Pay Per Head Fees & What They Cover For Your Bookie Business

19 November 2021
Pay Per Head Fees What They Cover For Your Bookie Business

When starting a bookie business, one thing that comes to mind is how much it would cost you to pay per head service. Another thing that may pop up is the features and services you will get from paying a specific pay per head fee.

There are hundreds of pay per head (PPH) sites offering their services due to the growing sports betting industry. Unfortunately, most keep offering outdated sportsbook software that might not help your business grow.

But, the best service providers continually invest in their software to ensure it is the best and serves you best. With the changing technology, updated and innovative software ensures your business has a competitive edge.

Pay Per Head Business Model

When you pay for something, you expect to get everything described in it. The same applies to bookie services. A pay-per-head fee should cover every feature required to manage your sportsbook business.

Without the pay per head package, you have to handle financial issues and find customers manually. But, once you implement the pay-per-head business model, everything about the business is automated.

When it comes to the pay per head fee, it will cost you only the features included in the plan. For example, your plan can include paying a specific fee for every active bettor during the week. For example, if you have 100 active bettors for $10 per head, it will cost you $1000 for the services.

What Pay Per Head Fee Covers

When you come across PPH sites, you will see them displaying the amount it would cost you to use their services. But, if you fail to enquire about what’s included in the package, you will end up paying more hidden fees to get features that should have been included in the initial package.

While it might be tempting to pay a cheaper pay per head fee as indicated on the home pages, it might cost you more to pay for other services. A low fee might mean affordable services or substandard software.

Instead, you should get what you pay for. Usually, you see the details of a package before you sign up for the service. When it comes to implementing the software, it should include every feature as advertised.

Thus, if it is a comprehensive software package, it should contain every feature, including those that automate your bookie business as it runs online. You will also get details about how much it would cost you weekly.

Another thing is finding out whether the software package is working as promised. Moreover, these services should not come with hidden fees or unexpected costs.

Pay per head plan is designed to make it easy for the administrator and better to use. Thus, you can implement those accepting bettors the same day you sign up for the plan. Usually, it will cost you no upfront fee if the service provider gives you a free trial period.

This trial period gives you time and the opportunity to test the package without paying for it thoroughly. During this time, you can confirm it has everything as advertised and is automating your bookie business as it should.

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