7 Advantages of Being a Pay Per Head Bookie

7 December 2021
7 Advantages of Being a Pay Per Head Bookie
7 Advantages of Being a Pay Per Head Bookie

The advancement of technology has significantly impacted the gambling industry, especially for Pay Per Head Bookie. With the evolution of online platforms, bookie businesses have transitioned from traditional pen-and-paper methods to virtual platforms.

Today, you do not have to wait for people to come to you if you operate a pay per head (PPH) bookie.


We look at seven advantages of being a pay-per-head bookmaker.

1. Easy To Set Up and Automate Processes

The first thing you must do with bookie software is configure, set it up, and ensure it runs smoothly. Most PPH bookie software is already configured to shorten the time you need to set it up.

The only job you have to do is to import your clients to the new platforms. As for future gamblers, they can register at the website. Using this platform is easy because players can log in to their accounts and place bets.

This software also automates processes. Without it, you would need to keep track of bettors and record bets on your notebook, Excel sheets, or similar software.

So, if you have 30 gamblers placing bets today, you would have to record the details of each manually. If a player is placing multiple bets, you have to register that. It would take you a long time before you are through recording betting information for all the players each day or week they place wagers.

However, all bets are managed automatically with pay-per-head bookie software, saving you valuable time. Moreover, you will get updated information every second.

2. Variety of Gambling Options

A local bookie offers local bets to the community. It is nearly impossible to find a local group wanting to bet on national or international bets. This is because you do not have the tools to gather betting lines at the national or international level.

But, once you take your business online, your clients become interested in national and international bets because they can find them on your platform. A pay-per-head software can grow your bookie to international levels.

This will attract local players to your platform and international players. Gamblers are looking for a sportsbook that offers many gambling options. It could be advantageous for you because gamblers will spend more money betting on various sports.

3. Availability to Players

A pay-per-head bookie only requires the internet and a device to access it. This is a good thing for gamblers and bookie owners.

The bookie software allows players to access their accounts at any time as long as they have access to a mobile browser. As the bookie owner, you do not have to carry notebooks, paper, or a bulky package to attend to your players wherever you go. Instead, you can log in to your administrative account and carry out any task efficiently.

Some players want to place bets as soon as they discover anything new that could affect the outcome of a game. With PPH bookies, they can directly place their bets instead of waiting on you as you attend to another client.

4. World-Class Customer Support

Another advantage of a pay-per-head bookie is a world-class call center. Customers call asking various questions about gambling more than you would think. Being the sole person to take these calls would be tiring.

Investing in a PPH bookie will address the issue of customer service. It consists of customer support agents with years of experience to help gamblers solve various issues whenever they call.

5. You Pay for What You Get

Running a sportsbook could cost you thousands of dollars each year. You have to pay rent for your sportsbook, pay the customer support team that you have employed, oddsmakers whether the business is doing well or not.

On the other hand, PPH bookie does not cost you that much. Instead, you pay for the platform depending on the number of players who place bets during a specific period.

Suppose you have agreed to pay $10 for each player to Power Pay Head every week. If 20 players placed bets during that week, you would pay $10*20, totaling $200. Traditional sportsbooks would cost you over $200 each week to keep them afloat.

6. Availability of Reports to Help You Make Decisions

You need the information to tell you where your bookie business is headed. PPH bookie software generates bettors’ reports.

Besides creating generic reports, you can get information for each bettor. This information is crucial when deciding about giving credits, limiting bets, and suspending or closing accounts.

You also need other information, such as recorded injuries in a team, because they affect setting betting lines. You can use generated statistics to determine the future of your bookie and decide the best course for your business.

7. Easy To Set Betting Lines and Adjust

Before the pay-per-head industry came into the limelight, bookie owners used to take hours creating and adjusting odds. A small mistake during calculation would have cost the bookie its savings. Thus, the owner had to hire experts or have knowledge about setting lines to venture into the business.

Today, you only need to be interested in the business and betting lines. While you could create betting lines for your betting platform, you can leave the work to experts. These are people who have spent years developing and adjusting odds and will do right by your business.

Setting betting lines could mean profit or loss for you. With PPH bookie, you do not have to bargain whether your odds are good or not. Instead, you can take some time off because the experts have set the lines correctly, ensuring they are competitive and appealing to your players.

Have Yourself the Best Pay Per Head Bookie

The advantages mentioned above provide just a glimpse of the extensive benefits that a Pay Per Head (PPH) bookie can offer. Whether you opt for a template bookie solution or a customized bookie platform, the advantages are substantial. We invite you to explore our Power Pay Per Head homepage today to discover the myriad of other benefits you can gain from our software.

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