How to Become a Sports Betting Agent in Ten Minutes

26 April 2022
How to Become a Sports Betting Agent in Ten Minutes
How to Become a Sports Betting Agent in Ten Minutes

Almost everyone in the USA is talking or has talked about gambling in the past five years. Some have become avid gamblers, while others want to know how to become sports betting agents and facilitate bets for clients.

Interestingly, 85 percent of USA residents have wagered at least once in their lifetime. This figure is predicted to increase, especially with more people changing their negative views about gambling and seeing it as entertainment.

In other words, you already have a market where you can thrive as a sports betting agent. Therefore, we will guide you on how to become a sports betting agent to stand a chance of surviving in the industry.

Understand Your Duties

To begin, it’s essential to grasp the scope of responsibilities that come with being a sports betting agent. Furthermore, a clear distinction should be drawn between the roles of a sports agent and a sports betting agent.

A sports agent primarily advocates for athletes. Meeting specific qualifications, including a degree, is often mandated by most sports leagues. This criterion holds significance as the agent acts in the athlete’s best interests.

Their duties encompass crafting contracts on behalf of clients, engaging in salary negotiations, and managing various aspects of their clients’ professional endeavors. Conversely, a sports betting agent takes on the role of a bookmaker. This entails accepting wagers from clients and dispensing payouts to winners once the outcome of a betting market is determined.

Understand How You Will Make Money

A sports betting agent earns money by charging a commission. Usually, the commission is integrated into odds such that a player has to wager a certain amount to earn another. For example, if you see an odds such as -110, the bettor has to wager $110 to earn $100.

The additional $10 is the commission. A commission is also referred to as vigorish, vig, or juice. A bookie needs to know how to set odds to incorporate his juice. Alternatively, he can hire oddsmakers or work with a pay per head provider who provides all bookmaking needs.

Decide Which Route To Take And Gather Your Funds

The other thing is to decide whether you still want to become a bookie, the avenues available to you, and pick the best avenue. You can take four routes, including becoming an online bookie, opening a physical shop, setting up your business on course, or becoming a combination of all the options.

If you want to set up your operations online and offline, you need more money. Also, you must be willing to take more than ten minutes to launch your operations.

However, you can launch your operations in ten minutes when you decide to become an online sports betting agent. Therefore, gather enough funds to run your operations for a few months.

Usually, experts advise bookies to have enough funds to last at least six months. Apart from the initial start-up capital, you need money in your bankroll.

Having a bankroll is crucial for a new betting agent. That way, you can pay your clients on time and build a reputation among your clients.

Find Out Which Licenses You Need

Each state or country imposes strict gambling regulations to ensure fair treatment of gamblers and ethical practices. Also, these regulations protect bettors. Therefore, a bookie must meet several qualifications to get an operating license.

Find out what your state requires for you to operate your sports betting services. For example, you might need an operating license, personal management license, personal functional license, and premises license to operate within the UK jurisdiction.

Licenses do not come cheap. Moreover, you have no guarantee that a gambling regulator in a specific region will grant you a license. But, it would help if you hired an attorney to guide you through license applications and other legal requirements.

Alternatively, you can partner with an existing licensed bookie, use a white-label solution, or partner with a pay per head company. That way, you can skip applying for a license which takes months before they are approved.

Choose A Sport

Choosing a sport or bet market is another step you need to take on how to become a sports betting agent. You need to consider several factors before choosing a sport.

For example, you need to consider your target clients. Suppose you want to launch your betting services in one of America’s states. You must offer bets on American football because the market is hugely famous in the country.

Another thing to consider is the launch date. For example, if you want to launch your betting services in March, you cannot choose American football because the football season starts in August or the beginning of September. But, you can offer bets on basketball because March Madness is in season.

You can choose more than one sport. However, you must consider how much money you have on the bankroll.

Form A Partnership With Pay Per Head Company

Thanks to pay per head services, anyone can learn how to become a sports betting agent and launch his services. While you can use any other option to launch your operations, a pay per head solution guarantees that you start your operations in ten minutes.

When you use another option other than pay per head, you have to wait until a web developer is through creating your website. It will even take more time when you need the platform customized to meet your style and clients’ needs.

Finding and partnering with various payment solution providers will also take a while. After that, you need to shop for sportsbook software, hire IT experts to maintain your site, find web-hosting providers, an operating license, and much more.

Even when you work with professionals, you will take a few months to launch your operations this way. But, you can take less than ten minutes when you partner with a pay per head provider.

Usually, a price per head has ready betting platforms with room for customization. So, if you need a customized website, the provider will not start from scratch to build a sportsbook website.

Partnering with a pay per head provider has many advantages. For example, if you are just learning how to become a sports betting agent because you have never done it before, you have limited skills in running a bookie. Without any help, you might sink your ship even before leaving the dock.

However, when you work with a pay per head provider, you do not have to worry about setting odds, booking bets, grading bets, adjusting odds, or maintaining your site. Instead, you can focus on finding clients and managing them.

Suppose you have a bankroll of $10,000. The pay per head is not aware of your bankroll or the type of clients you have. So, you have to customize players’ accounts to impose bet limits to protect your bankroll.

Most price per head service providers charge between $3 and $30 per player each week. This amount is inexpensive compared to the thousands of dollars you have to spend to launch a traditional bookie.

Meanwhile, you can get everything you need to run sports betting services. You will get a reports generator, a bet tracker, and risk management tools, among other things.

Call A Few Friends And Convert Them Into Clients

The last thing you need to do is call your most loyal friends. If you know a few friends who wager, it will be easy to turn them into your clients.

If not, introduce betting as an entertaining form that they can use. Ask your newfound clients to wager on your platform or to refer their friends.

The best thing about discovering how to become a sports betting agent today is that you can launch your services ten minutes after making this decision. Call Power Pay Per Head at 855-492-6007 to get your website and sports betting markets ready for your clients after you learn how to become a sports betting agent.

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