Pay Per Head And The Art Of Bookmaking

28 February 2022
Pay Per Head And The Art Of Bookmaking

The pay per head (PPH) industry has revolutionized bookmaking. Today, it is one of the most coveted businesses in the world. Yet, it was not always like this. Sports betting has impressively evolved into a billion-dollar industry. It has faced brutal rejections while other people have massively embraced it. In the USA, operators offered sports betting at the back of the room. While the casino was out in public, people could walk in the back to find a bookie. It was considered a non-entertainment activity that did not deserve any light. But, in 1967, things changed. On Jan. 15 that year, Green Bay Packers played against Kansas City Chiefs, making the first Super Bowl event match. Green Bay won 35-10. This is the moment some people realized that sports betting was not an at-the-back type of business but a powerhouse-generating industry. The second shift happened around 1996 when online sports betting became a thing. This marked the beginning of an ever-growing industry. Those sportsbooks that launched between 1996 and 2002 have become behemoth companies. Yet, there is still room for new bookmakers. Fortunately, the pay-per-head business model is helping new bookies grow roots and gain the same competitive edges as those sportsbooks with years of experience in the betting industry. Below, we find how PPH has revolutionized the art of bookmaking, differences with traditional operations, and much more.

What Is Pay Per Head?

Before we go into details, you must understand this term. Pay-per-head is a new service provided to bookies. A site such as Power Pay Per Head develops bookmaking software. Then, it gives you (the bookie) the software to run your sports betting services. You could also operate a racebook and casino on the side. The pay-per-head provider will also provide you with a call center and customer representatives. It almost looks like spoon-feeding. All the necessary tools for operating a bookmaker are placed in your hands. All you have to do is take it and start providing your services. Ideally, you get a ready online sportsbook. Think of any sportsbook you have placed a bet at before; you get a similar platform, only customized to meet your style. What is the catch?  Considering that Power Pay Per Head offers you its product and services, you have to pay. That is where the phrase pay-per-head comes from. The PPH site will give you a weekly fee per player. So, if ten players placed a bet during the week, you will multiply the price by the number of players.

Traditional Bookmaking

Traditional bookmakers had a hard time running their businesses. It is even hard to understand how they made it. A bookie has to use a pen and paper to set odds. Then, he waited as players called to place bets or came to him physically to place wagers. After every game, the bookie would grade bets one by one and allocate winnings to respective players. Unfortunately, bookies could only offer a few bet markets and deal with a few clients. Moreover, he needed to organize his book carefully; otherwise, he would mix bets or lose money. If a bookie needed to expand his services, he had to rely on referrals. Existing clients would spread the word because bookies did not have enough time to market their services. Ultimately, profits were low, yet bookies had to invest more time and skills. Today, if you compare traditional bookmaking to the profit ratio, you will learn it was not worth it. But, it still earned them good money even though they were very tired.

Shifting To Modern Technology

Technology has marveled at everything. But, sports betting is one of the industries that has benefited the most. Everything about betting is top-notch, from the way bettors place bets to bookmaking. The concept of pay per head became popular in the late 1990s. While it was a storm, most bookmakers did not have the state-of-the-art look like today. Betting platforms looked basic. They were more of an online platform featuring basic interfaces and bet markets. Luckily, that was just a start as the pay per head concept revealed more over the years. Today, a pay-per-head bookie has next-generation features and tools for bookmaking. If you want to move lines, you can find a tool to help you do that. Moreover, the software has automated many processes. For example, you do not have to open a booth where players must come to place bets with you. Instead, they can log in to your online bookmaker and place bets. The process is automatic, so you do not have to book bets yourself. In fact, you do not even have to grade bets after events.

Other Pay Per Head Tools That Have Simplified The Art Of Bookmaking

Over the years, pay per head providers have added more tools to the software to simplify the art of bookmaking. Here are some of the tools that will make your bookmaking better:


The best PPH software generates reports. Like any other business, your bookmaking needs analytics to move forward. These help you make crucial decisions about your business. For example, you might need to market your bookie more after realizing that existing players are inconsistent. You can only tell about this by looking at a report. Notably, you can get over 60 different reports showing new information regarding every aspect of your business.

Mobile Betting And Bookmaking

Another way PPH is improving the art of bookmaking is mobile betting. Today’s bettors want the most convenient way to place bets. Moreover, the use of phone devices has increased rapidly. Thus, the only way to tap into the market is by offering your services in a convenient means. Your bookmaker must be mobile-compatible. Also, you might want to check your bookie platform from time to time. If this means opening your laptop every time you want to, it is inconvenient. Luckily, the pay per head software is optimized for mobile devices.

Bet Tracker

One of your responsibilities as a bookie is to track bets. A traditional bookie could prevent a big bet before it was placed because players had to go through the operator. Today, bettors log in to their accounts and place bets. This means you will realize a sharp bet when the wager is already placed. Fortunately, the PPH software has a bet tracker to alert you when a player places a bet. Then, you can make your next decision based on what you want. For example, you can limit the bet amount for that player for the following bets and set maximum payouts.

Player Management Tools

Player management is part of bookmaking. With this, you can offer your clients what they need. For example, when you realize you have a consistent player, you can consider giving them a bonus or an incentive to recognize them. Also, you might have a player that has never won even a single match, yet they continue to play. In this case, you can reward a cashback offer or another similar offer to encourage them to continue playing. There is a lot you can do with player management tools. Fortunately, your pay-per-head provider will guide you through it.

Customer Support

Customer support is not necessarily a tool. But, it is an integral part of bookmaking. Your clients will always have questions or need solutions. Thus, you must provide a way for them to reach you.  Some clients prefer to call over email or write a message and vice versa. Therefore, it is best to have all communication channels to cater to all players’ needs. A bookie also needs support. If it is your first time using a pay-per-head system or bookmaking, you will need all the help you can get. Fortunately, a provider such as Power Pay Per Head is readily available to support you in operating your bookie.

IT Support

Considering that you work with an online platform, you need IT experts to help with various tasks. Your site might slow down or catch something preventing it from operating optimally. Fortunately, the ideal pay-per-head provider has its IT experts. This internal team is readily available. Therefore, you do not have to book an appointment with them. Whenever you discover a problem that needs an IT expert, you can message your provider. The IT team tackles the issues instantly, leaving no room for clients to complain. In fact, experts are always on-call to maintain your platform. But, whenever you feel something needs extra attention, you can bring it up with your bookie. That way, your bookmaker remains operational throughout the year.

Are You Ready To Become A Bookie Operator?

The art of bookmaking today is better than years ago. With the pay-per-head concept simplifying everything about bookmaking, every aspiring bookie can launch and offer their services. You will get ready for sports betting markets, player management tools, and many other bookmaking tools and services. Contact Power Pay Per Head today and take a tour of its PPH software.

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