Try Out Our Free Pay Per Head Demo

16 February 2022
Try Out Our Free Pay Per Head Demo

Are you looking to move your bookie business online with a pay per head demo that’s reliable? Are you a pay per head bookie whose current package is not working for you?

Pay per head industry is rapidly growing. As such, you will find hundreds of service providers. Unfortunately, some are averagely good and will only stagnate your business.

That is why leading PPH providers offer a free pay-per-head demo period, eliminating any guesswork. Suppose you want to buy a design perfume. Its price tells you it is a quality perfume. But, there is no way of telling whether you will love wearing it.

Power Pay Per Head is confident about its turnkey bookie software, thus giving you a trial period to test its product and services. You should use the trial period to analyze how your business benefits from the pay per head software.

Here is everything you need to know about pay-per-head demos.

Qualities Of A Good Pay Per Head Demo

Most PPH providers do not offer pay-per-head demo accounts; some have conditions attached to the trial period. Here are some of the qualities describing the best PPH demo.

No-Upfront Subscription

That’s right. Some pay-per-head service providers require an upfront fee or subscription fee before granting access to a demo account. This approach can be restrictive and may lead to a commitment even if you find the software or services unsuitable during the trial period.

On the other hand, the best pay-per-head providers understand the importance of offering a risk-free trial for potential clients. By providing a free demo account without any upfront payment or commitment, they allow bookies to explore the platform and evaluate its features and performance for themselves.

This approach shows confidence in the quality of their software and services. It also allows bookies to make an informed decision based on their experience with the platform. If the software meets their needs and expectations, they can proceed with a subscription or paid plan. However, if they find it unsatisfactory, they can easily move on to explore other options without any financial obligation.

Choosing a pay-per-head provider that offers a free trial without upfront fees ensures that bookies have the freedom to test different platforms and find the one that best suits their specific requirements. It promotes transparency and trust between the provider and the bookie, leading to a more positive and mutually beneficial business relationship.

Personalized Consultation

The pay-per-head demo period is when you should learn more about the betting software, tools, and services. If you are new to the PPH industry, you need to know how it works.

A Power Pay Per Head team will help you dissect every aspect of the PPH software and services. The team will also show you how to manage risks and maximize your profits.

Ideally, you should feel like you have years of experience using the software and see its benefits during the trial period.

Should Be An Actual Account

Another quality of a pay-per-head demo is using the actual account. By this, we mean getting the same betting platform you will use once you subscribe to the provider’s services to test the betting software and services.

This allows you to invite a few clients for a start. They should be able to deposit, select bet markets, use the bet slip, navigate through the site, place bets, and withdraw winnings. On the other hand, you should be able to control your betting platform, manage your players, and track everything about your business.

This real-time experience is the only way to tell whether the PPH provider is the ideal fit. If you do not understand anything, you can ask the site’s team to help decipher.

Enough Trial Period

How long will it take you to understand the betting software? It might take you a few hours to learn how to use pay-per-head software or weeks. Whichever the case, you need time to understand a new product comprehensively.

Various pay-per-head providers offer different trial periods. Moreover, a provider can provide different trial periods depending on the time of the year.

For example, you can get a six-week trial period when you sign up with a provider during the National Football League season or two weeks during another season.

What You Should Try Out With A Pay Per Head Demo Account

Remember the seconds or minutes you take before deciding something. That is how pay per head demo period works.

The difference is that you have more than a few seconds to decide and can have a deeper look into the software and services before paying a dime. Use this guide as your checklist during your pay-per-head trial period.

Easy Transition And User Friendliness

You need to check how easy moving from your current pay-per-head provider to the new platform is. If it is your first time online, you need to find out how to move your players to the online platform.

Another thing you need to find out is the user-friendliness of the platform. Usually, you close a page as soon as you realize it takes a long time to load on your browser or has some glitches.

The same applies to sportsbooks. If players find your site faulty, they will leave before discovering the quality of bet markets you have to offer.

Thus, you have to make a first impression with a user-friendly betting platform.

Sports Betting Options

The second thing you should check is the sports betting options. One of the reasons players will join your platform is the betting markets. You could be offering a welcome bonus and other promotions, but they are not the primary determining factors for a player to play at your betting platform.

Therefore, check whether the pay-per-head software has quality betting markets. For example, find out the best markets covered under soccer. This should include the number of leagues, games, and bet types offered in soccer.

Do the same with other sports disciplines, including basketball, American football, tennis, golf, hockey, baseball, volleyball, handball, and others.

Ideally, ensure the PPH software covers all the markets popular among your target market.

Live Betting

Players love the thrill of betting on ongoing games. Their excitement leads them to bet more. Meanwhile, this earns you more money.

Therefore, it is essential to have a live betting feature on your sports betting platform. That way, you can attract more in-play bettors and make more handles while at it.

The advantage of live betting is that bettors place more than one bet in different situations.

For example, a bettor can place bets on the next team to score, the next player to score, and much more. During the pay-per-head demo period, find out how expansive live betting is.

Digital And Live Casino

Do you want to offer virtual casino games and live dealer titles? Then you need to find out whether your pay-per-head service provider provides a digital and live casino. Also, you need to confirm whether there is an extra fee for the casino product.

This should be followed by looking at the number of casino games on the platform. Ensure the platform has many slot machines, multiple table game variations, and quality live dealer games.

Player Management System

Having complete control over your bookmaker is essential. You can look at your bankroll and decide how much to risk while maintaining your position in the industry. For example, if you have a high roller, you can control how much they can bet and win considering your bankroll.

Player management is more than limiting bettors’ accounts. It involves tracking your bettors’ wagering activities, account balances, wins, and losses in real-time. Moreover, you can customize each player’s account to their needs.

Player management also helps you communicate with your players. For example, if you want to offer a promo, you can send one message to all your players or those who meet your filter options. Check whether the pay per head software has all the tools necessary to manage your players.

Reliable Reports

Reports are a crucial business tool. It prepares you for unexpected issues and helps you make decisions.

For example, if your bankroll is running low, a report should tell you before it does. Moreover, it should show you where you are losing money. During the pay-per-head demo period, you can generate several reports and analyze whether they are helpful.

Access To Customer Support

Another thing you should find out with your free pay per head demo account is the quality of customer support. Usually, you should get a customer representative to give you a software tour. This agent should guide you on using various tools at the right time.

Your clients will need support too. Therefore, determine whether the PPH provider offers customer support to bettors and what solutions they offer. Considering that you can log in using a player account, send questions, and discover the response time.

Betting Channels

Some bettors want to place a bet through the telephone or the Internet. If you target bettors who prefer to make a call to place a bet, find out whether your service provider offers it.

Also, experiment with how players will place bets over the internet using a desktop or mobile device. Ensure that the betting process is easy, from finding a market to entering a bet ticket.

Try Out Our Free Pay Per Head Demo

Every bookie is eligible to try our free pay-per-head demo. At Power Pay Per Head, we provide several weeks of a free trial period to allow bookies to test our software and services.

You have to fill out your name and email, which we will use to create your login information for your demo account. Call Power Pay Per Head today to get your pay per head demo account activated.

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