Try Out A Pay Per Head Platform Before You Can Commit

14 December 2021
Try Out A Pay Per Head Platform Before You Can Commit
Try Out A Pay Per Head Platform Before You Can Commit

The way you run your sportsbook is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Usually, you have several choices, and whichever you pick will determine how happy you are with your business operation. One of these decisions would be to run your bookie locally following the traditional steps or take it online with a pay per head (PPH) service.

When considering the first option, it is essential to acknowledge that a significant portion of your time will be devoted to waiting on phone calls and text messages from clients placing bets. Additionally, you will need to be prepared to utilize multiple applications or engage an agency to efficiently handle the collection of wagering money and ensure prompt processing of winnings for your players.

However, if you choose the latter, your work becomes simpler. But, this will be followed by other decisions such as whether to design your website, open an office, employ a team of experts, or use a pay per head platform. When you choose to go with the latter plan, you should use a pay per head demo to find out everything about the product before committing.

The Importance Of A Pay Per Head Demo

If you have been doing your research, you already know using a pay per head platform is the best way of running a bookie business. But, every PPH is different. Thus, you need to find out more about any before investing your money.

One of the ways to test a bookie platform is through a pay per head demo. This demo allows you to test the quality of service firsthand. Even after reading tons of reviews, testing a product for yourself is important because you can verify whether it is as described.

Furthermore, by comparing various products, you can thoroughly evaluate the advantages and disadvantages offered by each pay per head service provider. This process will allow you to determine whether the pay per head platform aligns with your needs and suits the current stage of your bookie business.

Why is important?

Another reason to do this through the pay per head demo is to compare the price per player with the platform’s features. You will find a vast range of weekly pay per head fees, each covering a wide range of offerings.

Through the demo, you can see the horse racing tracks, platform covers, the extension of the sportsbook, and casino game offerings. A deeper look should also tell you the type of bets available on the platform. You will learn to set props and other betting lines, payment methods, and other features.

You also need to check the technical aspects of the PPH platform. Considering each site bases its platforms on different servers, you need to determine the security and stability of the platform, especially during the peak season.

Since you will use a player account and an admin’s account, you can tell whether your clients will have an easy time or not placing bets and their data security. Another technical aspect you will test is the virtual skins or website designs.

With all the information provided in reviews, you should expect to see the same wealth of features when you go through a pay per head demo. You can start by trying the power pay per head software demo to understand the product and services.

What Is In The Pay Per Head Demo?

A demo period could last for a few hours to several weeks. Usually, you only need your phone. You do not need to download any software or the PPH platform to test it.

Once you contact Power Pay Per Head, you will get your demo account. An experienced account manager will be assigned to you to take you through the platform, including how the software works, the features included, and how it will grow your bookie business.

You can take a few hours to grasp everything about the software. You can log in as an administrator and perform various managerial tasks. With a player account, you can place several bets, follow the same steps a player would use to make a bet and identify if the process is seamless.

Through the pay per head demo, you will go through:

  • Hold percentages
  • Setting limits
  • Moving lines
  • Perform managerial tasks
  • The casino and racebook

Why Should You Consider Power Pay Per Head?

In the ever-expanding landscape of the pay per head (PPH) industry, numerous service providers have emerged. However, Power Pay Per Head stands out as one of the premier choices for several compelling reasons. With a robust track record of over 15 years in the industry, we have garnered extensive experience and a deep understanding of the evolving dynamics, enabling us to consistently innovate and offer superior PPH platforms.

When you try our pay per head demo, you will verify that:

  • Our software is secure
  • Has all the necessary features to grow your business
  • We use the best servers to host our platforms

At Power Pay Per Head, we believe that your time trying our pay per head demo will give you an inside story of our product. It will prove that your investment will be worth it in a few weeks.

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