Pay Per Head Service in 2022: What Should You Expect Out of Your Provider?

11 June 2022
Pay Per Head Service in 2022: What Should You Expect Out of Your Provider?

Using the best pay per head provider is the only way to achieve success in the online bookmaking venture. Therefore, you deserve the best service if you want to upgrade from your current price per head provider or are a new online bookie.

Yet, finding the best provider is challenging, especially when you do not know what to look for. Fortunately, this article explores the best price per head provider qualities to help grow your bookmaking business.

Instant Account Set Up

The first thing you should expect is instant account setup. One of the reasons bookies choose pay per player service over traditional designing of a website and launching is time. Setting up a conventional sportsbook would take several weeks and a lot of money.

However, pay per player companies should be able to set up your account in minutes. Usually, these companies have ready-made betting templates that bookies can use to offer their services. You can choose a template and share your preferred login information to launch your sportsbook the same day.

Custom Pay Per Head Website

Balancing Options: Betting Template vs. Tailored Website for Your Sportsbook Launch

Although the availability of a selection of betting templates offers a quick option, the allure of a fully customized website remains. Yet, it’s important to note that opting for a personalized website might require a few days of preparation before your sportsbook goes live.

When engaging a price per player provider to create your website, they will prioritize aligning with your preferences, your client’s requirements, and your unique style. This meticulous customization process could take several days, as developers could be engaged in crafting other websites or conducting essential maintenance tasks.

While a generic betting template can serve your purpose, consider the advantage of a tailor-made website in resonating with your intended audience. For instance, if your target demographic includes a fraternity group, tailoring your website to exclusively cater to frat bettors can make a compelling statement, ultimately enhancing your brand’s appeal.

Sportsbook Software

You need sportsbook software to run your betting business online. Yet, this is one of the most expensive tools you need to launch your business. Fortunately, you can spend much less when acquiring the software from a price per head provider.

Your provider should continually upgrade the software as technology advances. Bookies can meet clients’ new needs and improve their experience. Moreover, bookies can use added features to improve their operations.

100 Percent Reliable System

A bookie should not have to worry about system downtime on Sundays, July 4, or any other holiday. Instead, your pay per head provider should assure you of a 100 percent reliable system. You need to look for a company that promises a working system.

If possible, enquire about the kind of technology the provider uses to determine its reliability. Working with a reliable system is essential. For example, you are assured that your clients will never miss betting on a game because of system failure.

Ideally, the best pay per head provider should have:

  • Well-maintained servers
  • Line managers to ensure correct lines
  • Dedicated domain for each bookie
  • Protective measures against DDOS attacks

Pay Only For Active Clients

The best pay per head provider should allow you to pay only for active clients. After all, the business concept is dubbed as pay per player. Moreover, this concept should be different from traditional and white-label sportsbooks.

The price per player business concept is designed to help bookies run their businesses more efficiently. This includes spending their limited capital only on players that wager. For example, if a bookie has 100 players and only 50 wagered during a specified period, the provider should not charge extra for dormant clients.

Free Trial Period

How else would you know the quality of the services provided by a price per head provider except by testing the product? A bookie should not subscribe to a pay per player service based on guesswork. Instead, you should be allowed to test the sportsbook software, customer support, and the value of other features provided by your provider.

Live In-Game Wagering

Live-in-game wagering is crucial in today’s betting world. The more you listen to bettors, you realize that most look forward to betting on ongoing events. Moreover, in-play betting is a goldmine, allowing bookies to make more money as bettors wager on several outcomes in one game.

Also, your provider should provide several live-in-game betting markets. That way, soccer, volleyball, basketball, hockey, tennis, baseball, and other sports fans can wager on their favorite ongoing matches.

Virtual And Live Casino Games

A player’s favorite sport to wager on is not always in season. During the off-season, players keep the entertainment going by venturing into other gambling forms, including virtual and live casino games.
A bookie needs to have these platforms to cater to the growing number of casino game players. Moreover, casino games have proven to be a great revenue source for online bookies.


Similarly, you need a racebook featuring hundreds of horse racing bets. With over 220 horse tracks worldwide, your clients will enjoy wagering on the best horses participating in races in the country, Canada, and other countries.

Notably, there is a growing number of horse racing bettors. Most sports bettors eventually wager on horse racing events. This means that you already have a ready market amongst your sports bettors.

User-Friendly Mobile And Desktop Interface

Optimal User Experience: The Significance of Intuitive Mobile and Desktop Interfaces

The initial moments a client spends on your sportsbook page hold immense sway over their decision to stay or depart. When visitors encounter difficulty launching your sportsbook or comprehending its layout, they are likely to swiftly seek out a more accommodating platform.

Hence, it becomes paramount to secure a user-friendly interface for both mobile and desktop devices. This task hinges on your pay per head provider’s ability to deliver a seamless experience. Ensuring that your sportsbook operates smoothly across various devices, devoid of technical glitches, is essential for retaining clients and fostering their satisfaction.

By prioritizing a streamlined and responsive design, your sportsbook can transcend the limitations of device compatibility, facilitating effortless navigation for every user. This, in turn, enhances the likelihood of clients engaging with your platform and enjoying an optimal online betting experience.

24/7 Access To Customer Service

If a bookie were to deal with his clients for technical and other issues, he would never rest. Bettors wager around the clock, which increases their chances of encountering a problem. Unfortunately, you cannot be available 24/7 to address your client’s issues.

However, the best price per head shop should offer 24/7 access to a customer representative to free you from communicating with clients around the clock. The representatives should be equipped with solutions to various issues that clients might face.

Player Management And Valuable Bookmaking Tools

Another thing your provider should offer you is player management and bookmaking tools. For example, you need a bet ticker, reporting tools, line mover, and other similar tools to help you run your business.

Running a profitable sportsbook would be impossible without various bookmaking and player management tools. Therefore, you should find and test multiple devices a pay per head provider provides to determine its benefits.

Power Pay Per Head: Leading The Pack

Your search for the best pay per head providers will lead you to several brands. But, only one company takes the top position.

Power Pay Per Head provides live in-game wagering, a customized sportsbook website, valuable bookmaking tools, player management tools, customer support for clients and bookies, and a 100 percent reliable system. Ideally, the company’s offer reflects the needs of bookies and bettors.

Therefore, you do not need to look further to find your ideal price per head solution. You can contact Power Pay Per Head by filling in the contact form provided on the home page to start a trial period of at least two weeks. While at it, discover all the benefits Power Pay Per Head will provide your betting business.

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