Pay Per Head Sites: How To Choose The Best

22 December 2021
How To Choose The Best Pay Per Head Site
How To Choose The Best Pay Per Head Site

If you’re considering starting a bookie business or looking to switch to a superior platform, it’s important to make informed decisions. Your business is like a baby that needs proper nourishment to grow and thrive. This is where pay per head sites come in. By choosing the right pay per head provider, you can ensure that your business is equipped with the necessary tools and resources to facilitate positive growth. From advanced betting software to reliable customer support, pay per head sites offer a range of features that can help take your bookie business to the next level.

In our case, you want to partner with the best sportsbook software provider. Yet, there are hundreds of pay-per-head sites whose services range from terrible to the best. Some of these providers appear and disappear because they are not established and experienced to offer their services.

Ideally, you want to be sure that the site you are choosing will constantly give you the best services. Thus, you need to consider which sportsbook software is the best pay-per-head site in the market. Here are nine things to consider when choosing a PPH site.

The Weekly Or Monthly Price

Price is crucial when choosing a PPH site because it tells you how much you will spend to get services. Many pay-per-head sites would meet your monthly budget. But, before you choose one, consider the thing you are getting for the price.

Remember, you pay for what you get. Therefore, confirm the services and features included under the price before settling with the site.

Sometimes, you can get a site offering a low price. Yet, it includes many other hidden fees you cannot explain. Consider asking about all the details covered by the price and whether there will be future charges or hidden costs.

Customer Support

Another equally important factor is customer service. Running a pay-per-head bookie for the first time can be tricky. This is a new venture, and you do not know anyone to ask questions.

You need help addressing the issues you may face when running your bookie. What you could be encountering might not be a problem, but not knowing how to do something can be frustrating. As a business that runs 24 hours, you also need 24/7 customer support.

Your bettors will also need customer support. Fortunately, you do not need to have your call center running a PPH bookie because the package comes with customer support for your bettors.

But, you need to confirm the kind of customer support your clients will get regarding quality and effectiveness. Also, if your clients are from English Native countries, you need to ensure the customer representatives are English-speaking.

User-Friendliness Of The Betting Platform

Your good clients will leave as soon as they realize they have to sweat to use your betting platform. You need a user-friendly platform on the front end for the sake of your bettors and on the back for your sake.

On the bettors’ end, ensure the platform loads on their devices seamlessly, is scrollable, and all features, links, or other details are easily accessible. On your end, you want a platform with the necessary tools to help you manage players, and the betting platform and achieve profitability and success.

You can tell the user-friendliness of a platform by testing it. Pay-per-head sites such as Power Pay Per Head offer a demo account that you can use to review the sportsbook platform. You can log in using a player account to experiment with a player’s procedure of using the platform. You also need to log in as a bookie operator to review reports and management tools available on the platform to find whether they are easy to use.

Wagering Options

You want to grow your business and make it profitable because it is your ultimate goal besides offering the best betting services. The profitability is dependent on the range of wagering options you provide to your players.

Think of when you go to a small store and a mall. You are likely to spend less in a small store because it has limited items than a mall.

When you walk around a mall, you see things you did not think you needed and buy. The same applies to the variety of betting options you offer.

Your sportsbook software provider should provide you with these wagering options. Ensure national and global sports events and leagues are incorporated into the software. Some of the markets that must be included are the National Football League (NFL), National Basketball Association (NBA), Champions Leagues, Super Bowl, golf, cricket, NCAA, etc.

Having casino games on the list is also a good idea as there are many wagering options to offer. Slot machines, table games, card games, and live dealer games appeal to many players. Thus, choose a pay per head site that offers casino games.

The other wagering option you should check with pay-per-head sites is horse tracks. Find the number of tracks a site covers and whether the betting options are available throughout the year.

Years Of Experience In The PPH Industry

If you ask several veterans, they will tell you they have used Power Pay Per Head sportsbook software. That is because the site has been operating for over 15 years, which is rare in the PPH industry. With many years of experience, no one can doubt a site’s credibility and expertise that has operated for years because it has a track record to show its journey.

When choosing pay-per-head sites, look at their time in the industry. And at track records to see how these sites performed over the years. You can read testimonials, look at the site’s improvement over the years, and decide whether to work with them.

Customization Of Various Features

Customization is a strong suit for any PPH provider. It differentiates sites that allow bookies to take control from those that do not.

Being able to adjust various features to match your business goal is something you should appreciate. For example, you can set a bet limit for a high roller who is always lucky to win big.

Also, if a game is likely to attract more bettors than usual, you should set bet limits and payouts. That way, you protect your business from spending all its savings to pay players.

If you feel you could improve betting lines, the software you are using should allow you to do so. Otherwise, you might lose out on making some profits. Ideally, choose a site that offers software with customizable features and tools to give you more control over your business.

If you want to white-label your betting platform, some PPH providers can offer that service. It might cost you extra money and time because a team has to set up your platform to meet your preferences. Ask a provider if they customize websites to get branding that fits your client’s needs.

24/7 Betting

That time you used to spare to record bets with your pen and paper is over. Your bettors do not even have to call or email to place bets with you. Now, you can leave mundane tasks to sportsbook software.

Using PPH platforms from pay-per-head sites eliminates the need to take bets manually. You only need to share your URL that players can use to register a betting account to place bets from the comfort of their homes.

The best site should offer to bet 24/7. That way, players can log in at any time and place their bets.

Mobile-Friendly Platform

Consideration should also be given to the accessibility of a betting platform. Most players rely solely on laptops to place their bets. In today’s era, a greater number of people utilize phones to browse through various websites compared to laptops.

Phones possess a significant advantage in terms of convenience since players can carry them wherever they go, unlike larger internet devices. Therefore, when selecting a PPH (pay per head) service, it is crucial to ensure that its platform is compatible with mobile devices such as iPhones, Android phones, Windows phones, and even Blackberry devices. By doing so, you can be confident in both attracting and retaining your clients.

Real-Time Reporting

To maximize profits and minimize your bookie’s risk, it is imperative to stay ahead of the game. Thanks to real-time reporting, you can receive notifications whenever a player makes a substantial bet, engages in steam betting, or any other significant action. These notifications can be in the form of sound alerts, text messages, or email notifications.

The availability of real-time reporting can prove to be a lifesaver for your bookie business. Therefore, it is essential to select a platform that offers software with real-time reporting capabilities. For instance, if you receive an alert about a Steam bet, you can utilize a layoff account to reduce your potential liability.

Keeping yourself informed with timely updates can significantly benefit your bookmaking operations and help you make informed decisions. By leveraging the power of real-time reporting, you can enhance your profitability and protect your business from unnecessary risks.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

Once you consider all the above tips, you are sure to choose the best pay-per-head site to work with. Fortunately, you do not have to look any further because Power Pay Per Head qualifies with all the above points.

If you are ready to start a lucrative online sports betting service with one of the best pay per head sites, fill out the contact form on to begin your demo. We are a site run by bookies with a combined experience of 80 years, thus making us your ideal choice.

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