Best Pay Per Head Services In New York

13 June 2022
Best Pay Per Head Services In New York
Best Pay Per Head Services In New York

For the past 20+ years, bookies have learned to use pay per head services to run their betting operations successfully. Operating a sportsbook in New York is even more complicated considering the competition from big brands such as Caesars and Fox Bet. You need all the help you can get to earn a significant profit.

12 Factors In The Pay Per Head Service

That is why using the best pay per head services should be your priority. That way, you can run your betting services without spending thousands of dollars and keep most of your profits. Here are 12 factors to look for in the pay per head service.

1. Sportsbook Website And Software Designed For Any Device

Over 80 percent of your bettors will place their wagers on their phones. The remaining 20 percent will wager on their desktop or laptop.

Therefore, you cannot use a sportsbook website and software for only one device. Instead, you need a platform that can launch on mobile and desktop devices.

You also need a platform you can run from different devices. For example, you should be able to quickly check betting action from anywhere on your phone. You also need to use a desktop to analyze reports.

2. 100 Percent Uptime

Your pay per head service provider should be available throughout. Apart from that, their system should have 100 percent uptime. As a bookie, you do not have any room for mistakes. You lose several clients if your platform is not visible on the internet, even for a minute.

Unfortunately, you cannot afford to lose a few clients each week as they will migrate to prominent sportsbooks that promise continued action even when the traffic is high. Therefore, you must confirm that your price per head provider has invested in the latest technology to ensure server security and 100 percent uptime.

3. Anonymous Payment Methods

Around seven sportsbooks have legal operating licenses in New York. There might be another seven licenses up for grabs. This leaves bookies with little to no chance to acquire these licenses as gambling regulators will likely reward established sportsbooks that promise to pay 50 percent tax.

If you are not one of the licensed sportsbooks in New York, most payment processors will not partner with you. This leaves you with one option, launching as an offshore bookie. Yet, you still need to offer your clients convenient payment methods.

By partnering with a price per head shop, you can have anonymous payment methods such as cryptocurrencies, gift cards, and e-checks. Moreover, you can use these methods to pay for the pay per head services.

4. Enough Time To Test The Pay Per Head Services

You have a right to know the quality of the services you subscribe to. Therefore, ask for a test period to learn more about the services and products your PPH shop provides. Notably, there should be no requirement for getting the free test period.

Some companies ask for a minimum deposit to allow you to use their services. However, this does not leave you with the freedom to choose the right package. You are obligated to use the services until you run out of the deposited funds.

Instead, you should sign up with a site that gives you no deposit requirement test period. You can use this time to test the services and determine whether they are right for you. If nothing works for you, you can choose another site before spending your hard-earned money on substandard services.

5. No Minimum Requirements

Another factor you should consider is the requirements for using the pay per head services. For example, a company can ask you to have at least 20 clients, deposit a minimum of $10000, and meet other similar conditions.

Unfortunately, you cannot afford such requirements. If you feel the minimum standards are too much, pass the deal and find another shop.

6. Full Betting Menu

New York is a populous state comprising all types of bettors. Some of your clients will wager on soccer, basketball, baseball, American football, tennis, golf, hockey, and other sports. Therefore, you need a full betting menu to cater to your bettors’ needs.

This will not only benefit bettors but you. With bettors having more to wager on, you can bet on increased revenue throughout the year.

7. Live In-Game Betting

You need to find available betting options as you analyze the betting menu. Some players will want to wager moneyline bets, parlays, point spread, teasers, reverse, and others. Apart from that, you need to pay attention to live in-game betting.

While you can ignore the availability of several betting options, you should not overlook live in-game betting. This has become the greatest source of entertainment for bettors and a goldmine for bookies.

8. Agent Reports

You need updated information telling you what is happening with your operations. By generating agent reports, you can analyze data and realize various details about your players, revenue, and everything regarding your business.

Ask your pay per head service provider about report-generating tools. You can test the tools to discover the type of reports you can get. Ideally, the reports should tell you how your business is performing and guide you toward choosing suitable measures to improve your operations.

9. Management Tools

There is a lot of bookmaking. You need to manage your players, your betting platform, and risks. Therefore, ensure your pay per head services provider offers several management tools to help run your sportsbooks.

For example, you need a layoff account for wagering at another sportsbook to minimize your bookie’s liability. You also need tools to monitor betting action on your platform and apply necessary measures to ensure your profits. Some of these tools can alert you of sharp betting and other activities that might affect your bankroll.

10. 24/7 Support For You And Your Clients

How do you feel about getting expert support running your sports betting services in New York? If this is your first betting business, you need all the help you can get to survive in the industry, especially with all the competition.

You need someone that can create good betting lines, package your services to attract and keep your clients, and much more. You can have all this by partnering with a pay per head site. You will gain access to dedicated communication channels to connect with a specialized expert.

Meanwhile, your clients can get customer support too. They should be able to use live chat, email, telegram, and other messaging apps to ask for solutions from experienced customer representatives around the clock.

11. Online Casino And Racebook

Your gambling services will be much better if you offer casino games and horse racing wagering. The best thing about it is that you do not need separate platforms to offer casino games or horse racing bets. Instead, your clients can log in to the platform and choose the casino games tab, sports betting, or racebook.

12. Complete Control Over Your Operations

While you can get pay per head services from a third party, you still need control over your operations. Thankfully, pay per player service is different from the white label, which limits your control over your business.

However, you still need to ask about the control you have over your operations. While the company can create your betting lines, offer customer support, and much more, you need to know whether you can take on various responsibilities if you want to.

Running a sportsbook in New York will take all the tricks you can apply to succeed. But, you can start using the best pay per head services or by contacting Power Pay Per Head for the best PPH deals.

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