Profit Friendly Pay Per Head Sites

25 August 2022
Pay Per Head Sites
Pay Per Head Sites

You may have many reasons for wanting to open a bookie website. However, making massive profits tops the list. The demand for profitable bookie businesses has increased the volume of pay per head sites.

Every month, you will find sites showing revenue statistics for gambling in different states. Notably, no single data shows a dropping revenue. Most reports show growing gambling revenue, encouraging more people to consider launching bookie agent sites.

Meanwhile, the pay per head industry is also growing to cater to the needs of existing, new, and future bookies. So, if you are launching a bookie today, you will have difficulty choosing the right pay per head site.

While there are many pay per head sites, bookies want to partner with a company that promises profits. Yet, every site promises to grow your profits, leaving you even more confused.

With this guide, though, choosing profit-friendly pay per head services will no longer be stressful or confusing. Find out how the best PPH site helps grow your profit.

Automated Process and Online Performance

A pay per head service is supposed to automate your bookie business. It also allows you to take your business online. This service eliminates guesswork when making various decisions and managing your business.

Business automation ensures that bets are recorded and graded accurately. This leaves no room for human error, thus no loss.

You can also generate reports to analyze your business performance and make necessary changes. For example, if data shows a client is winning more than losing, you can reconsider limiting his maximum payout.


Having an automated business is like having a business blueprint. You can always go back to the blueprint or follow a trail to analyze how your business performs.

The best PPH site should offer software with a reports feature. This feature comes in handy when you need to analyze your business performance. For example, you can produce a report showing a bettor’s betting traits or history.

You can see how many handles you earn from the player, among other things. This information can help you build a strategy to maximize growth opportunities.

Betting on Phones and Desktops

Another avenue through which PPH (Pay Per Head) software can contribute to profitability is by ensuring compatibility across all devices. This implies that both mobile and desktop users can seamlessly place their wagers, whether on mobile devices, iPhones, Windows computers, Android phones, and tablets or via laptops and desktops.

Offering this level of convenience represents one of the most effective strategies to encourage players to engage in betting activities. Fortunately, enabling clients to wager on their preferred devices brings you closer to attracting a broader spectrum of wagers and maximizing your potential profits.

Providing Numerous Quality Betting Markets

Another thing that makes a pay per head site profit friendly is its betting provision. Suppose one service package has three or five betting markets while another has 20.

A bookie with five markets or less will make less money than a bookie offering betting lines for over 20 sports. However, the second bookie must offer quality betting markets to make more money than the smaller bookie.

For example, suppose both bookies operate in Tennessee. A bookmaker can make good profits by offering five betting markets, including American football, college and professional basketball, baseball, tennis, and hockey.

Suppose a second bookie offers all other betting markets except for Tennessee’s top four popular options. While the bookie has more offerings, he does not offer his clients their preferred betting lines. Therefore, he might not make as much money as the first one.

It is essential to realize what your clients want so that you can demand that from your pay per head service provider. For example, you must offer sports betting markets that appeal to American clients and add several markets to satiate their reason to bet with an offshore sportsbook.

Casino Games

Offering casino games is an incredible way to grow your profits. This tool keeps your clients engaged when not betting.

Ideally, having multiple products to capture your clients increases your potential earnings. For example, if you offer sports betting alone, you have no potential earnings from casino games. But, when you add casino games to your offerings, you give your clients a chance to try more than sports betting.

Yet, not all pay per head sites realize this. Therefore, find out whether a company offers a casino games platform for your clients even if you do not intend to launch it as you start sports betting services. That way, you can activate the platform whenever you are ready to offer your clients more gambling options.


You have the capability to provide a comprehensive range of betting lines for hundreds of horses competing across more than 80 tracks. While some bookies specialize in horse racing betting due to the numerous events held throughout the year, it’s often advantageous to complement your offerings with horse racing bets alongside sports betting and casino games.

This diversified approach allows you to expand your monthly income streams across these three distinct forms of gambling. Additionally, the income generated from one platform can act as a complement during the slower seasons of the others.

For instance, there is a wealth of betting opportunities available from August through March Madness in March. During the remaining months, income may appear less substantial, particularly when fewer people engage in wagering on less popular sports. However, by maintaining a casino and racebook platform in addition to sports betting, your monthly income can remain significant and well-rounded throughout the year.

User-Friendliness of a Gambling Platform

Let’s face it, would you stay on a platform if you realized you had to sweat to use it? A gambling platform should be user-friendly. It should be designed in a way that allows straightforward navigation.

The menu, bet slip, loading time, layout, and other functions should be perfect. That way, a bettor can quickly place a bet or find other features on the site.

Imagine you are looking for an upcoming event between Manchester City and Manchester United. Unfortunately, you have to scroll through hundreds of events before you come across the betting lines. However, with a search tab, you can quickly find the market and place a wager.

Ideally, your price per head service provider should offer a user-friendly gambling platform. Also, you should continually upgrade your software to improve players’ experience.

Different Bet Types

Suppose your bookmaker only offers moneyline bets. Although moneyline bets are popular and many bettors choose this bet type, it is not enough. Bettors want an exciting betting experience, and offering one bet type is not thrilling enough.

Also, offering one bet type limits you to only the players familiar with the option. However, when you offer bet types, you can attract other clients who prefer various bet options. Ideally, ensure your pay per head service provider offers money line bets along with parlays, teasers, pleasers, point spread, and totals, among many others.

Provision of Betting Around the Clock

An offline bookie has some disadvantages, like offering his services between specified hours before retiring to sleep. However, an online gambling platform can operate around the clock.

The platform does not require close supervision and can run 24/7 throughout the year. However, your pay per head sites must be willing to leave the site to operate around the clock. It should allow clients to wager anytime they want.

Suppose you limit your clients to wager between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. Some clients might not find time to log in between these hours. However, they might find some time before bedtime to log in and find betting lines to add to their bet slip.

In fact, one might even lose sleep at night and decide to kill time by betting on several pre-match events before going back to sleep. Generally, giving your clients the freedom to log in anytime instead of limiting them to specific hours increases your chances of earning more.

Cost-Effective Services

Cost-effectiveness is a characteristic of the best pay per head sites. This means that a company does not charge an extremely high fee for its services. Instead, it offers its bookmaking solutions for an affordable fee.

Suppose you have 100 players and make a profit of about $1000 every week. If the weekly pay per head fee is $40, you will pay $4000. This means you have to use your personal accounts to cover the fee.

Ideally, you need to compare your weekly fee with the profits you make. If a pay per head software is providing value, it will be easy to make good profits to cover the weekly fee and remain with more to save.

Allows You To Set Your Margin Percentage

Sportsbooks typically earn a hold percentage ranging from 5 percent to 12 percent, although some may fall within the 3 percent to 15 percent spectrum.

As a bookie, your primary source of income is derived from the vig, which is essentially the commission you charge your bettors. You have the option to either establish the vig yourself or opt for a pay per head site that offers a predetermined margin percentage. In the latter case, you have limited control over how much commission you can charge your bettors.

This limitation can have an impact on your overall profits. However, choosing a platform that allows you to set your vig percentage provides you with the freedom to maximize your earnings according to your preferences and business strategy.

Allows You to Enroll Many Clients

Some pay per head sites limit you to a certain number of players. These sites have limited resources or technology and cannot support many players. Yet, there is no getting enough clients.

You need to grow your client base to make more money. Suppose you have ten active clients every week, each wagering $100 once every week, whereby the vig is 10 percent. You can make a $100 profit from vig alone.

Suppose you had like 50 clients and your earnings increased. So, you should find a PPH site whose infrastructure can support many clients.

How to Start a Profitable Bookie

You can get a profit-friendly pay per head site to work with. However, if you do not know how to maximize opportunities to increase your profits, having a good PPH partner is as good as none.

There are several steps to take to ensure your bookie business is profitable. These include:

Identifying the Best Pay Per Head Service Provider

Earlier, we looked at what a profit-friendly PPH site looks like. These are features you can look for when identifying the best service provider.

Partnering with a quality price per head provider transfers the qualities to your business. For example, if a PPH site is offering five sports betting markets, your bookie platform will only have five markets to provide your clients. Therefore, find whether a site has what it takes to grow your business and increase your income.

Free Trial

Once you’ve identified a prospective PPH (Pay Per Head) service, it’s imperative to verify that it indeed offers all the features it claims to provide. A practical way to achieve this is by requesting a pay per head free trial, which involves hands-on testing of a genuine website.

In essence, the provider will grant you access to a fully-equipped sports betting platform, complete with essential bookmaking tools, a variety of betting lines, and customer support services. Utilizing this trial, you can launch your betting services to a select group of your clients.

Keep in mind that the extent of this trial period may vary depending on the provider. Some providers might limit you to a specific number of clients, often around five. Additionally, the duration of the free trial can differ from one company to another. Therefore, it’s advisable to seek out a company that offers a trial period lasting at least two weeks. This timeframe provides ample opportunity to thoroughly explore and understand the sportsbook’s features and services, ensuring they align with your needs and expectations.

Launch Your Bookie Business a Few Weeks Before a Major Sports Season

Another secret to starting a profitable bookie business is launching a few weeks before a famous season. For example, the National Football League and March Madness are famous tournaments.

Bettors look for their next bookie a few weeks before these seasons begin. Therefore, launching your business a few weeks before these sports start puts you on a map where clients will find you.

This does not mean you cannot open a bookie business at any other time. But, it means you have a higher success rate when you launch before popular sports seasons as more bettors are looking for potential bookie partners.

Offer Promotions

Offering promotions has proven successful in encouraging players to join a platform. However, some bookies lose a lot of money trying to impress players to wager with them.

Offering promotions motivates bettors to wager more to earn rewards. For example, if you have a promotion where bettors earn a free bet for wagering every day during the week, a player will schedule to wager every day to earn the reward.

You must work with a professional to curate promotions that are beneficial to both of you. The offer should not put your bankroll at risk or trick a bettor into believing in it. Ideally, ensure the offer is mutually beneficial.

Ensure You Have the Right Payment Methods

Taking your business online means receiving online and processing winnings online. Yet, this would be impossible if your bookie lacked online payment processors.

Pay per head sites provide payment methods. However, these methods might not be available or known to your target clients. Therefore, remember to check the payment system to confirm it has options easily accessible to your clients.

The Leading Pay Per Head Site

While there are over 100 pay per head sites offering services to bookies in your country, there is only one best. This is the leader of the pack, with over 2000 bookies to show their profitable income.

Power Pay Per Head site has continually offered its best pay per head service for over 16 years. The company is made up of former bookies, software engineers, web developers, oddsmakers, line managers, account managers, customer representatives, and every feature you need to become a successful bookie.

With over 15 sports on board, a casino and racebook platform, and bookmaking tools, this company is all about growing your platform. The best part is that bookie agent sites always have experts working behind the scenes to ensure 24/7 operations.

Apart from that, the company shares its expertise with bookie agents. You can count on expert support to run your business better. So, if you feel limited in skills and knowledge to run a bookie, Power Pay Per Head will come through for you in every way.

The company also uses the best technology to ensure your site is live around the clock. This means you can provide sports betting services to your clients 24/7. With agents working to remove bugs and upgrading your software to ensure its optimal functionality, your site can remain online throughout the year.

Increase Your Profits With Power Pay Per Head

The equation for making profits is revenue minus expenses. So, if your business makes $ 10,000 monthly, you need to subtract salaries for your employees and other costs to remain with your profit.

In sports betting, your pay per head service provider hugely determines how much profit you remain with. So, if the company charges $30 per player weekly, you need to subtract these costs to remain with your earnings.

Fortunately, Power Pay Per Head charges a friendly fee. Therefore, you will not spend all your earnings paying for the services. Moreover, the company provides sports betting and adds extra features like live betting, casino games, and horse racing for free.

These tools grow your overall profits. If you are ready to become an online bookie, consider partnering with Power Pay Per Head. The company will draft an excellent service package, ensuring you rake in profits every month.

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