Can You Trust Pay Per Head Bookie Service Reviews When Picking a Provider?

8 December 2022
pay per head bookie service reviews
pay per head bookie service reviews

You might have scanned the internet to read pay per head (PPH) bookie service reviews to help search for the perfect deal. With hundreds of bookmaking solution providers, and Pay Per Head Bookie Service Reviews it is not easy to pick the best from the crowd without reading reviews. Fortunately, some of these reviews are comprehensive.

They provide in-depth information to help you determine the right company to work with. Unfortunately, you will also read many other reviews that oversell. Remember, the core goal of some reviewers is to make money through affiliate sales.

While consuming information before choosing a service or product is crucial, do it with a pinch of salt. Evaluate every statement and ensure you are reading from a reliable source.

A review might not cover every detail about a service or product. On that note, we would like to give a comprehensive overview of what an ideal Pay Per Head Bookie Service Review should look like.

What is a PPH Bookie Service?

To comprehend the content of this article, it’s beneficial to have a clear understanding of what PPH (Pay Per Head) bookie service entails. In essence, this management solution is furnished by pay-per-head websites to assist bookies in their operations.

Following each operational period, bookies are obligated to remit a predetermined overhead fee for availing themselves of the bookmaker service. For instance, if you’ve utilized the service over the past week, catering to a clientele of 20 bettors, you will be charged a specified fee multiplied by the number of clients, which in this case is 20.

Leveraging PPH service to oversee your bookie enterprise offers both convenience and cost-effectiveness. In exchange for a nominal fee, you gain access to a comprehensive package comprising a website, bookie software, and an array of management tools that are well within your budget.

It’s accurate to describe PPH bookie service as an all-encompassing solution tailored to meet the needs of bookies. However, it’s important to recognize that the quality of features and tools can vary among service providers. To make an informed selection, delving into reviews can provide valuable insights, allowing you to scrutinize each package thoroughly and ultimately select the one that best suits your requirements.

The Features of the PPH Bookie Service

There are certain things a pay per head provider should supply as basic. These will top our list, followed by other benefits and add-ons.

1. Secure Platform

Security should be given the highest priority. You do not want to lose players` data to ransomware attackers asking for millions of dollars to release your system and database safely back to you.

For starters, you might not be able to afford millions of dollars to pay hackers. But, you can spend a few dollars every week on a secure pay per head platform to prevent data leakage.

Clients will trust your qualifications to keep their data safe when you can illustrate your capabilities. No client can risk sharing their information or transacting on your platform if your platform shows security loopholes.

So, find the kind of security a pay per head service provider uses. Ask questions about security features before subscribing to a provider’s service.

Identify ways the provider uses to secure your bookie and clients` data. The most sophisticated security technology should protect the hardware, servers, and software.

2. Customer Service

Why bother running a betting service if you can’t offer robust customer support? Those who have engaged with various sportsbooks in the past understand the potential challenges that bettors can encounter.

Imagine wanting to make a deposit or initiate a withdrawal, only to find that the process often remains incomplete due to system failures or periods of system downtime. Such situations can leave clients feeling anxious, especially when their attempts seem futile. They may begin to fear the potential loss of their funds.

In these moments of distress, clients seek reassurance and solutions. The ability to contact you promptly can make a world of difference. Without that option, clients might resort to airing their grievances through negative reviews, which could gradually tarnish your reputation.

Hence, when enlisting a service to provide customer support, it’s imperative that the company offers 24/7 customer assistance. This ensures your clients can access immediate solutions and support whenever they require it.

Moreover, it’s crucial that the customer representatives possess in-depth knowledge and expertise. A poorly informed agent can inadvertently exacerbate your client’s concerns, leaving them more anxious than they were before reaching out for assistance.

3. Lines Service

One of the advantages of using PPH services is that the provider offers lines. In other words, you do not need to be an oddsmaker to become a bookie because the PPH service provider takes care of this. Unfortunately, most pay per head sportsbook reviews fail to talk about line service.

Lines service is a crucial aspect of any pay per head service. The quality and quantity determine whether you can make your projected income.

You need the best lines to grow your business. This means offering lines with an edge over your clients.

A reputable PPH service provider ensures your lines have an advantage over your clients. But, the lines should not leave clients feeling disadvantaged. Some clients are professional bettors.

They will realize the quality of the odds instantly. While you should be happy you have the edge over your clients, consider your clients too. Compare your lines with other sportsbooks` lines to determine their quality.
Meanwhile, the pay per head provider should offer enough lines. Ideally, a standard bookie offers over 250,000 lines throughout the year. This translates to around $2,500 every month and about 100 lines every day.

If you offer bets for different sports, having a minimum of 100 lines on your sportsbook is ideal. You can have more or less depending on the number of your clients and preferences. Ideally, there should be no shortage of betting lines if you want to keep your clients engaged throughout the year.

4. Sportsbook Design and Layout

It should be a breeze for clients to place bets on your platform. If a client has to struggle to look for the bet slip feature, a betting line or to complete another procedure, your sportsbook needs redesigning.

A standard betting platform should allow clients to choose odds and place bets without leaving the page. Usually, the bet slip should be placed strategically to allow easy access and editing.

You might not need the prettiest graphics and design. However, the site should have the necessary features.
You should go for a high-performing website. Opening different pages or completing the process should not feel like you are using tortoise-speed internet.

Check the website layout too. While a unique-looking website is good, having a familiar format is better.

5. Complete Control

The pay per head platform does not belong to you entirely. However, that should not translate to no control over your business. You should be free to run your business based on your preferences and client’s needs.

You do not need to upgrade the bookie software or gain access to the technical side of the service. The company got you covered in that area. But, you should have control over your clients` accounts.

You should be able to decide the minimum/maximum odds for favorites and underdogs and the minimum/maximum amounts bettors can wager, deposit, withdraw, win, and more. Considering you are the only person who adds money to your bankroll, you should have control over what happens to it.

By having control over various features, you can run your business efficiently. You and your clients will be happy.

6. Real-Time Reporting

You need real-time information to run a profitable business. For example, you need to know immediately if a player places a bet. Suppose you were targeting ten clients to wager on team A before closing the market.
Without real-time reporting, you will work with outdated data to make decisions. Real-time reporting is one of the most amazing tools a bookie can have. It gives you accurate information in time to help you make different decisions.

Suppose a player just made a sharp bet. This could affect your bankroll. But, you can control damages immediately after you realize the risk by using your layoff account to place a similar bet with another bookie.

7. Custom Reports

Apart from real-time reporting, your business could use custom reports. This feature allows you to check specific information, not necessarily in real time.

For example, if you want to know how much was wagered last week, you should be able to generate a report showing this data. The reporting tools should produce as many reports as possible.

You need a cash flow report, betting history report, player performance, wagered bet reports, graded bet reports, unpaid bet reports, most performing markets reports, and much more. Learn how to use these reports to your advantage.

8. A Full Betting Menu

What is a full betting menu? This is a feature showing as many betting markets as possible.

There are over 40 sports and events to wager on. These include soccer, basketball, baseball, American football, politics, TV shows, Elections, darts, crickets, the Olympics, and others.

Most pay per head bookie service reviews recommend providers that offer extensive betting lists. A full betting menu allows clients to explore their favorite and new markets. While this means more money for you, ensure the menu is of good quality.

Find out what your clients want to wager on. Then, ensure your PPH service provider offers betting lines for those markets.

9. A Payment System

Pay per head bookie service reviews also cover the importance of an online payment system. You no longer have to meet your clients physically to collect their wagers or pay their wins. This is too risky.

You will expose your business and yourself as the person running it. Fortunately, there are incredible online payment processors. Some of these focus on processing gambling transactions.

They are the middle firms that facilitate payments between banks and gambling sites. The payment system should feature different payment methods, including cryptocurrencies, gift cards, debit and credit cards, e-checks, and e-wallets.

These should be accessible to your clients. For instance, Interac is popular in Canada and not America. As such, you can provide it as a payment method to your American clients.

10. Mobile Capabilities

You will probably use your mobile device to monitor your client’s actions most of the time. You can open your laptop whenever you get a notification that a client has placed a bet.

Meanwhile, you cannot expect all your clients to use desktops to place bets. You must consider that many bettors use mobile devices more than desktops.

As such, you need a platform that is optimized for mobile devices. This includes Android, iPhones, Mac, and Windows phones.

11. Web Betting

Some people are not comfortable sharing their information with online gambling platforms. Since most big sportsbooks are popular and wealthy, attackers target them for ransomware.

Yet, most people still prefer to surf the web to find betting markets and place bets. As a bookie, you can have a web betting platform that only your clients can access.

In other words, you can share your URL with your clients only. Clients can log in to the site to find betting markets and place bets.

While you might be a private bookie, you need a reliable, safe web betting platform. Therefore, ensure your pay per head provider uses the best measures to protect the platform and user data.

12. Sharp Bets Surveillance

Part of being a bookie is managing your clients. You need tools for this. Instead of staring at your screen throughout the day identifying sharp bets, you can use a sharp bets surveillance tool.

This will alert you whenever a player places a sharp bet. The tools notify you of unwanted bets in real-time so that you can take the necessary action.

13. Online Casino

An online casino is an add-on to a bookie platform. More pay per head service providers are offering the platform to stand out from other providers. With many Pay Per Head Bookie Service Reviews As such, it might no longer be considered an add-on but a necessary platform.

Casino games have been widespread, especially since mid-2019, when the pandemic spread through continents. Sports events halted, leaving bettors with esports to wager on.

Meanwhile, land-based casinos were also closed, leaving one other alternative; play online casinos. Even with the return to normalcy, people still love online casino games. As such, you cannot afford not to offer an online platform.

Ensure your site has high-quality slot machines and table games. It would help to have several live dealer casino titles. This will eliminate any reason for your clients to find another casino offering live casino games.

You need a pay per head poker platform too. This is different from World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour rooms. Instead, it is a private poker room with various games that your players will love.

14. Racebook

You might want to offer horse racing bets, especially if you offer your services to states with multiple race tracks. This would be a great way to capture their attention because locals like to support their own through many ways, including betting.

So, if you are launching your bookie in Florida, Kentucky, and other states with horse racing events, consider having a racebook. These target clients want to wager on horses during local and international events. Find out how many horse racing events your pay per head service provider offers for your Pay Per Head Bookie Service Reviews.

15. Test Period

Look for a company that offers a test period. The PPH service is new to a bookie just venturing online. There is so much you do not know about the solution.

You gain time to learn the new solution during the test period. You also get time to confirm the solution has all the other features mentioned in pay per head bookie service reviews.

The service provider should dedicate an agent to guide you during the test period. That way, you can learn everything about the firm’s solution and confirm whether it brings value to your company before you start paying for it.

16. Price

Lastly, consider the price of a PPH solution. The adage you get what you pay for may or may not apply. You see, a company can offer excellent services at an affordable price.

Yet, that does not mean the cheapest provider can meet your needs. Evaluate your needs and partner with a company that meets them. Only when you get what you want can you look at the price.

You can start using the service if the pricing is within your budget. Alternatively, you can bargain depending on the number of clients you have. If that does not work, find another company offering services within your budget.

Power Pay Per Head Review

Always ensure you get your money’s worth every time you subscribe to a service. When you work with Power Pay Per Head, you will get the most value.

The site’s basic package includes a custom website, pre-gaming betting lines, live betting, casino, racebook, bookmaking tools, customer support, and all other features listed above. This makes the Power Pay Per Head service the best in the market.

Interestingly, you will not pay a dime during the first few weeks of using the Power Pay Per Head service. The site offers several weeks of free service. You will also get an agent to work with throughout the test period to equip you with the right skills and knowledge to run your bookie with the solutions provided.

You Can Rely on Pay Per Head Bookie Service Reviews to Choose the Best Provider

Reading one review might not provide enough information needed to make a decision. But, by reading numerous price per head reviews, you can discover more about a service provider. You can also confirm whether different reviewers have the same thing to report about a provider.

However, if you cannot find a review about a company, visit the provider’s site and take advantage of the test period. After all, you are the only one who knows what quality looks like and can confirm during the test period.

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