Free 6 Weeks Price Per Head Service When You Sign Up
Free 6 Weeks Price Per Head Service When You Sign Up

Free 6 Weeks Price Per Head Service When You Sign Up

What is that one thing you got for free and still remember today? Various sellers and service providers have given free staff from time to time. But, nothing comes close to getting a price per head sportsbook for free for six weeks.

This is because you can do so much during the free trial period. You can use the time to get clients betting and keep all the profit. The money you save should be enough to cater to the price per head fee for many other weeks once the trial period is over.

Yet, not all sites would give you such a long time to test their product. As a top-notch site, Power Pay Per Head offers a six weeks free trial period to allow bookies to test the sportsbook software.

If you sign up today, you will get the same offer. While at it, there are some things you need to look for. This guide tells you what to look for, ensuring it serves your needs as a bookie.

Compatibility With Devices

You should first confirm the price per player software compatibility with different devices. For example, you can load the platform on various android versions to see how it operates.

Do the same with iOS devices, Windows, and desktops. Your goals should be to ensure that every bettor will have the same great software across all devices. A dynamic betting platform encourages bettors to play more, which increases your revenue.

Administration Dashboard

Another thing you should extensively test during the trial period is the administration dashboard. This is the place you will spend most of your time as a bookie. Therefore, ensure it is appealing, useful, and user-friendly.

The administration dashboard is where you can manage your players, track your finances, and do everything about bookmaking. Look for all the tools and features that will help you run your bookie efficiently.

Wagering Options

Another thing you should look for is the wagering options. Your players deserve an extensive range of betting options: the more you offer, the more money in your pocket.

Consider your clients when looking at the wagering requirement. For example, if most of your clients are college students, ensure the price per head software offers wagering options ideal for such bettors. This includes moneyline bets in the National Football League (NFL), point spreads, and others for different sports.

The Quality Of Customer Support

Customer support is crucial for a bookie business. Thus, you need to have the best team attending to your client’s calls and emails. Usually, a player wants his issue solved immediately. Fortunately, a price per head service comes with a call center.

At the start of your bookmaking service, ask several of your friends to join your bookie. Request them to send questions through the provided method to test how long it takes to get a response. While at it, they need to confirm whether the solutions they got were helpful. You can ask them about their experience with our customer support representatives.

Find Whether The Service Is Ideal For You

The ultimate reason for a site to offer you a free trial is to see if it is right for you. You can test different tools and features to find their value to your bookie. Another thing you need to find out is how much you will be paying for the price per player service once the trial period is over.

Compare the price with the quality of the service you get. Remember, the same services and tools you get during the trial period will be the same once you start paying. Therefore, if they are valuable during the trial period, they remain functional even after paying for services.

Whether You Can Take Your Business International

One of the reasons you ditch a local bookie and go online is to expand your betting services. Not only do you want to offer sports betting to residents in the neighboring state, but also players offshore.

During your trial period, find whether your bookie accepts players from offshore. You can ask someone in another country to log in to your platform. Find whether there is a geographical restriction or limitations associated with signing up.

Get Your 6 Weeks Free Trial Period

You can do so much during the six-week free trial period. But, ensure to start with the above suggestions.

If you are thinking about taking your bookie online or changing your price per head service provider, consider Power Pay Per Head. We give you a six-week free trial period, unlike many other providers. That way, you have enough time to confirm our product and service are the best in the industry.