Get an Exclusive Pay Per Head Demo

16 August 2022
pay per head demo
pay per head demo

Are you interested in using pay per head services to run your bookie? Then it would be best if you asked for a pay per head demo.

The best pay per head site wants to show you what it can do for your clients. It does not lead you to believe it is the only choice. It allows you to test its product to realize its benefits by yourself.

Having this freedom is the best gift ever because you can make decisions based on sound facts rather than pressure from marketers. Yet, you need to know what you are looking for in a pay per head demo. Use this guide to acquaint yourself with what entails a pay per head service and product.

What to Look for During the Pay Per Head Demo Period

When considering a purchase or investment, it’s essential to approach the PPH (Pay Per Head) demo with the same discerning mindset. Think about the specific attributes and qualities your PPH service and product should possess for you to seriously consider it.

If this is your first time exploring this arena, this guide provides a roadmap for what you should evaluate during the testing phase. Here are the elements to assess and the reasons why you should familiarize yourself with the features and services offered:

By applying this approach to your PPH demo, you ensure that you make an informed decision, maximizing the potential benefits of your investment or purchase.

The Betting Markets

There are countable online sportsbooks not offer welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions. However, these are not enough to make a player stay because they come with unfair wagering requirements. Some players skip bonuses and go straight to betting or playing casino games.

This means your product (not promotions) is the primary reason bettors look for you. Yet, you cannot create your betting markets. But, your PPH gambling provider can.

A bookie is a middle person between bettors and bookmaking service providers. Therefore, it is your responsibility to find whether your pay per head shop has what your players want.

Conduct research with your potential clients to know what they want. Then, confirm with your PPH partner whether they have these provisions. Find which bet options are available in the sportsbook.

Apart from that, find out whether you can expand your business whenever possible. For example, confirm whether the PPH service allows you to offer football and basketball bets for a start and whether you can grow your business with other markets later.

Dynamic Live Betting

Generating profits should be a primary objective for any bookie, and if it is, then live betting should undoubtedly be a part of your offerings.

The beauty of including live betting in your repertoire is that it doesn’t make you appear solely profit-driven; in fact, it aligns with the preferences of modern bettors. Today, a significant majority of bettors are keen on placing wagers on ongoing matches. It adds an element of excitement and immersion, allowing bettors to feel like active participants in the games they’re betting on.

It’s crucial to ascertain whether your chosen PPH (Pay Per Head) provider offers live betting services. Spend more time logged in to gauge the extent of their live wagering markets available.

Keep in mind that the popularity of live betting is continually growing. Consequently, your website should consistently provide a wide array of live betting options each month to keep your clients engaged. Failing to offer an ample selection of live betting lines may prompt players to seek alternative sportsbooks that better meet their preferences and needs.

User Friendliness of the Website and Software

If you buy a home you feel uncomfortable staying at, you will end up paying for a hotel nearby just not to go home. Similarly, it is crucial to ensure the user-friendliness of a website and software as players and bookie agents will use it daily.

If you have to struggle every day to use something, you will soon give up. You might stay longer using the website and software because you have invested your money. However, your clients have nothing to lose and might leave as soon as they land on your website.

Find the user-friendliness of a website by testing various functions, load time on various devices, and everything regarding the platform.

Usually, your PPH provider will give you a player and agent account so that you can log in to each account to test the usability in real time.

Remember to log in as an agent too to test the functionality of different tools. Familiarize yourself with different tools and master their new names and how they work. Some of the tools or functions might bear new names but work like tools you previously used.

Compatibility of the Site With Various Devices

You also need to find out whether the platform opens on various devices. Remember, your players use different devices. Some use iPhones, Macs, Android tablets, Windows phones, laptops, and desktops.

Launch the website on various devices and note its compatibility with each device. Ensure the website adapts to each screen size perfectly as if it is optimized for the particular device.

The Quality of Customer Service

Show us a sportsbook without customer support. A bookie interested in keeping its clients has to offer customer support.

Some sportsbooks cannot offer support full-time. But, they still provide customer services between dedicated hours.

This tells you the importance of customer support. Therefore, evaluate the quality of customer service offered by your partner. Find whether it is offered around the clock or not.

Some companies charge extra for customer support. Therefore, find out whether you need to pay extra for your clients to get customer support.


How Players Place the Bets

There are two primary ways to place bets with online bookies. A player can either call or log in to your website to complete the bet themselves.

Some bookies offer both solutions to allow clients to choose their preferred option. For example, if you have an elderly client who is still an avid bettor, he will likely call to place his bet. However, a younger bettor will likely scroll through the website to place bets.

Look at it this way. How many younger generations like making calls? If you are a parent, your child might have told you, “Don’t call me; text me.” Some look at the phone ring and text immediately after.

Ideally, calling is no longer a thing, especially among the younger generation. Yet, they are online all the time. This means they would prefer to place their bets on the website than via mobile.

So, consider your target clients and find how they would like to place their bets. Then, confirm with your pay per head provider whether they can take bets through phone and allow internet betting.

Ask whether your clients can place bets 24/7 through mobile or on the internet. Ask your clients to place bets at night and day to confirm this yourself. Ideally, find the availability of the gambling platform to know whether you can offer bets for 365 days.

Customization of Various Features

How can players edit their profiles to feel more at home? Can agents customize their offerings to different players? These are questions you need to ask and find answers to.

You can try making various changes to the player profile. Create usernames, add profiles, and find out whether you can change the skins.

Log in to the agent’s account and customize your offerings to different clients. You can make available specific sports markets edit bet limits, max payouts, and other similar customization that improves your operations and promises gambling responsibility.

How Many Reports Are There?

The best pay per head site offers over 20 reports. These are some of the most crucial data in your business. You will need them throughout your operations.

Produce various reports and analyze each to realize how they help. Look out for player management reports, agent exposure reports, cash flow reports, open bets, daily betting activity, bettor history, and more.

What Will You Use to Manage Players?

Another thing you need to find during the pay per head demo is player management. This is important for both players and agents.
When closely following your players’ activity, you can improve your services to keep them happy. Player management also helps bookies to protect their business.

So, find which tools your PPH provider has to help manage your clients. Look out for a bet ticker or bet alert. These tools will alert you when players place bets or when a player has placed a bet that puts your bankroll at the blink of collapsing.

Use various player management tools to realize their importance. Ask your dedicated guide to take you through player management tools, among other things.

Is There a Digital Or Live Casino?

Do you want another source of income except sports betting? If you do, your PPH service should have a digital and live casino.

A virtual casino might be enough because it will allow your players to test games or keep busy while they wait for sports bets to be graded.

However, if you want to grow your wealth and are ready to recruit avid casino game players, you have to offer live casino games.

Test the digital casino by playing various slots and table games. Find their minimum and maximum bet limits. This will tell you whether you should recruit high rollers, budget rollers, or low rollers to play at your casino.

Remember to play at the live casino too. Ask your clients to give it a try and find out whether they are happy with their experience. Use the feedback and experience you get to market your bookie services.

What About a Horse Racing Betting Platform?

Having a sports betting and casino platform might not be enough if you want to become the leading one-stop gambling platform. You need to add a racebook platform to cater to the betting needs of hundreds that will place horse racing bets with you.

The number of horse tracks covered by a pay per head platform can vary from one provider to another. However, it is best to have a platform covering bets across many horse tracks to increase your overall yearly income from a racebook.

Payment System and Security

You cannot afford to forget about the payment system and security. By moving your business online, you eliminate physical transactions. However, you must ensure that the transaction is going through safely and that players’ data is safe.

Enquire about the payment system and the security the pay per head has enforced to ensure safe transactions. Find out about other measures the provider takes to ensure data safety.

It would help if your provider offered cryptocurrency payment methods. Also, ask whether your clients can use aliases to register accounts online instead of using their real information.

The Benefits of a Pay Per Head Demo

You can pick any pay per head service and launch your service. However, if you want to grow your business and are serious about running a bookie, you must choose the right PPH service.

Choosing the right service involves testing the product to find whether it fits your operations. Therefore, you should consider analyzing every aspect listed above. Here are the benefits of testing a price per head service:

Analyze and Stay on Budget

The first advantage of taking a pay per head demo is to analyze the quality of the service offered and compare it with your budget. Apart from that, you can use the generous free trial period to provide your services and save the costs you would have to pay.

Confirm the Product Is As Advertised

Another reason to test pay per head service is to ensure it is as advertised. If a company claims it will help you grow a profitable business, you need to know how and what it will do to ensure profits.

Find the Commitment of Your PPH Partner

It is crucial to understand the commitment of your PPH partner. Find what your partner is willing to do to grow your business. Notice any changes between when you sign up and several weeks later to see whether there is consistency.

Some companies are interested in signing you up. Yet, they are nowhere to be found when you need customer support or another service.

What Makes a Good Pay Per Head Demo?

A great pay per head demo should have several qualities. These include:

Zero Upfront Subscription

What is the need for a PPH demo if you have to pay an upfront fee? Some companies ask for an upfront fee before granting access to their demo accounts. This means you still have to use their services even if the PPH gambling service is substandard.

A reputable provider is confident about its product and knows you will subscribe after realizing its benefits. These companies grant access to all features without an initial deposit, allowing you to test the product without an obligation to use the product. Having this freedom is important.

Enough Trial Period

It is crucial to have enough time to test a product. Unlike fruit juice which you can sip and know whether you like it or not, PPH is more complicated. You need time to test every aspect of the service before you can commit.

A trial period can differ from one company to another. Some companies offer days on a free trial, two weeks, six weeks, and so on. The length of the trial period might not be constant.

So, one client can get two weeks of free trials and another six weeks, depending on what a company is offering at the moment. Whichever time you get, utilize it well.

Dedicated Account Manager

Testing a pay per head service is much easier when you have someone guiding you. This agent is familiar with the company’s product and can take you through the product, highlighting the things you need to know.

Having a dedicated account manager to guide you through the trial period eliminates guesswork and fear. It allows you to test new features, ask questions where need be, and familiarize yourself with the whole product. Usually, your account manager remains in contact even after the trial period.

Using the Real Bookie Account

Another feature of the best trial period is using a real bookie account. That way, you can get the hang of the actual website, software, and bookmaking tools.

Some providers set up a bookie website that you will still use after the trial period. However, some create a different account mirroring what your real bookie account would look like.

Who Offers Free Trial Period?

With hundreds of pay per head sites, more providers are likely to offer a trial period. This allows you to test a product before committing. However, most companies have conditions that might discourage you from testing their products, including paying an upfront fee.

Power Pay per Head is different, though. Besides being the leading PPH gambling service provider for a couple of consecutive years, the firm offers a free trial period.

The offer includes an account agent to guide you through the trial period, no upfront fee, and access to a real bookie account. That way, you can test the product and services as you typically use them when you pay.

Are You Ready To Get Started With a Free Demo?

Are you ready to embark on a journey that could lead to creating something truly impressive? By stepping into the realm of offering gambling services, you have the opportunity to establish yourself as one of the premier bookies in your area.

But here’s the best part – you won’t be navigating this path alone. With Power Pay Per Head by your side, you’ll have expert guidance and all the essential tools at your disposal to effectively manage and grow your business.

Imagine the admiration of your friends as they see you succeed in a venture they once thought was out of reach. With Power Pay Per Head’s support, you can turn that vision into reality.

So, why wait? Take that leap of faith today and reach out to Power Pay Per Head at 855-492-6007 to get started with a free demo account. It’s time to unlock your potential and build the bookie business of your dreams


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