Top 3 Features About Power Pay Per Head Software

14 December 2021
Top 3 Features About Power Pay Per Head Software
Top 3 Features About Power Pay Per Head Software

Power Pay Per Head is a leading pay per head service provider in the industry. For two consecutive years, we have been top-rated for reliable and affordable software and services. Moreover, our software is packed with multiple features to grow and make your work as a bookie operator a walk in the park.

With 15 years of expertise, we have improved our sportsbook software to maximize your profits. Notably, getting started with our software is easy and takes a few seconds to get bets flowing in. Take a look at our top 3 features that set us apart from our competitors.

Agent Management Tools

On top of this list are agent management tools that help bookie operators manage their players. When you look at how you would manage your players with pay per head service, you will realize how tiring it would be. You have to manually book bets, analyze individual reports, collect wagers, process and send payment to each winner, and complete every task manually.

Effectively controlling player limitations, suspending illegal accounts, and detecting bots would be extremely challenging without the aid of management tools. These essential tools empower you to generate comprehensive reports that enable informed decision-making across a range of aspects.

For example, the report can tell you one player is continually making huge bets and winning big. You can use this information to limit the player’s maximum bet and payout. You can also use this information to reward loyal bettors.

Our software provides you with oddsmakers and AI-powered odds-making capabilities, allowing you to effectively manage and adjust the odds. This gives you the flexibility to move the lines according to your preferences, whether it’s to increase your vig or attract a larger number of bettors.

Another management tool you will find helpful is the betting alert notifying you every time a player places a bet. Suppose multiple players are placing the same side because they know a professional bettor made the same bet. This alert will alert you about the steam so that you can respond by changing the odds or changes that lower your liability.

A layout account will come in handy once you realize Steam betting on your site. This is an account you can use to place a similar bet on another bigger sportsbook.

The winning you get from this account should pay all the bettors that placed a bet on your site and won. However, if the bet fails, you will use the wagered money on your account to pay the cash you used to bet on your layoff account.

Extensive Play And Betting Options

Another top feature is play and betting offerings. One thing that differentiates you from other bookies is the number of sports betting offerings you have on board.

Today, offering one type of sport to bet on is not enough to keep you afloat. If you do this, you are destined to lose clients because players will go looking for a site with a huge offering. Moreover, bettors prefer a site providing all their gambling needs instead of having multiple accounts with different bookies.

Fortunately, our sportsbook software got you covered. It comes with over 100 sports leagues to choose from in the USA and internationally.

If your target bettors are USA residents, you can offer them bet options in the National Football League (NFL), National Baseball Association (NBA), Major Baseball League, Boxing, and other popular sports in the country. You can also offer them bet options on different leagues and sports, including the English Premier League, EURO, LALIGA, World Cup, Olympics, tennis, golf, cricket, darts, etc.

Ideally, more than 20 sports are on our pay per head service package. All you have to do is choose those applicable to your audience and start taking bets.

Horse racing bettors will flood your platform thanks to the many betting options on board. With over 220 tracks in the country and internationally, your bettors will always find something to bet on most of the year. Apart from the many horse tracks, we provide many bet types of thoroughbred horses, including trifectas, exactas, head-to-head, etc.

There is also a premier casino and live dealer games for your players. With games such as slots, blackjack, video poker, baccarat, roulette, craps, and other casino games, your bettors find a reason to log in every single day for gaming entertainment.

Those who want to take the entertainment a notch higher can play live casino games every night. Notably, the setting of these games matches Las Vegas gambling floors, taking your players into a luxurious entertaining mode in minutes.

Customer Service

The other pay per head service is customer support. Customer service is one of the most crucial aspects of any business, as it could make or break a business.

That is why we prioritize giving the best support to you as the bookie operator and your clients. Whenever you have a hard time solving an issue or setting a betting line, you can rest knowing you are a call away from your solution. We are available to you every day of the week.

As for your bettors, you do not have to hire a team of customer support agents. We already have a top-notch call center knowledgeable about our pay per head service and product. Thus, whenever a player calls or sends an email, their issue is solved immediately.

Problems related to the player account, deposit, and withdrawal, bonuses, or anything related to your betting platform should not worry you. Instead, you can concentrate on other sides of your business as our customer representative handles your players’ issues.

Join The Game And Become A Top Bookie

You, too, can become a top-rated bookie with our pay per head service. At Power Pay Per Head, we offer services to grow your bookie business. We support you all the way up, providing you with software that gives you a competitive edge and services that you and your players need.

Contact us today to join other bookies that are benefiting from our software. You can start with a free trial to confirm the legibility of our software and services and subscribe once you are ready.

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