Attention Pay Per Head Resellers: How To Find A Bookie In Your Area

26 April 2022
How To Find A Bookie In Your Area
How To Find A Bookie In Your Area

If you are barely making good profits from reselling pay per head services, it is time to learn how to find a bookie in your area. A pay per head company is a team or firm that provides bookmaking services. Today, bookies do not have to spend thousands of dollars to enter an online market.

How To Find A Bookie In Your Area

Rather than opting for an alternate route, they have the option to collaborate with a pay per head platform, accessing bookmaking tools and customer support at a budget-friendly rate. With a 16-year track record of delivering successful pay per head services, our brand holds a wealth of insights regarding locating a bookie and effectively persuading agents to leverage our solutions. Drawing from our extensive experience, we’re prepared to impart valuable strategies that you can integrate into your efforts to promote and advance your pay per head reselling enterprise.

1. Provide A Website, Sportsbook Software, Casino, And Racebook

The primary tools for a bookie to launch his services include a sportsbook website, software, and casino and racebook platforms. A pay per head provider is supposed to provide bookies with bookmaking tools at an affordable price. The provider can provide the primary tools that a bookie needs, including a website and sportsbook software.

Therefore, find a pay per head provider that offers these elements. Then, confirm the quality of the website and software. Find out how bookies can benefit from the website and software.
If you have a sleek modern betting platform and software to help with bookmaking processes, you can attract many bookies. You can add casino and racebook platforms to make the deal better.

With many pay per head companies, offering something extra will help you stand out from the crowd.

2. Include Many Sports Betting Markets

There are over 40 sports that gamblers can bet on. While you can have these markets in your sportsbook, you might not have the money to run such a big bookie. Instead, you should choose popular sports betting markets for your audience.

For example, if you want to offer betting services to Americans, you can choose sports such as American football, basketball, hockey, tennis, baseball, handball, volleyball, and others. These markets are famous among U.S. bettors and would attract many gamblers to the platform.

Many sports betting markets appeal to a wider group. Some gamblers are football lovers while others love different other sports. Therefore, having multiple markets will appeal to different bettors.

While your targeted audience can be Americans, it would help to have international sports betting markets also featured in a sportsbook. At Power Pay Per Head, we pick popular and growing sports betting markets, including soccer, crickets, and the Olympics.

Apart from that, you can offer bets on politics, celebrities, TV shows, and other similar sectors. The more sports a bookie can offer bets on, the more profit he can make. Therefore, it is crucial to provide more sports betting markets.

3. Add Many Bet Types

There are many bet types, each posing something unique to bettors. Players want to try different bet types.

Therefore, it would help if you offered several bet types to allow your clients to choose their preferred option. For example, a player may want to wager a Moneyline bet on soccer and a point spread on American football. Another popular type is over/under bets.

Choose as many bet types to provide to your bookies. Ensure you have prop and future bets, too, as they are also popular among professional bettors.

4. Affordable Fees

Another way how to find a bookie is to offer your pay per head services at an affordable fee. Most pay per head resellers miss out on clients because they charge a high fee for the same package bookies would get elsewhere at a cheaper fee.

There is no problem charging a high fee if you understand your target clients are willing to pay it. But, if charging a fair fee would attract you more good clients, consider lowering your fee.

Alternatively, you can ensure that the fee and services offered balance. Bookies should find value in the services they give. That way, they can attract bettors and earn enough money to afford their profits and your pay per head fee.

5. Comprehensive Maintenance Of The Sportsbook Software

Designing and launching a sportsbook software is not the end of it. You need to continually upgrade it to meet daily changes.

For example, opening a website 20 years ago would take even 30 seconds. Today, if your website takes more than nine seconds to launch, you have a lot to improve.

Similarly, the pay per head industry has improved for the better. Providers have invested in the latest technologies to ensure that bettors and agents have the best product. By continually upgrading your sportsbook software, you remain a favorite among your users.

6. Set Betting Lines For Bookies

Most bookies do not know how to set betting lines. Yet, this is the first duty of a bookie to create odds for various sports.

Some bookies wait until prominent sportsbooks have posted their lines to copy. But, it would be best if a bookie had oddsmakers to create betting lines.

Power Pay Per Head has employed many odds compilers to create odds for bookies. The good thing is, that each compiler is allocated to a sector they understand best to promote the accurate setting of bets.

For example, if an odds compiler is an expert in setting betting lines for tennis, the pay per head company allocates the expert to that area. That way, a bookie is assured of correct odds all the time.

Creating odds for our bookies has helped us attract bookies and retain them. So, if you have been wondering about how to find a bookie, you can start creating odds for their platforms to attract more clients.

The good thing is, that you do not have to create odds for an individual bookie. One oddsmaker can set betting lines for all bookies for a specific event.

7. Offer Customer Support To Agents And Bettors

An additional approach to locating a bookie is by offering comprehensive customer support for both agents and bettors. Recognize that bookie agents and bettors might necessitate specialized assistance on occasion. Regardless of the time—day or night—they should feel assured that assistance is readily accessible.

Agents could seek clarifications about your products and services or require aid in managing their operations. Failing to provide adept support to bookie agents might steer them toward a pay per head provider that prioritizes client assistance.

Furthermore, bettors might encounter diverse challenges, spanning depositing, withdrawing, placing bets, and utilizing various features. However, a bookie can’t be available round the clock to cater to bettors’ needs. Opting for a pay per head provider that extends customer service to bettors bridges this gap effectively.

8. Offer A Free Trial Period

Offering a free trial period is another method you can use how to find a bookie. While you can advertise your services, bookies can only confirm the quality of the product and services by literally using them.

In other words, it is crucial to provide bookies with a free trial period to test the product and services. That way, they can tell whether the product and services are ideal for their bettors. The trial period should be long enough to allow a bookie to take a tour of the whole package.

Learning how to find a bookie is crucial to marketing your pay per head services. The above tips are some of the ways Power Pay Per Head attracts and retains bookies. If you are thinking about reselling pay per head services, contact the site at 855-492-6007 to discuss the details.

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