What Is Pay Per Head?

23 March 2022
What Is Pay Per Head
What Is Pay Per Head

We guess that you pay for several services based on the amount of usage. With Pay Per Head services, this payment model allows you to pay only for the services you use, rather than a flat rate.

For example, you pay for TV cable depending on how many channels you watch. Also, you pay your utility bill based on how much energy your household consumes in a specific period.

Pay per head (PPH) works similarly, only that it is used by bookies and PPH providers in the gambling industries. If you are going into the bookmaking business, you need this guide. It will help you understand the price per head, its benefits, and features to look for when subscribing to PPH providers’ services.

What Is Pay Per Head?

Pay per head is a business model allowing paper and pen bookies to join the online world at a reasonable fee. For bookmakers to offer their services online, they need a website, license, payment system, customer support system, and betting software. Unfortunately, this costs an arm and a leg, which deters most bookies from joining the online venue and choosing to hide in dark alleys and their backyards.

Also referred to as price per head, PPH, per head, and other similar terms, pay per head allows entrepreneurs to launch their bookie websites conveniently and efficiently. Usually, a bookie does not pay an upfront fee to get all the requirements of a betting website. Instead, they pay once bettors place their bets.

Remember how you pay your bills on a scheduled date? Similarly, you pay the pay per head service fee after a specified period, usually weekly. So, your PPH provider will sum the number of players that wagered during a week and send you a bill based on an agreed rate.

How Much Is The Pay Per Head Service?

Launching an online sportsbook can be costly, with expenses such as web design, maintenance, licenses, salaries, and bankroll funds for winning clients. However, the advent of pay per head (PPH) services have made it more affordable and accessible for aspiring bookies to enter the market.

With a pay per head model, bookies no longer need a large upfront investment to set up and manage their sportsbooks. Instead, they only need funds for their bankroll and a modest amount to cover the weekly PPH fee. The PPH fee varies depending on the company providing the services and the features offered.

For instance, the PPH fee typically ranges from $3 to $30 for each active player, depending on the PPH provider and the level of services offered. If a bookie has ten active players and the provider charges $10 per player, the weekly PPH fee would amount to $100.

PPH providers may offer different packages based on the services they provide. For example, a basic package might include live betting markets and customer support at a lower fee, while a more comprehensive package could offer additional features like 20 betting markets, a casino, and a racebook at a slightly higher fee, such as $15 per player.

By opting for a pay per head model, bookies can significantly reduce the initial financial burden of starting an online sportsbook while still accessing essential services and features needed to run a successful and competitive sports betting business.

The Advantages Of Using PPH

It Is Affordable

The advantages of using Pay Per Head (PPH) services are significant, with affordability being one of the key benefits. Launching a bookie operation can be an expensive venture, especially when considering the costs associated with website design, software, licensing, and other expenses.

Traditional website designers typically charge high hourly rates, often around $150 or more, to create a sportsbook website. Designing and developing a website can take several days, leading to even higher costs. Additionally, bookies need to invest in betting software, pay for licenses, and cover various other upfront expenses.

However, with the pay per head concept, many of these initial costs are eliminated. Bookies no longer need to bear the burden of expensive website design and development, as PPH providers already have a ready-to-use platform. The pay per head service operates on a weekly fee basis, charging bookies only for the bettors who placed wagers during that specific period.

This pay-as-you-go approach means that if a bettor doesn’t place any bets during a particular week, the bookie won’t be charged a weekly fee for that individual by the PPH provider. This cost-effective model allows bookies to manage their budgets more efficiently and focus on growing their business without being overwhelmed by hefty upfront expenses.

By utilizing PPH services, aspiring bookies can enter the market with minimal financial strain, making it a highly attractive and viable option for those looking to launch their sportsbooks.

Easy To Run

Additionally, with a pay per head bookie, you’ll find that managing your operations becomes a breeze. The intuitive interface ensures that all features and functions are conveniently located, marked with tags that make navigation effortless. For instance, accessing updated reports regarding your business is as simple as clicking on the designated section.

Furthermore, the automation embedded within a PPH bookie streamlines numerous processes, freeing up your time to focus on strategic decision-making rather than tedious administrative tasks. Your price per head provider takes care of essential functions such as crafting betting lines, handling payments efficiently, and managing other intricacies inherent to bookmaking.

This automation not only enhances the efficiency of your operations but also minimizes the likelihood of errors, ensuring smoother transactions and better overall customer satisfaction. By leveraging the capabilities of a PPH bookie, you can optimize your business processes, stay ahead of the competition, and provide a seamless experience for both you and your clients.

Requires Little of Your Resources

Every business owner has to use his resources, including time, money, network, and others, to make his operations successful. As a bookie, you need time, a bankroll, clients, and bookmaking tools. Your PPH provider can course everything except clients.

So, yours will be to find new clients and have enough bankroll. Meanwhile, the PPH shop will invest its time to create odds for your bookie, use its bookmaking tools to run the sportsbook, and ensure security for your players, safe payment methods, and fair gaming. Moreover, you do not have to worry about website maintenance or providing support for your clients because the PPH shop has your back.

Wide Range of Gambling Options

A pay per head bookie is fully equipped and primed for operation. Each feature and function is meticulously arranged, accompanied by intuitive tags for seamless navigation. For instance, a simple click on the reports section instantly delivers up-to-date insights into your business operations.

Furthermore, the majority of operations within a PPH bookie platform are automated, streamlining efficiency and minimizing manual intervention. The price per head provider assumes responsibility for a plethora of tasks, ranging from crafting betting lines to managing payment processing and other essential bookmaking functions.

This automation not only enhances operational efficiency but also frees up valuable time for bookies to focus on strategic decision-making and cultivating client relationships. With the intricate framework of a PPH bookie in place, bookmakers can confidently navigate the dynamic landscape of sports betting, secure in the knowledge that their platform is equipped to handle the demands of a thriving business.

IT And Customer Support

Ensuring seamless functionality is paramount for any online platform. Regular maintenance is essential to weed out bugs and ensure smooth user experiences, albeit a costly endeavor. However, with your PPH provider, this service comes bundled in, saving you from additional expenses.

Furthermore, customer support plays a pivotal role in user satisfaction. Your PPH shop understands this, offering round-the-clock access to its call center. Whether it’s the wee hours of the night or the bustling daytime, assistance is just a call away for both you and your clients, ensuring peace of mind and uninterrupted operations.

Features Of A Pay Per Head Solution

With hundreds of pay per head solution providers available, you’re presented with a diverse array of options, each boasting its own set of offerings. Among these providers, you’ll find a mix of standard features common across the board, as well as unique offerings that set them apart from the competition.

For instance, while every PPH provider delivers a sports betting platform, not all extend their services to include a comprehensive casino, racebook, player management tools, customer support infrastructure, and detailed reporting capabilities. This variance allows you to select a provider whose features align most closely with your specific needs and preferences.

In light of this abundance of choices, it’s noteworthy to spotlight Power Pay Per Head as the industry’s leading provider. By focusing on its features and functionalities, we can underscore their significance and relevance to you as a discerning operator. From its robust sports betting platform to its expansive casino and racebook offerings, along with sophisticated player management tools, responsive customer support, and comprehensive reporting mechanisms, Power Pay Per Head equips you with the tools and resources necessary to elevate your operation and drive success in the competitive realm of online wagering.

Sports Betting Markets

Power Pay Per Head offers over 15 bet markets. These include American football, soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, MMA, NASCAR, etc. The good thing is, that your bookie will feature both national and international events.

Moreover, the provider covers over 100 leagues globally. That way, your clients can enjoy local events and wager on them, and catch up with the international games too.

Varied Bet Types

Power Pay Per Head caters to the diverse preferences of bettors, ensuring an immersive and customizable experience. Whether you’re inclined towards Moneyline betting for its straightforward allure or seek the exhilarating challenge of betting on the point spread, Power Pay Per Head provides comprehensive support.

The array of bet options available adds an extra layer of excitement, empowering bettors with a sense of agency and control over their wagers. With choices ranging from traditional Straight bets to the strategic depth of parlays and the suspense of OVER/UNDER predictions, every preference finds its niche.

Moreover, the inclusivity of Power Pay Per Head extends to dynamic features such as live betting, elevating the thrill of engagement by enabling bets to be placed in real-time, capturing the essence of the sporting event as it unfolds. Additionally, the provision of prop bets adds an element of creativity and novelty, allowing bettors to explore alternative avenues of speculation beyond conventional outcomes.

By offering such a comprehensive suite of betting options, Power Pay Per Head not only caters to the diverse tastes of its clientele but also fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among sports enthusiasts, united by their shared passion for the game and the thrill of wagering.

Casino Games

Power Pay Per Head recognizes the importance of diversifying entertainment options to engage clients effectively, and their inclusion of casino games underscores this commitment. With a wide selection including slot machines, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps, and more, players are spoiled for choice. The allure of joining live dealer tables elevates the experience, providing an immersive and interactive environment akin to a brick-and-mortar casino. By offering such a comprehensive array of casino games, Power Pay Per Head not only enhances player satisfaction but also solidifies its position as a leading provider in the realm of online gaming entertainment.

Horse Racing Bet Markets

The enduring popularity of horse racing ensures a steady stream of events throughout the year, presenting lucrative opportunities for both clients and bookies alike. By tapping into this vibrant market, you not only offer your clients a diverse range of betting options but also maximize your earning potential. With access to over 200 horse tracks, your clients are spoilt for choice, ensuring there’s always an exciting race to wager on. This breadth of options not only keeps clients engaged but also fosters a sense of loyalty, solidifying your position as their go-to source for thrilling horse racing action.

Safe Payment Methods

Online bookmaking eliminates face-to-face transactions. This is safe for both the clients and you as a bookie agent.

A bookie deals with a lot of money. So, it would help if you had appropriate means to hold the money safely until it is time to pay out winnings and keep your profit.

You do not have to deal with tangible money with online payment methods. Moreover, you can operate anonymously because clients do not have to meet you to pay or receive their winnings.

Power Pay Per Head provides several payment methods, including FIAT and cryptocurrencies. That way, your clients have varied convenient options.

Reliable Online Servers And Network

In this line of sports betting, your services should be reliable. One of the ways of ensuring reliability is having servers online at all times. There should be no server downtime or slow-loading website.

Suppose a player wants to place an in-play bet. If the platform is slow or the server experiences downtime, it will frustrate the clients. This pay per head shop ensures that the server is online all the time and continually maintains your site to prevent lags.


Some of the reports you can get include financial analysis, player action, popular markets, bet options, and much more. These help bookies make various decisions. For example, when you realize more action on one side, you can encourage players to wager on the other side.

Call Center

Another solution offered by Power Pay Per Head is customer support for bookie agents and bettors. Bookie agents might need to help to operate a bookie.

On the other hand, clients might have questions about their accounts, promotions, bet markets, deposits, and withdrawals. If they do, your clients need someone who can answer their questions. Fortunately, Power Pay Per Head has a 24/7 call center.

Are you ready to become a pay per head bookie? It is easy; to fill in the contact form on the Power Pay Per Head homepage. You will get access information to your bookie, and you can start taking betting action.

Unlock Success with Power Pay Per Head: Join Now!

Are you ready to revolutionize your sportsbook business? Look no further than Power Pay Per Head—the ultimate solution for bookies seeking unparalleled success in the industry.

Joining Power Pay Per Head means stepping into a world of limitless possibilities. Our cutting-edge software empowers you to take your sports betting operation to new heights. With a user-friendly interface and robust features, managing your sportsbook has never been easier. From customizable betting lines to real-time reporting, we provide everything you need to stay ahead of the game.

Why choose Power Pay Per Head? Our commitment to excellence sets us apart. We understand the challenges bookies face, which is why we offer round-the-clock support from industry experts. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, our team is here to help you succeed every step of the way.

But don’t just take our word for it—join the thousands of bookies who have already made the switch to Power Pay Per Head and experienced unprecedented growth. Don’t let outdated software hold you back. Seize the opportunity to maximize your profits and elevate your sportsbook to new heights.

Ready to take the plunge? Join Power Pay Per Head today and unlock the key to your success!

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