Power Pay Per Head Is Here for Your Bookie Business

6 November 2021
bookie business
bookie business

The pandemic greatly impacted the gambling industry almost throughout 2020. While several land-based retail sportsbooks and casinos lost a lot due to capacity restrictions and business shutdowns, online betting sites and casinos experienced an explosion in growth. The situation also paved a clear and more profitable bookie business path for private bookies, thanks to the top-rated PPH services they work with.

One of the leading pay per head service providers is Power Pay Per Head. They provide all that’s required to fully automate a private bookie business while also managing and running it online. Independent bookmakers who wish to run and grow a highly profitable online bookie business are fully aware of the benefits of working with a highly-rated PPH service provider like Power Pay Per Head.

The Benefits of Using Power Pay Per Head for your Bookie Business

Operating in the bookie service industry for over 15 years, this award-winning PPH software services provider has maintained its high reputation of offering high-quality support for private bookmakers and ensuring they and their bettors derive maximum satisfaction from using their services. They have a team of IT professionals whose job is to improve and upgrade the solutions software continually.

That way, they keep helping to improve your business by offering more solutions to potential issues. Both new and experienced bookies find this software beneficial for different reasons, some of which include:

1. Wide Variety of Sports Offerings

The site allows bookies to offer their players more than a hundred leagues (including NHL, BBA, MLB, and NFL) to bet on, including international and US sports. They can also bet on all college sports, soccer, horse racing, esports, tennis, boxing, and MMA in any country at any time of the day.

2. Customized Website

You can get a branded website for your bookie business as Power Pay Per Head offers customized sites, which you can design to your taste.

3. 24/7 Customer Support

Power Pay Per Head offers 24/7 customer support if you encounter any issues while using their bookie business software. You can contact their representatives through phone calls, chats, and emails. You can also use texting platforms like Telegram, Wicker, and Signal. Hence, both the agent and bettors can get help as quickly as possible when using their betting system.

4. Player Security and Agent Privacy

Power Pay Per Head ensures the privacy and security of its top-ranked software using the latest DDOS protection. All payments through the platform are encrypted to protect every player and agent. It also offers malware and spam protection via secured server locations.

5. Bet Ticker

Embrace the power of our software solutions, complete with the action-packed Bet Ticker and detailed transaction reports, to take your betting venture to new heights.

6. Live Dealer Casino

Players can enjoy live-action casino games through the company’s premier live dealer casino. From live table games to baccarat, roulette, and several other friendly dealers, no casino fan will want to miss the live casino section on your bookie site. A great addition to your bookie business.

7. VIP Live Betting

With our VIP Live Betting feature, you can provide your customers with an immersive and dynamic betting environment that keeps them engaged and entertained throughout the game.

8. Agent Betting Notifications

Bookies will receive a notification via email or text for each wager a player makes. A great way to keep in touch with your bookie business.

9. Extensive Banking Options

The software allows convenient transactions between agents and players. Players can choose from numerous payment options such as credit cards, debit cards, e-checks, gift cards, cryptocurrencies, and MoneyGram.

10. Player Management

The software allows bookies to run and control their business, including the limits, credit, and odds. You can monitor both the agent and bettor’s interface.

Power Pay Per Head provides an excellent software solutions service for both beginners and experienced bookie business owners. Due to their unrelenting efforts to ensure online betting businesses keep growing and become more profitable, it’s safe to say the company is here to stay. If you’re looking to start a bookie business, we recommend using Power Pay Per Head software.

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