettors’ needs, your bookie becomes the go-to betting platform.

Therefore, ensure the bookmaker software has at least 15 popular sports. Also, ensure the bookie features all the popular leagues such as National Football League (NFL), college football, and the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Start Running A College Bookie Today

You can decide to become a bookie today and launch your platform within hours. This is because you do not need to go through the tiring process of acquiring a license, employing experts, designing a website, and other procedures. Instead, you only need the best pay per head provider to get your bookmaker software, and you are good to go.

At Power Pay Per Head, we lead in designing the best bookmaking software. Contact us today, and we will provide you with a platform and begin taking action immediately.