2022 Pay Per Head Explainer

1 June 2022
2022 Pay Per Head Explainer

When a bookie starts their betting business, he must have several tools, including a website, sportsbook software, a bankroll, oddsmakers, customer representatives, IT experts, and other professionals. These requirements need a lot of money, something most bookies cannot afford. This gave birth to pay per head concept, allowing every bookie to take their business online and expand.

What Is Pay Per Head?

A pay per head is a bookie solution that provides bookies with everything they need to operate online. The concept allows bookies to get services before paying for them. For example, a bookie can get a betting website, software, betting markets, and customer support.

These are enough elements to attract clients to place bets. Then, the solution provider can collect payment at the end of a specific period.

Other words used to describe this concept include price per head, per head, PPH, price per player, and pay per player. The concept comprises experienced odds compilers, network engineers, in-house programmers, maintenance teams, betting markets, and data control technicians.

The people behind the price per head services have a broad understanding of wagering systems, internet security, data encryption, online betting, bookmaking tools, customer service, and every detail related to gambling. Having this understanding allows the PPH providers to offer the best to bookies. Fortunately, there are many PPH providers, making finding one far easier.

However, you must consider several factors before subscribing to any. Below, we look at the characteristics of good pay per head.

1. American English Speaking Customer Representatives

Addressing customer inquiries promptly and delivering effective resolutions is a vital aspect of maintaining positive interactions. Nevertheless, many bookmakers find it challenging to maintain a constant 24/7 call center due to financial constraints. The good news is that certain price per head companies extend their offerings to include customer service provisions.

These establishments employ proficient English-speaking customer representatives to facilitate seamless communication. The availability and scope of customer support typically align with the specific package you choose within the PPH framework. For instance, opting for a $3 per player package might exclude access to customer support. Consequently, engaging in a conversation with your chosen price per player shop to explore avenues for obtaining customer support services tailored to both bookie agents and bettors is recommended.

2. Template And Custom Websites

Another pay per head element is the bookie website. This can be a betting template or a customized website. Betting templates are usually ready and might not cost you any extra fee.
However, if you want a tailored website, you might need to pay more. Also, tailoring a new website to meet your preferences takes longer.

3. Wide Range Of Payment Options

A comprehensive price per head solution should encompass an extensive array of payment alternatives. These should span credit/debit cards, gift cards, e-wallets, and cryptocurrency. This diverse selection empowers both bettors and bookies to opt for their favored banking mechanism.

An integrated payment system within a PPH package obviates the necessity for bookies to seek separate partnerships with payment processors. Additionally, it furnishes bookies and bettors with streamlined avenues for depositing funds and facilitating withdrawals of winnings and profits, ensuring a convenient and efficient financial experience.

4. Simple Same-Day Setup

It should be possible to contact your pay per head shop and launch your bookie on the same day. With ready betting templates, betting markets, and secure systems, bookies can launch their betting platforms as soon as they want.

Usually, the PPH sportsdbook software and website are easily integrated. Moreover, a bookie can master how to run the platform in a few hours and begin taking action.

5. Free Trial

There is one way of telling whether the pay per head service is right for you, test it. When you get a free trial period, you can find out the quality of the services, website, and sportsbook software.

The free trial period should not come with unfair conditions, such as paying an upfront fee. Instead, the PPH shop should give you the freedom to test the product without forcing you to subscribe to its services once the trial period is over.

6. Affordable

A PPH shop is supposed to help you make more money, not get more money from you. If you wanted to spend thousands of dollars, you would have taken the traditional way to launch your bookie.

However, when you choose a price per head model, you can save much more. It would help if you looked at the value you got and compared it to the price per player fee. Ideally, it should be inexpensive to run a bookie with a PPH shop than it is to run a traditional bookie.

7. Reliable System

A bookie website should be up 24/7. With PPH’s technical support, redundant data centers, DDoS mitigation, and other security measures, bookies are assured of 100 percent uptime.

A PPH shop also has an IT support team to continually maintain your site to avoid downtime. This allows you to focus on important things like finding clients and managing their profiles.

8. Many Live Wagering Options

Sports diehards love wagering on games they are streaming. It increases their adrenaline and makes them feel like they are on the field, just like their favorite teams.

The invention of live betting has increased betting action on bookmakers. If you want to get in the action, ensure that your bookie has a live wagering feature. This will increase your income and keep your clients engaged.

The best pay per head should have hundreds of live betting events. It should also have a live scoreboard to alert bettors on the next betting opportunity.

9. Comprehensive Package; Sportsbook, Casino, And Horse book

The primary PPH element is a sportsbook website and software. But, the best providers understand that gambling is more than betting on sports. That is why they offer a sports betting platform, a virtual casino, a live casino, and a horse racebook.

That way, bettors can wager on their favorite sports and continue playing casino games while waiting for the last whistle. Today, most sportsbooks offer all forms of gambling. Therefore, a price per head bookie should also provide all forms of gambling to stand a chance in the competition.

10. Dedicated Account Manager

How do you feel about a dedicated account manager? Running a bookie is a lot of work, even when using sportsbook software. You might run into various issues preventing you from running your bookie.

Meanwhile, a dedicated account manager can take over the bookmaking processes as you focus on other issues. Yet, this is not the only time an account manager is helpful. When you want to solve something or talk something through with a pay per player provider, it is easier to communicate it through a dedicated account manager for quicker responses.

11. Extensive Sports Betting Markets

Sports betting markets make a small or big bookie, depending on your offer. If you can afford to pay more clients, you can offer bets on more sports.

A pay per head package should have an extensive list of sports betting markets. This will allow you to choose the ideal options to offer your clients once you launch your betting services. Then, you can activate more sports betting markets as your business grows.

Having more betting options extends your client list. Also, you can have an active betting market at any time of the year. For example, bettors can wager on basketball leagues, hockey, tennis, golf, soccer, and others when the National Football League is off-season.

12. Line Management

Do you know how to set betting lines or move them? Although you might not know how to create odds and move lines, you can still become a bookie with the price per player.

A PPH company should have experienced oddsmakers managing the lines around the clock. Having more experience in moving lines is crucial to making decisions. Suppose one player has been injured.

An oddsmaker should immediately adjust odds to protect the bookie’s business and encourage players to wager more. A slight adjustment can make a difference between losing or winning a wager. Therefore, it is crucial to have an oddsmaker team.

The simplest way to become a bookie is to use price per head services. Contact Power Pay Per Head to get a PPH package comprising all the above features and advantages.


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